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Captain Cross Dresser

Sony Pictures Television has dumped its 2008 TV pilot, The Adventures of Captain Cross Dresser on the internet, via its web portal Crackle.com. Had you even heard of Captain Cross Dresser? Neither had we.

George Shapiro and Howard West (Seinfeld, Man on the Moon) produced this. You’ll note no “Created by” credit… we understand Carl Reiner may have been more than just a voice (he’s voicing the psychiatrist, Dr. Fillmore). Fred Willard (Wall-E) does the honors as the Captain. Note: It’s nine minutes long, and is preceeded by a commercial. Ed Wood would be quite proud.

(Thanks, Charles Brubaker)

  • RoboFingernail

    That was awesome.

    Makes me wanna put on some panties.

  • I can see that on prime-time cable. Interesting to see an adult show with tones, shadows and FX. Crackle has full Sony TV episodes and features streaming for your enjoyment. They also have a couple of my shorts up there…(sorry for the plug)

    Astrothrill- http://crackle.com/c/TakeAway_Shows/Astrothrill/2468203


    The Kustomonsters- http://crackle.com/Play/?ml=o%3D12%26fpl%3D362531%26fx%3D

  • I wonder how actual cross-dressers feel about that. Perhaps some will chime in here.

    It has its clever moments but not enough of them. I suppose the by-the-book afternoon cartoon visual style is an intentional subversive choice but it leaves you with not much to look at.

    Still, I enjoyed it.

  • Wow. I watched the whole thing astonished by just how god awful every element of it was. The character designs were some of the most generic I think I have ever seen. They look almost as bad as the most forgettable of 80’s cartoons or even the crap PBS animates.

    The backgrounds were bland, characters had minimal interaction with anything around them. What was with the special effects? The pink cloud of smoke when the guy falls off the gutter was especially pointless and awful.

    The whole premise of this show sounds like a rejected script from Stripperella. I’d much rather see Stripperella back on TV than this garbage. This would even embarass the crew of Family Guy.

  • Not available —ojetes :(

  • didn’t crackle used to be a youtube clone? and I believe they had animation contests where the winner would get to visit sony animation studios and pitch something. perhaps this is what comes out of these type of contests.

  • James T

    Haha, awesome.

    My favorite animated cross-dressing superhero is still Cybersix.

  • Donald Benson

    This is the sort of thing that might have been helped by cheaper animation and toonier design (and much faster pacing).

    Lately I’ve been watching Freakazoid and Kappa Mikey. Freakazoid is ambitiously designed and animated with music scored to nearly every gesture. Sometimes the gloss adds to the comedy, but just as often it drowns it. If you imagine the show as a script on paper, it actually becomes funnier and more subversive.

    Kappa Mikey is proudly stupid and (intentionally) a visual hash, but the randomness makes the nonsensical plots and silly gags work (although the show is likely as expensive and thought out as Freakazoid).

    Some forms of humor are simply better served by animation that gives the illusion of improvisation (South Park, Beavis & Butthead, Dr. Katz, Bullwinkle), although you have the occasional show like Futurama that can withstand big production.

  • Rose

    Unique idea trapped in generic presentation.

  • Jack Soo

    Everything from Rocky and Bullwinkle onward done by Jay Ward was funny, with two exceptions. Ward used his own money to produce two cartoon pilot episodes, using what he considered “good animation” rather than the more hastily done (or more snappily timed) stuff that defined the best parts of his career. These two pilots, rarely screened anywhere, look good but aren’t funny. Crusader Rabbit was never funny but it was from another planet.

  • David Breneman

    Sound came across very garbled here, as happens with occasional youtubesque files on Linux. However, I can’t see how anyone could credit Fred Willard with anything greater than playing Jerry Hubbard on “America 2-Nite” with Martin Mull. That show was genious.

  • Iritscen

    Haha, this started off pretty terrible but got somewhat entertaining as it went on. There is an underlying feeling of amateurism to the production, though, and even if the Pollyanna designs work to a degree on a subversive level, I’m not sure that they are a good idea. Having said that, I would hate to see the show “re-tooled” with a “current” jaded style that sucked the life out of it, like that show “The Simpsons Family Guy”. And the actual animation is loosely drawn and quite loosely directed. Still, the premise has potential.

    This show must have presented a hard line to walk between being snarky & mean and being too safe & silly. The humor between the husband and wife was quite treacly, and the humor with Captain Crossdresser standing up for women was more amusing but seemed aimed at a female demographic, which made for a strange and somewhat unpleasant contrast with the son calling Captain Crossdresser a fag and his sister a lesbo — although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find that funny, it just felt like the show didn’t know what style of humor it was going for.

  • As founder of Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls NYC, the world first crossdressing academy, I was solicited for my opinion of the show just before it premiered on funnyordie.com on November 28, 2008. I spoke with Julie Stein who along with Sam Bobrick is one of the shows creators. I also spoke with George Shapiro who was so jazzed about the show he sang the theme song to me over the telephone. The show’s characters could have been more modern, but I thought they were off to a good start. If you did not catch it when it was a highlighted feature on funny or die, it got buried and was hard to find. I don’t believe it was ever a tv pilot. My feeling was that they decided to use the internet as a testing ground.
    I’m happy to know it’s been given new life on crackle.com. I hope it’s easier to find. My even greater hope is that it continues and gets smarter and more cutting edge…no pun intended. For the real inside story of courage, couture and crossdressing, you are invited to visit http://www.missvera.com. Cherchez la femme!

  • Rodrigo

    Horrible. No reason this had to be animated.

  • Jessica Britton

    Well done! Nice to see the talent involved in this, and the humor that laughs with someone, not at them. Nice also to see that the writers obviously did their homework and got their facts “straight”. As someone who is transgendered, I learned long ago that humor was one of our best allies! Thanks for posting this!

    Jessica Britton
    Co-founder, Phoenix Transgender Support

  • Karen Williams

    This was great! I loved it. I liked the part about the guy having a family. I am a crossdresser and live much the same life. Except I never have reached the Captain Crossdresser level of savior.