Raphaël Chabassol Raphaël Chabassol
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Artist of the Day: Raphaël Chabassol

Raphaël Chabassol

Raphaël Chabassol, who also goes by Mokë, works in London and has a portfolio of animation design and direction work here, including a page that features his character designs from the second season of Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World Of Gumball.

Raphaël Chabassol

Considering its multimedia art direction, Gumball seems like a fitting show for Raphaël to work on. His blog shows off his broader interests and personal work which include illustrations, prints, tattoos, mural art and dimensional character pieces.


Raphaël ChabassolRaphaël ChabassolRaphaël ChabassolRaphaël Chabassol
  • Pyta Line

    Great artist!!! Love That

  • Edgar

    This guy is awesome, i love his Great Moustache

  • Christian

    A guy with multi-faceted talents!!!

  • Lovely work, very fun to look at!!