C. H. Greenblatt ‘Not Thrilled’ With Nick’s Treatment of ‘Harvey Beaks’


On Tuesday, Harvey Beaks staff at Nickelodeon learned that Nick was shuffling their summer schedule and pulling all new episodes of the series until at least September.

The news appears to have taken show staffers by surprise. “Sorry the channel has been moving the show around so much,” Harvey Beaks writer Shane Houghton wrote on his Tumblr. “We on the crew are just as frustrated as you guys.”

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Per usual, the Internet jumped to a conclusion, and viewers online started claiming that Nick’s removal of Harvey Beaks was due to the show’s ratings. That may or may not be the case, but there is no evidence at this point that the changes were directly ratings-related.

Harvey Beaks creator C.H. Greenblatt, however, posted a note to Tumblr explaining that the scheduling changes affected more than just his show. Greenblatt wrote:

Everyone remain calm. We’re not off the air. And it’s not just us getting this treatment. They stopped all premieres (animation and live action) except Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket for the summer. Hopefully they’ll re-run the show so folks can become more aware of it in the meantime. We should be back with a big push come late summer/early fall.

We’re not thrilled about this, but we’re still making episodes full steam ahead and I promise they will get out there eventually.

Greenblatt said elsewhere on his Tumblr that he isn’t even sure if a re-run of his show will air this Saturday on Nick in its regularly scheduled slot. He wrote to another fan about the show’s scheduling, “If you mean when does the show run on the network, it tends to change week to week, so I rarely know now.” In other words, he appears to be completely in the dark about how Nickelodeon is scheduling the show in which he’s invested all his time and effort.

One of the key reasons that industry artists avoid taking their shows to Nick nowadays is because they feel that the network doesn’t respect creators or do enough to ensure the success of their shows. When show creators have to use Tumblr to communicate with their fans over scheduling changes beyond their control, it reinforces the image of a network that isn’t firing on all cylinders.

Cartoon Brew has reached out to Nickelodeon for comment. We will update with their response if they choose to comment.

  • Monatomic Arisato

    “One of the reasons that industry artists avoid taking their shows to Nick nowadays is because they feel that the network doesn’t respect creators or do enough to ensure the success of their shows.”
    Wow. That’s sad.

  • http://acmereviewer.blogspot.com/ PinkiePie97

    Greenblatt’s tumblr post was actually him answering a question I asked. I was wondering if he knew why this was happening. He didn’t really answer my question but I didn’t really expect him to know, though there was no harm in trying. I figured the reason most of the creators of good shows don’t go to Nick anymore is because these days Nick doesn’t do everything they can to make their shows succeed. They’ll promote a show poorly, and/or sometimes give it a bad timeslot, resulting in it getting low ratings, and instead of promoting it better and/or giving it a better timeslot they take it off the schedule then either air the last episodes in a bad timeslot with little to no promotion. The other networks know how to bring in an audience and that’s probably a contributing factor in bringing in creators. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nicktoons these days, most of which aren’t really good, are the best Nick could get, and as I said before, the creators of good shows went to networks that actually knew how to schedule and promote their shows. For the past couple of weeks, most of the promos I’ve seen on Nick were for Every Witch Way and Talia in the Kitchen. I don’t even remember seeing a promo for Harvey Beaks. Nick, if you want to want your shows to do better, actually promote them.

  • paulopereira

    Follow up to this is that they are adding the new episodes of Harvey Beaks online at nick.com.

    • AmidAmidi

      I haven’t heard that they’re premiering new episodes online, only showing episodes that have already debuted on broadcast.