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Cartoon Network Cancels “Sym-Bionic Titan”

Sym-Bionic Titan

Cartoon Network announced its new slate of series yesterday, but most of the on-line chatter is about the cancellation of Genndy Tartakovsky’s confusingly named Sym-Bionic Titan which lasted exactly one season of twenty episodes. Steve Hulett of the Animation Guild reported what he heard while wandering the halls of Cartoon Network:

“Genddy’s moved on to Sony Pictures Animation. Titan got competitive ratings with other action shows, but what shut it down was it didn’t have enough toys connected to it. If you don’t have the, the studios don’t want to renew for another season.”

The obligatory “save the show” page on Facebook currently has just over 300 members.

  • Ethan

    What a shocker. F*** you, “Cartoon” Network, for cancelling the most visually stunning animated television series EVER. Seriously, I’ve never seen one with such gorgeous color, backgrounds, and fun yet simple/streamlined character designs. GOD I hate the b**t ratings/’numbers’ system on our television. UGH! F*** f*** F***! This series deserves more than one season after it’s just getting started (particularly story/development-wise). Boo!

    • Senor Money

      The ratings must have been pretty awful, otherwise it’d still be in it’s original Friday night slot.

      Kids didn’t seem to care for it, for whatever reason, but neither did the adults WITHIN the animation community. How do I know this? Because TUFF Puppy won the Annie Award for best character design over this!

      • TheBeezKneez

        How is Butch Hartman winning character design awards for anything? The industry has turned into a mad house!

    • NC

      what’s b**t?

    • Colina

      Visually stunning? Gorgeous? You think that show was stimulating? On a mainstream channel for child viewers, its focus on the “sexiness” of high-school girls (watching an episode, I saw closeups of female buttocks) and served no more purpose than to pave the way for further Westernization of popular anime culture. It was cliche, boring and inappropriate

      • TJ

        Excuse me, have you ever actually…watched it, and not seen clips and picked at it mercilessly?
        It touched on family.
        It touched on romance.
        It touched on missing the people you love.
        It stroke emotional chord’s and had guess what? A PRETTY REALISTIC APPROACH. It was not pure cliche, and it wasn’t some booty call. Did they have some camera views? Yeah. but guess what? It emphasises what goes on in real schools. Cartoons aren’t about bunnies and candy, this is what happens for real.

        Also, according to the numbers, the ratings were actually fairly good.

        The world was well built, and everyone was important in there own way. Don’t you dare judge an entire show on what you “think” they were going for.

  • Dzonis

    and not a damn was given this day. I was far from happy when found out, that Korgoth of Barbaria will never get past that pilot episode, but this – yet another teen angst monster of the day series. meh. (and samurai jack was far better in any way. including visuals)
    And had a good laugh at “it didn’t have enough toys connected to it”. Oh you, cartoon industry.

    • Vince

      It was not a typical monster of the week. Characters and worlds were fully fleshed out and had obstacles to overcome. It is (was) a good show, and CN are foolish to dump something with so much promise.

      • Ryoku

        “Characters and worlds were fully fleshed out and had obstacles to overcome.”

        Same could be said for almost every cartoon out there.

      • Name 3… g’head. I’ll wait.

      • Arf Trondolio

        Not a good show. I laugh at the comments supporting this uneven, uninteresting and frankly ungly POS show.

      • Godzilla

        The only ‘POS’ here is you buddy.

      • daniel smith

        if you dont like this amazing series then why comment dumbass “the only POS here is you buddy”

    • Lester Oaks (Construction Worker)

      Agreed (though I also say Samurai Jack was trash). The plot went nowhere and the school aspect felt like a executive mandate. The characters were as stock as it gets. Way too many monster of the week episodes. Gundam, this is not.

  • That image sums up my feelings pretty well.

  • J.m

    Merchandising killed the cartoon tv star

    • Well…. if you really think about it, all of our favorite cartoons of the 80s that seems to go on FOREVER, were all based on already existing toys BEFORE the animated series came out.

      • Funkybat

        Most, though not all. The Disney TV Animation properties were mainly based on existing characters, (excluding Gummi Bears, which had a rich world that was planned out and then built upon over time.) However, even though DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, and Tale Spin were based on existing characters, they strayed significantly from any existing storylines or worlds those character inhabited, especially RR and Tale Spin. Darkwing Duck (I realize we’re getting into early 90s) was mostly all new, with a crossover character who was all of 5 years old at the time.

        None of those shows had significant toy sales that I know of. As a collector of such toys, I can confidently say that even DuckTales, which had the most toys associated with it, was remembered much more for the stories and characters than the toys of varied quality that went along with it.

        I suppose some will argue that Disney could afford to bankroll shows not designed to “move merchandise” because they were so rich and powerful. Remember that in the mid-80s, Disney was more or less waking up from a really bad night, and wasn’t the powerhouse it was just a few years later. Still, they didn’t let marketing come before creativity.

  • droosan

    The show lost its original Friday evening slot due to an expansion of Adult Swim’s broadcast block. Bumped to Wednesdays (well-away from the rest of CN’s ‘action block’) so that AS could show FAMILY GUY, instead. -_-

    In retrospect, I wonder whether SYM-BIONIC TITAN shouldn’t have just been an Adult Swim show, from the beginning. Certainly, it’s NOT a ‘sophomoric shock comedy’ — but who says all ‘adult’ animation has to be THAT, anyway..?

    I think S-BT might’ve fared better alongside THE VENTURE BROTHERS and some of the action-anime on AS than it had on Fridays, then Wednesdays, and now Saturday mornings.

    It does seem that kids were ‘scratching their heads’ a bit WRT this show; the 1960’s/70’s anime design influences mixed with 1980’s John Hughes teen-dramedy hijinks seemed to be better-appreciated by older viewers.


    I would very much like to see a DTV movie or TV special which ties-up the ‘loose’ ends of S-BT’s various story arcs .. but the fact that Mr. Tartakovsky has already moved-on may preclude that from happening. Here’s hoping the rest of S-BT’s staff can land on their feet in other projects, soon.

  • Then why not make some damn toys to tie in with it then??? That would’ve been awesome to see!!!

  • This was the first decent (non random) cartoon series America has produced in ages. I love Adventure time, regular show and flap jack but this was something special.Great characters, great stories, fun animation and design, gorgeous backgrounds…. argh if only I could work on a series like this.

    Thank you everyone who worked on Sym-bionic Titan. It was brilliant

    • Thank you Tim, for your extremely kind words about S-BT. I still can’t believe there won’t be a second season…and a third…and… All the people involved are extraordinarily talented, from the writers, to the animators, to the cast, Genndy, the producers, everyone! I will miss them very much.

      And a big thank you to everyone who watched religously and continue to be supportive of the show.

      (I played General Modula).

      • m00finsan

        Thank you, Mr. Leslie, and all the writers, producers, animators, and other VAs for bringing us such a great show. I only wish the CN execs had the good sense to let it go on longer.

      • daniel smith

        o my goodness thank you all soooo much for making a fantastic series like this one i have been hungry for a good animation like this one and now that it’s gone i dont no what to do thank you all for producing this amazing show and if you can maybe put the show on nick of some other channel thats kidish i love you all and i will always remember the great adventures that octus lance and ilana went through and one more thing THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

      • Ginny

        I am seriously fangirling right now. I’m so sad that they killed the project so early. There was so much room for background details, and couples, and rebellions, and everything! Oh, it had so much potential!

  • cbat628

    This just killed my morning.

  • cbat628

    To expound on an earlier comment I made, the thing I really don’t like about this is that Sym-Bionic Titan has so much potential. It has some setbacks (as practically every show does), and I know it doesn’t resonate with everyone, but that’s no reason to shut it down so early.

    Finally, to respond to a comment made about “teen angst monster of the day” shows: I’m getting sick of them too, but that’s because I think they have become over-saturated and do not have enough of a focused production. You CAN make a good show out of this regular plot line and Sym-Bionic Titan seems poised to be that show.

  • Way to turn a good friday into a bad friday. Cartoon Network, you’ve F***ed up yet again. I thought CN would give Genndy the approval of allowing him to go on with the series. Hell, do they know what Genndy has done for CN? Canceling this show is proof that CN thinks kids love the shitty flash animation like Johnny Test over the high quality animation like Sym Bionic titan. And CN has a show called “The Problem Solverz”, that is replacing Titan’s time slot from what I have heard. Which looks like it was done by a not so very bright 2 year old for god sakes.

    And I dont know if anyone does online petitions, but I have came across an online petition in a certain forum group to hope that it can approve of more episodes of Titan. I myself didn’t make it. But here is the link.

    I was hoping Titan would last up to 3 seasons as well as finishing it off with an animated film. And the fact that Genndy has moved to Sony animation pisses me off, I hate those guys. Personally. This is more bad than Ted Turner bumping off Swat Kats.

    • Lala_Marin

      Friday is ruined.

      You know, I was so thrilled with the first episode that I honestly believed it would run at least as long as Samurai Jack. As time progressed, Cartoon Network began playing roulette, unannounced reruns, taking it from the Friday action block, not running episode previews, it became clear that they just didn’t care about it.

      Despite its creative promise, despite its toyetic potential (Revoltech Titan? I’d buy one), and despite its incredible aesthetic appeal (the backgrounds are GORGEOUS), Sym-Bionic Titan has been cancelled after one season. Am I surprised? No.

      The animation medium was so tied into the show that is could not exist any other form, and that is not what Cartoon Network wants. It wants cookie cutter shows that would be the same if they were animated or in live action. The kind of shows we currently find on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. This was the perfect opportunity for Cartoon Network to distinguish itself from the other “kid’s” networks, and it has passed.

      As for Genndy’s fate, they clearly stopped caring about the creators who pumped life into the network. Remember, these are the same people who let Craig McCracken go.

      Best of luck to Genndy, I’m sure he’ll do fine at Sony.

      • Stephen M. Levinson


        No, Rebecca Black ruined Friday!

        …that is all.

    • Ryoku

      Whats wrong with Sony animation?

  • 2011 Adult


    Yeah, I already vented my frustration with this in other places online, and don’t intend to continue my headache this morning.

    …toys? Really?

    • Spike36

      Right… the word is called “toyetic” it basically means if an intellectual property has any ability to sell toys or other related products. Its things like this is why Pixar is making Cars 2 as opposed to trying to top UP. Because Cars can make and sell toys a lot better than an old man and a boy scout. It’s also probably one of the reasons why they had that “dog -fight” in the climax.

      However this is actually really surprising to me. This is a GIANT ROBOT show, and they’re telling me no one wants to make toys out of that? Really?

      I’m confused on that detail. How is it that no one wants to make a collection of monsters and the titular robot into action figures so kids can duke it out.

      Heck, you could make a VIDEO game on this. Lord knows CN has had about 5 Ben 10 games (well after that show jumped the shark).

  • Very unfortunate; SYM-BIONIC TITAN sported incredible art direction and a bevvy of Genndy’s trademark, highly kinetic action sequencing.

    Some of the episodes did more than settle for teen angst and giant robot smash ’em ups… the episode late in the first season about Lance’s past was pretty dark, and competently articulated one child’s struggle for acknowledgment in a corrupt system that refuses to either educate or protect him.

    As far as what Cartoon Network’s expectations for the program were… there are two other schools of thought we might introduce, namely the fact that CN’s original animation offerings are heavily trending toward loud, obnoxious, and/or unreasonable teens in increasingly nonsensical world environments (and has been fore a while). Dunno if SYM-BIONIC TITAN fit that model… (will HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON TV, GREEN LANTERN, or THUNDERCATS?)

  • What a kick in the ass. I thought such an excellent show was guaranteed a place on the schedule for at least a couple of years.

    This is puzzling:
    “Titan got competitive ratings with other action shows”

    What went on behind the scenes to drive this decision?

  • DonaldC

    Confusingly named?
    It’s the central plot point of the show.
    What the heck Amid?

    • Paul M

      I get the feeling Amid has never even watched this show, other than the infamous youtube ‘booty quake’ clip when he chastised the animators for not drawing a foreshortened knee more to his liking. This is a great shame, this is a show with developing story arcs that has to be watched from the beginning – in widescreen HD – to be appreciated properly. I may not be an ‘animation expert’ but action adventure cartoon serials have been my favourite since I was a kid in the late 70’s, and this was one of the very best. I loved it. Everyone I knew who liked cartoons that I shared it with loved it. I loved Samurai Jack as well, and if SBT was allowed to continue it would have surpassed it in terms of storytelling artistry as well as action. I despise the lackeys at CN for cancelling it, but at least they greenlit one glorious season. When/if it comes out on bluray I’m buying a copy for everyone I know for Xmas.

    • amid

      DonaldC – Did you even follow the link? Half of America think it’s called Sym-BIOTIC Titan.

      Paul M – And you would be wrong for assuming that.

      • The Gee

        That’s hilarious. Count me in as one of those who get the title wrong.

        Haven’t seen it beyond that clip. Seemed stupid. Don’t care much that it was cancelled. Still not surprised people thing everything *should* last longer than the flavor in a stick of chewing gum.

        There’ll be something else….

      • droosan

        what th’ — it’s a PUN.

        The three characters have to work together to form the Titan. This is a SYMBIOTIC relationship.

        Two of the characters are humanoid; the other is a robot. Hence, the Titan is BIONIC.

        It takes literally two sentences to explain it. <_<

      • The Gee

        No offense, Droosan. If it needs to be explained that may not be so great.

        Sometimes puns and word play can contribute to confusion. Though, I sincerely doubt that is the reason why enough people didn’t tune in or why the show wasn’t renewed.

        I’m not an arbiter of good taste and I’m not trying to be close-minded either but what little I saw didn’t appeal to me. So, I didn’t mean to come across as flip by just calling it “stupid.” Unappealing might have been the better word. And, that is just to my eyes.

  • Cyber Fox

    People please calm down and move on!
    at leat we have The Amazing World of Gumball and The Looney Tunes Show to look forward to
    plus we can payback CN by making The Problem Solverz and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island bomb in the ratings!

    • Barnabe_Jones

      yesssss because all of those shows will suck… i can even see regular show going down hill, then CN wont have anything good again…

    • . . .
      I do not look forward to those shows. :P
      Besides, I’m going to stop watching CN after SBT finishes.

  • My thing was that I never knew when it was on. My friend linked the first episode to me online, but I could never find it on my program guide on tv to watch it.

    It seemed neat, but I’m not sure CN gave it enough of a chance to find an audience. I also haven’t seen any advertising for it. That just seems to be how the story goes for great canceled shows (and great canceled scifi shows to boot).

  • Sym-Bionic Titan’s a show featuring giant robots and monsters. How did it not get a toy deal? Did they wait to late to get one? Was no one interested? Should they have gotten a deal before the show started by shopping it around at licensing conventions?

    And what’s interesting is that earlier Robotomy got canceled because it didn’t sell in the international market (and it was expensive to produce).

    Kaboing TV’s looking better and better each day…

  • DD

    Well, this stinks.

    Sym-Bionic Titian was the only show that I even bothered to watch on Cartoon Network (keep in mind I never actually had cable TV until recently). Before and after the first season I didn’t even watch that channel(not to mention I don’t bother watching TV anymore. Too many low budget shows with no substance.).

    I got my family into the show after they saw some of the third or fourth episode. They loved the animation and humor. You’d think if merchandising was the problem, they would have at least made the toys from the start. Sure, the commercials would get annoying for adults, but kids would eat it up.

  • It’s funny that the whole “not enough toys/merchandising” thing doesn’t even come off as a surprise to me anymore. Not even sad. Just, “Oh, right. Of course.” Too bad…I loved all the background art. Hope everyone involved with it moves on to a new awesome project.

  • Yeah, what Failing Art Student said. Monsters and robots = automatic toy deal I would assume. I guess not. I was never a Sym-Bionic Titan fan but to be canceled just for that reason.. That’s a little depressing to hear about.

  • Baron Lego

    Were there toys for this show at all? I did a little search online and couldn’t seem to find anything.

    So… lemme get this straight: CN is canceling the show because the merchandise- which doesn’t exist- wasn’t selling?

    Is anyone else confused?

    • Chris Sobeniak

      What’s driving the animation industry these days (and what Japan’s been doing for decades).

      • Nobody

        You do realize that America has been in the animation business far longer than Japan has and to be honest japan doesn’t take cartoons as serious as we do. They only have one channel for cartoons and thats it. They have little budget to work with animation wise which is why there is so much inner dialogue to tell the story as well as reused animations (which is not bad in terms of animating). Not to mention certain scenes of static backgrounds while the characters have full on dialogue. Anyways, we have better resources but we keep having to dumb down amazing material to fit the dumber generations coming up.

      • Anonymous

        Um… thats wrong. Did you get that information from wikipedia?

        Japan takes their animation VERY seriously. See, they dont need to make separate channels for their cartoons because its able to compete with live action shows. Also, many of japan’s live action shows are based of their animated shows. In Japan, they don’t have cartoons, they have anime, and that stuff is pretty big. They definetly take it seriously.
        And you just described Japan animation from the 50’s. Nowadays, they have Blu-ray quality animation, made for Blu-ray; very fluid, fast flowing and colourful… I’ve yet to see any cartoon in america made with the intent to release it on Blu-ray (and i mean, they got in a production studio and said: “Let’s make this stuff Blu-ray quality; You won’t even need a Blu-ray to see the beauty of it”)

  • Squeak

    Moved on? I swore Genndy was still at the studio this week … If so, more bad news for Cartoon Network … I mean Craig AND Genndy being gone? What else is left?

  • Barry J

    So sad. I really love Titans.
    I don’t see any toys connected to Adventure Time or The Regular Show, so I don’t get that as a reason.

  • You know what’s comical about the “cancelled because of lack of merchandising” excuse?

    There’s ZERO merchandising for Adventure Time, ZERO merchandise for Regular Show, and ZERO merchandising deals for Dude What Would Happen and Destroy Build Destroy. The latter two shows have lower audiences than Sym-Bionic Titan, low viewer retention, zero appeal to marketers, and zero potential to even create marketing and commercial appeal. And yet, the Duds and DBD still remain on the lineup and Sym-Bionic Titan is now in the history books.

    That, my friends, is shameful.

    • Actually, Adventure Time IS getting a huge merchandising push this fall, according to the Frederator Blogs:

      Doesn’t make the rest of what you said any more shameful.

      • Gray64

        It’s true that Adventure Time is getting merchandise, but that’s two seasons in, and they run Adventure Time nearly every day, so clearly the network is squarely behind it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Adventure Time, but it doesn’t seem like they gave Sym-Bionic Titan much of a chance (they show it, what, on Wednseday evenings, and really early Saturday mornings?) The ads for Problem Solverz make it look about as stupid and ugly as it’s possible for animation to get, and as far as Dude, What Would Happen and Destroy Build Destroy, my only thought is, if they belong anywhere at all, it’s on Nickelodeon and not CN (it’s CARTOON Network, for pete’s sake).

    • Ryoku

      You know, thats a very good point. There has to be some other reason why they cancled this, I guess they didn’t think it’d fit in with their other shows.

    • tom

      Sym-Bionic Titan was a way higher budget show than AT or RS.

    • papasmurf

      exactly. none for that crap ‘hit show’ Johnny Test either. Such BS.

      • Charrell

        I fucking hate Johnny Test, that show is the bane of the whole existance of animated series. I honestly don’t believe that they cancel SBT for merchandise reasons, there has to be more to it!

  • chipper

    And it looked so pretty. I’m surprised nobody made toys. Is it because it’s not quite aimed ad young children? They had a boy robot and a girl robot in it from what I can tell, and kids would have fun with those! Girls never get robots except pink Transformers that were probably added as an afterthought.

    Maybe if they video release this people can try to “rescue” it like we did to Family Guy and Futurama. I don’t know if it has quite as wide of an audience, but it would be nice to have it available at least.

    • droosan

      SYM-BIONIC TITAN is available for purchase on both the Playstation Network (PS3/PSP) and iTunes (iPod/iPad) stores. The first 18 episodes are online now; the final two should become available there, over the next two weeks.

      At $1.99 per episode, it’s a fair bit ‘pricier’ than a DVD set .. but a DVD release of S-BT is -far- from a ‘given’, at this point. -_-

      • droosan

        I’ve just been informed that S-BT episodes are also available for purchase via the ‘X-Box Live’ service.

      • chipper

        Oh, yes, I always forget about those. I’m a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to technology.

        Still, a DVD release (and I guess blu-ray for people who aren’t dinosaurs but would like a hard copy) would be nice for my own selfish gain.

  • La Pulga

    Does anyone else get a visual of Steve Hulett running around the studio with his ears pressed to office doors?

    • robert alvarez

      If you are in the industry then you would know Steve doesn’t have to do that. He walks in asks artists what is happening at the studio or people approach him and tell him what is going on. It is that simple.

      • La Pulga

        It’s a joke Robert…the kind if thing we do in the industry

  • Some Girl

    CRAP! The only show I watched on CN.

  • AJ

    It makes sense to me to cancel. Cartoon Network is still a buisness after all and the best way to make money is to have shows that instantly make kids want toy versions of that show like Ben 10.

  • Tom

    Sym-Biotic Titan had a really big budget. Destroy Build Destroy has a tiny budget. Therefore, S-BT must do amazing in the ratings to justify the expense. DBD barely needs an audience and it’ll still be a money maker. It sucks, but that’s the way it works at every network.

  • JMatte

    So very sad to see this show gone. It had a world that was begging to be expanded, plot points ready to grow. The characters were a whole lot of fun and the production was excellent. I definitely wanted to see more.

    Congrats to the whole team that worked on the show- you’ve done something to be really proud of.

    As for toys, I call bullcrap. If they can make toys for Ben10 and Generator Rex, why not this? Was someone too lazy, or are there polotico-shenanigans happening behind the doors at CN that made it easier for them to just can the show?

    Guess we’ll never know.
    But what a loss.

  • Kyle

    Didn’t you all know? The toys make the show. Or the film for that matter. Look at Cars and now Cars 2! Bow down to the power of toys!

  • Curly

    So, the show was cancelled cause it didn’t have enough toys? That’s idiotic. I don’t care about toys, I want shows that I can enjoy. I know it’s about business and all, but really now. If this keeps up more and more kids/teens will be watching less on Cartoon Network.

    The only shows I seem to enjoy now is Adventure Time and Regular Show, plus having to wake up early in the morning to watch the old good cartoon replays.

    They should at least get rid of those action shows. It’s “Cartoon” Network, not Action Network.

  • Toys? Uhm… Cartoon Network has made barely any merchandise for their shows since the Powerpuff Girls. Honestly I think they should be making MORE merchandise out of their characters. I mean, I’m 26, and I freakin want toys of some of them, I can only imagine how many kids must want this stuff.

  • Keegan

    Many people have argued with me about the topic I will shortly bring up, but I think this right here is undeniable proof.


    ***k Executives.

  • Adrienne M

    But…they NEVER MADE TOYS. So how can they talk about sales of toys that don’t exist? I think the show was cancelled because it was too comparatively adult. It’s not a “kids” or “action” show in the same mold as Ben Ten. SB-T is unexpectedly deep. It may have been better if S-BT was on Adult Swim. Too bad Toonami no longer exists.

    I think this show really *deserves* to be saved. I think everyone should sign the petition. If Family Guy can come back from the dead like so many zombies, then so can S-BT. Or perhaps it’s just the sign of the times: only the mind-numbingly inane survives…

  • Adrienne M

    But…THERE WERE NO TOYS. So how can they cite sales of toys that don’t exist?

    I think the real reason S-BT was cancelled is because it was comparatively adult. It wasn’t an action show in the vein of Ben Ten, and it wasn’t a “kids” show either. The emotional content of the show is surprisingly deep. It would perhaps be better for S-BT to be on Adult Swim. Too bad Toonami is no more.

    And given the show is expensive to produce, it was easy for CN to cancel. This decision is not particularly fair if one considers the lame time slot, lack of toys, and the fact it was an original property.

    Everyone here who likes the show should sign the petition. I will. If something as vapid as Family Guy can be brought back to life like so many zombies, S-BT certainly can.

  • ddrknghtrtrns

    After trying to watch a few minutes of the show last Saturday morning, I shook my head and gave up in disgust. The show is ugly and even worse, very booring.

    • bluelineclass

      Obviously your mind was firmly made up before you watched. Especially if you didn’t even get past “a few minutes”.

      It’s because it was “new”, right?

      Rhetorical question. Of course it was.

      If your sole criticism of this show are exceptionally childish, subjective terms like “ugly” then your opinion utterly invalidates itself and proves to be stunningly ignorant and worthless.

      • Ryoku

        No, he said nothing about disliking it since its new.
        I can’t say the show looked ugly but I wasn’t a fan of the style either.

    • Anoniguy

      You’re god damn blind.

    • Keegan

      >Claims show is ugly

      >Show is by Genndy

      What the f*** am I reading…

    • David D.

      Coming from the guy with the username ddrknghtrtrns… and considering you gave no valid points, as to why the show sucked to you, I wouldn’t take your advice if I’ve never seen it, which I have. I don’t mind people liking or disliking shows… but if you are going to comment, at least give reasons… for example, I like the show because;

      1)It actually has a story unlike that other stuff on Cartoon Network. (Don’t get me wrong I like a lot of random shows, but Sym-Bionic Titan was among the best shows on CN)

      2)The characters were developed, even the school-mates of Lance and Ilana had a personality.

      3)The art was beautiful, well made and, well, artistic. It immerses you in this fake, cartoon world, and makes you feel a part of the show.

      I dislike this show because;

      1)It ended after 1 season due to toy sales and CN being kind of dimwitted.

      I understand toy sales are everything… I have 3 younger siblings who all love toys from their favorite shows… but as previous comments have said… put the show on Adult Swim, where older, more mature people are watching (or not so mature depending on the show) who will actually understand it and get the story… and where toys don’t matter…

      Plus, I sent an email to Cartoon Network discussing how easily toys can be made, games (strategy and board), DVD sets, video games, etc, for almost and series out there! Ideas aren’t hard to come up with. I know you need the money and company to produce these toys, but please… Cartoon Network is filthy rich I am sure… They have Ben 10 for God’s sake! I’ve seen so many little kids watching and buying anything to do with that… And they can’t find a company they can have make toys why? It can’t be money or that no company wants the series as a toy… I guarantee there are a couple really good companies wanting to get there hands on a robot toy to compete. (Transformers I mean by this)

      If I owned a toy company, which I know I don’t (For all the annoying people who would go “But you don’t own a toy company so how would you know!” or something stupid along those lines…), I would be all over this show…

      And no I didn’t waste my entire day thinking this through (because people who hate something someone else argues for instantly say, “Why would you have to waste so much time getting all these points for something, obviously it needs a lot if you need to make your point!”

      I need to make my point on other people complaining for no feedback or common sense… Think before you post, 5 minutes can go a long way… Which is all this took to type… Not hard to think…

  • I was very worried in the past few days from reading about Cartoon Network’s “upcoming series lineup.”

    But having read last night’s bottom-line, I am BEYOND incensed right now. I pray this is not true.

    SYM-BIONIC TITAN is a series that Genndy Tartakovsky and his crew put their heart and soul into, with very well thought out characters, great character-driven stories, beautiful animation and design, and an impressive titular giant robot to top it off. Please excuse my language, but if Cartoon Network was so concerned about the aspects of toy merchandising, then WHY THE F*** DID THEY GREENLIGHT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!

    This series has all sorts of merchandising possibilities! But when you get right down to it, the shows that currently make big money for CN are their DC lineup (which are all required to have Batman shoehorned in them) and shows like BEN 10 and GENERATOR REX. And yet, most of the other shows they’re flaunting (ADVENTURE TIME, REGULAR SHOW, etc.) are more airy-fairy about merchandising. (Just like how SAMURAI JACK and FOSTER’S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS had specialty toys you can’t even find at your local department store!)

    Maybe they really thought this series was too “cerebral” for their intended audience (small children; and they think small children should be grotesquely stupid, like the crazy parents who want to ban things to protect them). It seems that in this tough economy, CN wants to take us back to the 1980s, when in-your-face toy selling was more important than any well-written stories and characters (never mind simply making toys to support a show). Ever wondered why Japan always had a mix of both? And why they got more of a following here than the US-made shows (the majority of which, ironically, was animated in Japan)?

    Please forgive me, but I have to be honest with myself – I never liked BEN 10. The concept is good, but I hate the cliched cardboard characters. The immature, childish brat hero (who is supposed to “evolve” as he grows up, much like a certain Skywalker or Airbender), and two straight companions, male and female, who do nothing but nanny the hero and take him to task for simply being alive? This has been done a zillion times lately, and I’m sick of it. We’re even seeing that crap in countless webcomics, too! (You know who you are!) That’s another reason why I’m also unimpressed with the similar GENERATOR REX. And this is the best “original” idea CN can come up with? (I’m not even going to go into CN’s live-action content.)

    SYM-BIONIC TITAN was never like that, thank God. The show’s characters were very intelligently thought out and conceived. Lance is not the whiny man-child that is Ben Tennyson, he’s a TIGER!!! He’s an almost dead-serious character, trained as a soldier, with some touching issues (and some episodes show why), and when his two companions disagree with him, he puts his foot down. Ilana is also a very strong character, and is not Ms. Perfect like every other heroine is required to be; she’s just as flawed as Lance (and the two argue very strongly at times). Octus is a great balance between the two characters, and even as the voice of reason, he has many shining moments, such as his poignant, ill-fated romance with the cheerleader Kim (who also got some good development), and when he was the only one unaffected by a weekly monster’s freezing power attack. And this series also treated us to one of the most wicked villains on US animated TV – General Modula. Had this series been allowed to flow, I think we would eventually have seen an epic resolution that ties all the loose ends together. (After all, Nickelodeon had that same faith in AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. Why CN’s faith was misplaced, I’ll never know.)

    See, this behind-the-scenes-politics crap is most probably the same reason why Nickelodeon canned THE MIGHTY B!, which I thought was their last best show. The excuse about low ratings is complete and utter BS. (I was told by some animators working on the show that the ratings were quite good, especially before Season 2 began, and around then, Nick began screwing around with the schedule to make more room for their endless SPONGEBOB and iCARLY marathons.) But the response to SYM-BIONIC TITAN’s cancellation is a thundering roar, and the fandom will not go down with a whimper. If Genndy truly left CN, I don’t blame him. (To date, Craig McCracken has never looked back.)

    All this having been said, I am in full support of the movement to get this quality series back on track, whether it sells toys or not. Otherwise, Cartoon Network will lose a huge amount of my support. I don’t believe in crass and patronizing programming, or that all cartoons, daytime or primetime, are strictly for children. (And don’t get me started on most of Adult Swim’s material; Long story short, THE VENTURE BROS. is still the best show on that program.)

    • Pdxmom

      You are absolutely correct in everything you wrote. Also, very well written. I am sickened by this news as my son who was 5 when this show started and is now 6, could clearly understand what was going on with the show and enjoyed it as much as my husband and I. This garbage that the show was too much for kids to understand is nonsense.Also about the toy merchandising, I never saw any advertising for Sym-Bionic Titan and I can tell you that if they had made toys for this show we would have bought them all. My husband and I were just talking a week ago that if there had been t-shirts even, we would have worn them and we even came up with some great ideas for them. I for one am disgusted with the cancellation of this show and can’t believe that they keep mind-numbing, ignorance inducing cartoons on their network. If it wasn’t for Cartoon Network having Star Wars Clone Wars on (which my son loves and I am sick of), we wouldn’t even watch their channel. I hope to God that they come to their senses and either bring it back or release it on BluRay. It was a visually stunning cartoon and it will be sorely missed.

      • droosan

        I can only go by the three kids — aged 9 thru 13 — whom I encounter on a regular basis (which, I admit, is way too small a sampling to draw ‘conclusions’).

        All three of them are enthralled with BEN-10, POKEMON, CLONE WARS and SUPER HERO SQUAD; they’ll talk about those shows for an hour, if you let ’em .. but none of them has shown any interest in SYM-BIONIC TITAN.

        My saying that those kids were ‘scratching their heads’ over the show is not to imply that they don’t -understand- it .. I think these three ‘get’ the story-telling of the show just fine. But they -don’t- seem to enjoy it, and can’t seem to explain why. -_-

        I don’t doubt there are kids out there who -do- ‘get’ S-BT, and who did enjoy it.

        Heck; I’m pretty sure -I- would’ve been ‘all-about’ this show, if it had existed when I was a kid.

    • Justin M

      I haven’t seen a show as great as SBT since the heydays of the 90’s. And you can tell that they spend a LOT of time working on this show, narrative and animation wise.
      Which made me devastated when I found out about its cancelation.
      And since Genndy Tartakovsky left for Sony Productions I don’t think we are gona get SBT back, at least back on CN that is.

      Lets add this to the RIP pile along with MEGAS XLR. . .

  • Anoniguy

    Welp, looks like the only thing left to care about at CN is adventure time. I was really starting to like Titan. What a shame.

    Well, good for Sony. Pretty soon all the talent will finally abandon cartoon network and go on to better places.

  • m(_ _)m

    I dunno, maybe it’s just because I’ve been watching a lot of seasonally airing animated shows from Japan for the past few years, but I think American audiences are kinda spoiled when it comes to seasons and episode counts. I know we see a lot of prime time live action shows get 8, 9 even 10 seasons, and we’ve seen The Simpsons continue across decades. But in the Japanese animated series market, the majority of modernly produced shows get 12/13 episodes, with the longer ones getting 24/26. Sure, they’ve got the never-ending titles with hundreds of episodes, but most of the stuff has a beginning and reasonable end.

    I know a lot in the community complain about he 12/13 episode counts being too condensed and not really going anywhere. But a lot of the best shows are 24/26 episodes. And frankly, if you don’t go anywhere in 20+ episodes, what the heck?

    And, I don’t mean to say anything bad about SBT, and I haven’t seen but the first episode, but Jack was given 50+ episodes and didn’t really go anywhere. Maybe SBT *was* progressing, maybe it was going somewhere, towards some amazing finale. But if the creators are making it thinking “lets fit one more story arch in as long as we can,” then it’s probably good it was canceled. Now, if they had a clear outline of the story over say 3 seasons, with a definitive end in sight, then its a terrible shame it was canceled.

    But, really I guess my point is.. 20 episodes is a lot, there’s plenty within those episodes to enjoy if you’re into the series. Not every series has to run as long as Spongebob.

    • SICProwl

      Yeah, that’s true. But those anime shows actually tie up the plot and FINISH the series in those episodes – S-BT didn’t get that chance. We’ll never know what happened.

  • James E. Parten

    I never had much thought about “Sym-Bionic Titan”, positive or negative. This is unlike the case of, say, “Adventure Time”, where what I’ve seen makes me want to think daggers at it.

    Cartoon Network has been getting away from cartoons for some time now. And even when they have put on cartoons, the results have been uneven. For every “Batman: The Brave And The Bold”, there has been a “Batman Beyond” as counterbalance. For every “Megas XLR”, there has been a “Samurai Jack”, which comes off as nothing but microwaveable anime. And more and more time is given over to shows that don’t pertain to animation in the least–including the aforementioned “Dude, What Would Happen?”, “Destroy, Build, Destroy” and “Hole In The Wall”.

    I look forward to “Green Lantern, the Animated Series”, wondering what they are going to do with it. I wonder if the new version of “ThunderCats” will do as well by that franchise as the 2002 version of “He-Man And The Masters of the Universe” did.

  • GB

    The show is about giant ass fighting robots (among other things…). The greatest toys ever made were giant ass fighting robots. I call bull on the toy excuse.

  • Norm

    It’s really not about toys. It’s because the execs at CN don’t know how to read storyboards (amazing, the people that run ANIMATION studios) and so they rely heavily on making notes based off of animatics, except Genndy doesn’t make animatics for SBT. So the execs aren’t able to have as much control putting their 2 cents into the production, the easiest thing they could do is cut it off.

  • Gary

    Let’s not prance around the real reason here CN. You cancelled Sym-Bionic Titan because it’s content wasn’t matching what you wanted for the network. You want nothing but random humor to fill your network. Well I’ll say this; it will be your downfall. You don’t wanna pay actual writers or animators? FIne. We’ll see what happens in two or three years when kids get tired of it.

    Ben 10 will continue on because of it’s merchandising (the first two series were good, but now we’re treading overkill), Young Justice has DC on it’s side, and Star Wars is f*** Star Wars and will continue to suck like the prequels.

    Sym-Bionic Titan, to an extent was the most original thing you guys had going for you and you can it. Good job CN.

    • Ryoku

      Well put, sometimes I think theres a conspiracy going on where all of CN shows have to be low-standard random junk, easier audiences to entertain.

  • Justin M

    And I just got into the show yesterday too. . .dang it

  • tedzey

    Guess they couldn’t come up with a clever way to sell the cheerleader with the “ba donk ka donk” into a kids meal toy!

  • reg34t4

    what the hell the show did get good rating they never stayedf fromm 2.0 everytime toy who needs toys

  • Paul M

    I follow around a dozen current cartoons and this was far and away my favourite, watching the new ones was the high point of my week. I’ll cling to any slim ray of hope offered that Genndy will get to finish the story but this has put a serious cloud on my day.

    If enough fans buy the bluray, maybe…

  • April Showers Bring May Flowers

    I just found out recently that they cancelled S-BT. I’m so disappointed in Cartoon Network. The fact that certain shows like “Johnny Test”, “Dude, What Would Happen”, and “Destroy, Build, Destroy” are still on CN is disappointing. They need to put Sym-Bionic Titan on another channel because CN isn’t worth of it.

    I think we need to create a big buzz over this. We should just stop watching Cartoon Network. If you must watch it, just watch Adult Swim, Boomerang, or record/watch the few shows you like. If we all make a ban towards CN, then CN won’t be able to continue the nonsense of shows like “Problem Solverz”.

    I’m so upset.

  • Sam H.

    Well here is for what is worth, the death of another atemp at bringing US animation on par with the Japanese. Great work there CN. As long as you keep thinking inside the box making shows for kids an not teens Disney will continue to kick your collective behinds on ratings with shit like hanna montana and genetic engineered stars like Justin beaver. Keep wasting money on live action shows because that is what you are best at wasting money and alienating genius.

    • m(_ _)m

      I don’t think Japanese animation is really the standard American creators should be striving for.. At least not in storytelling, design or content..

      • AltredEgo

        4 words:


        When ANYTHING being done on Television in the US or Canada can touch this level, then we can talk about ‘standards’


  • mara

    this is so sad, and really shocked me…even though some people say they arent surprised, i kinda am…THE SHOW WAS GOOD. but being that i have not been able to find the show on friday evenings, i guess CN gave it the death slot. so sad…a huge shame. the character development and the art was a great part of the show (octus and kitty, what what)…but something in my soul tells me that they replaced symbiotic titan to show that damn lego ninja show on fridays. then it really was for the toys.

    anyways….heres to hoping that problem solvers will scare my little brother and sister as much as it scared me.

  • droosan

    The shocking climax of this week’s episode seems to indicate that the show is gonna go out with a ‘bang’, at least .. o_O

  • Jackson

    The show was an OK kids cartoon–but not much more than that, really. The lack of strong characters and direction doomed it from the start.

  • Brad Constantine

    If anyone at CN is watching…I have a Ten year Old Boy and a 7 year old girl. These are the shows they really watch and like, in order of popularity in our house…the real deal…they even watch them “on demand” more now, and dvr them to skip commercials.
    10 year Old Boy:
    3.Clone Wars(he dvr’s it)
    4.Fan Boy and Chum Chum
    5.Phineas and Ferb
    6.Adventure Time
    7.Dexter’s Lab
    8.The Jetson’s
    9.Kick Buttowski
    The 7 year old Girl:
    2.Tuff Puppy (she sings “chews his butt” out loud every time)..
    3.Fish School
    4.I Carly
    5.Adventure Time
    6.Phineas and Ferb
    7.The Jetsons
    8.Fan Boy and Chum Chum
    9.Dexter’s Lab
    10.Tom and Jerry(the old ones).
    These are the shows that are on when our kids are home from school and are watching TV. I never saw an episode of the above show(sbt)…I saw a few commercials, but it never made it in front of our kids during our daily routine.

    • Brad Constantine

      oh yeah..they Really miss the mighty B!!

  • James Smith III

    Symbiotic Titan caught my attention this year. I believe, the program had some of Tara Strong, who voiced Illana, some of her best voice work in years.

    In several episodes, she did several characters, and if I hadn’t had my “antennae” up, I wouldn’t have noticed it was her.

    The program was original in several ways. I do believe that Mr. Tartakovsky did push the envelope in this series, with his characterization, music, designs, and even use of silence to emphasize certain scenes.

    I’m going to miss the program. I did think with its teen angst vibe, that it was sure to capture its audience. But I guess I was wrong.

    I do wonder if certain scenes made the CN executives nervous, such as Kimmy’s dancing scene when she was trying to entice Octus into doing her homework.

    Anyway, it had a great deal of potential. And I do hope they can wrap the plotlines up.


  • leo

    The S-BT got Bootsky because of lack of merchandising, say what? i never saw adds promoting Sym Bionic Titan Transforming robot toy,which includes Octus robot toy Ilana’s mech toy, and Lance’s mech toy, i really didn’t saw them, Ben 10 is alive and made it to his 4th spin off(i guess, i didnt count. IF CN really want it they could make toys or whatever for S-BT. Lonny tunes 2011 release i dont know i like more an original more violent version of LT.

  • Quest 85

    Cancelled the show because of the lack of toy merchandise!!!. I prefer this show than Generator Rex.

  • Martin Juneau

    It don’t renew because of lack of toys merchandise? From what i seen, the show have a great potential for a second season with a much visual appeal to adults audiences. Instead, they give green light to a another Ben 10, Total Drama and Pokemon series. (No, seriously!) This is so dummy at my opinion because a good concept don’t always needs of merchandising, but this is like the executives don’t care so much about characters developpement and good writing.

    It’s inevitable that Cartoon Network is much targeted to a kids audience than a teenager/adults audience for their main line-up. I’m disappointed for the Symbionic Titan cancellation. The show looks really good, promising and it deserve a new season.

  • Karla

    They just had to cancel a show that looked like it could bring the old CN back all because of lack of toy sales. Huh. As far as I know, adventure time doesn’t have toys, neither does regular show or any of the other random crap they call cartoons!

    Sym-Bionic Titan was one of 3 shows that I now watch on Cartoon Network. I used to be a die-hard CN fan, but if they cancel the last ones I’m watching, I’m done with them, and I’m making sure my brother watches the classics and Titan is going to be on that list.

    • Funkybat

      I’m guessing that SBT wasn’t “offbeat” enough for the direction they seem to be going with their actual animated programming. SBT was a pretty straight-forward action show with a teen drama element. It wasn’t simple enough to be a kiddie show, it wasn’t quite “adult” enough to be on Adult Swim, it just fell outside of the “categories” that have formed over the last decade.

      It was a more visually and story-wise interesting show to me than the “random humor” type toons that predominate these days, but long story arcs and dramatic action don’t seem to get much play in animation these days outside of “The Clone Wars.”

  • Aj

    [Comment removed by editors. Per our commenting guidelines, “Short comments that don’t add anything to the discussion (for example, “Blecch” or “This sucks”) may be deleted without comment. Also beware the word “meh”; we know you can do better than that.“]

  • Corrine

    I tried not to get attached to this show at first because I am always wary with CN’s devotion to good shows.

    I know CN prefers their Adventure Time’s more than anything I like.

    Seriously, I really enjoy this show and new it was a goner the second they gave Adult Swim more time and dropped this off. They really don’t care or they’d have made some bloody robot toys to keep it around even on its random time slot.

  • Lord Fartington

    A lot of leaps of judgment are being made from hearsay from someone at the studio – who may or may not be well informed on Rob Sorcher’s plans.

    I do not know how poorly SBT was performing with their target demo, but it’s been moved around the schedule like a hot potato – so it’s any wonder how viewers know where to find it.

    If anything, CN should have taken some $$$ from their live action cache and given SBT 4 episodes to create a 90 minute finale movie and really go out with a bang.

    As-is, ending the series after only 20 episodes just feels like they’re throwing it away. I suppose I should be grateful that CN even bothered producing this sort of action show.

    Perhaps someone can rally the creative team and get them to live tweet after the last episode, to allow the fans to truly show their appreciation – because it seems Cartoon Network does not care about the show anymore.

  • Oluseyi

    I didn’t like Sym-Bionic Titan.

    I tried to, I really did. And I’m a guy who loves giant robots and explosions, which the three or four episodes of the show I saw had in spades. Plus, it was by Genndy Tartakovsky, who I’ve been conditioned to respond favorably to (PowerPuff Girls! Samurai Jack!)

    But, ultimately, I just didn’t think it was that good. I didn’t think it was that well designed, I didn’t like the CG for the Titans, I found Lance tiresome and tedious and Ilana over the top “happy” – like Dexter’s mom through the prism of PPG. The show didn’t feel coherent, jumping one moment from farcical send up to serious action. It was all very exhausting, and felt entirely contrived.

    I also found the character designs ugly. I mean, look at the screencap in this post; look at Ilana’s HEAD! Woof.

    I stopped watching even before I gave up cable. I noticed when Amid complained about the “ugly” drawings in the cheerleader booty-shaking episode; couldn’t say I cared. I read this post on Friday, and couldn’t muster a reaction. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon it again today to find reams of conspiracy theorizing, bleating about merchandising and outright fawning that it got to me.

    Sometimes Cartoon Brew’s comments are a bit of an echo chamber. There is a tendency to unite in vilifying or praising anointed “villains” and “heroes” – I remember the amount of heat “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” took a few weeks ago – and that tone is often set by Amid’s remarks when he posts. I don’t think the show (S-BT) was that good, and the ratings would appear to suggest I wasn’t alone. Someone mentioned that the show had a healthy budget, meaning that CN execs believed in the promise of Genndy, but that may have saddled the show with outsize expectations that it failed to deliver on.

    I’ve felt for many years now that American television needs to move away from the open-ended season structure, in which we assume that a show will continue to run year after year until it is canceled or formally concluded. This has left us with hundreds of shows with incomplete story arcs, only a few episodes aired or even produced. I think we need to explicitly embrace a season-by-season, and perhaps even a per-half-season structure that allows progressions to conclude even when a show doesn’t find its footing. Then we won’t have the inevitable campaign for a DTV or 2-hour special to tie up loose ends.

    Anyway, Sym-Bionic Titan is over. Too bad. Even though I didn’t care for it, I always want to see more quality animation being produced.

    • Magnus

      I agree that shows do need to be planned with a clear concept of the story that must be told but saying that this show was not good and ugly is laughable.

      Also how do you know that Genndy did not already have the show plotted out? Most of those Japanese cartoons that most people cite often times feel rushed when it comes to the conclusion of trying to fit it into 25-26 30 minute blocks, most gundam series were usually 52 episodes (of course with a few filler eps.)

    • JSE

      Dont tell me Voltron is a better cartoon than Sym-Bionic Titan? I wonder what is your favorite cartoon?

  • This news has ruined my day, love the show and sickened to see it binned. Maybe Genddy can get working on the Samurai Jack film now…
    F*** You Cartoon Network

  • Julian Chelo

    They cancel this great show and not Johnny-F**-Test? what a god damned joke!

  • James Smith III

    Back again.

    I’m betting in a cruel twist of irony, that once Symbiotic Titan starts showing overseas, it’ll start getting more and more attention, than Ben 10 and Generator Rex.

    I can’t believe it was because of the “toys.” Yet, it probably was.

    Real pity.

  • ehmehlehh

    I loved this show to bits…

  • Lorenzo Smith

    I can not believe a great show has been cancelled because of profit. I pray cartoon network reconsiders. I personally would like to thank the writers and the cast for taking the time to create such a program with a great story line. Especially Octus who showed such great potential as a protective father and a pretend brother who so wanted to experience love. There is so much to say about a great show and Thank you again, and to Genndy T. “Be strong”

  • Watson X

    im so sad right now, i can’t believe this is actually happening. i’ve never been this heartbroken seeing a tv show cancel/close since “the wire.” this show is really special and i can’t believe cartoon network is pulling the plug.

    some network preferably a major one should pick this up and put it in a primetime lineup because it’s that good. c’mon fox!

  • Jeez…

    It’s interesting to see how much of the anger and negative backlash constantly generated in the comments section are based on absolutely ZERO information. As someone who used to work at Cartoon Network, I can tell you that the business model has NOT been focused on merchandising, which was one of the many frustrations about working at that place. Instead, CN largely gets its revenue by selling advertising spots at the NYC Upfronts to advertisers. They almost completely ignore the toy and merchandising market, which has never made much sense to me. It seems that most other companies find that the majority of their revenue comes from toys, so I’m not sure why this is the case. The cancellation of Symbionic Titans has little to do with toy viability, I can assure you. I know the usual impulse is to shake fists at the studio execs for beloved shows going by the wayside, but that’s not always the case.

    It’s long been known that Genndy’s been pitching feature ideas to many places for years, and has been looking for the opportunity to make that transition. From what I hear, Genndy’s going to be directing at Sony Pictures, which is probably an exciting career move for a TV veteran like Genndy. CN is known for not paying much, and as everyone knows turnover in TV is fast anyway, so my bet is that Genndy made the same mental calculation that anyone would have in his position. He left to go pursue a different challenge! (Congratulations to him, by the way.)

    CN from what I know wanted to continue the series, but likely were trying to save face with this “toys” red herring. So calm down, people! It’s just a business deal! Not everything is an issue of good and evil, but sometimes it’s just timing and opportunity.

    Sorry to interrupt the mudslinging, I’ll just show myself out.

    • rodney

      Don’t give a shit what happened, they STILL CANCELLED a good show that could’ve kept on going WITHOUT awesome Genndy. This is why I’m permanantly watching shows outside of America, since all those worthless tv stations just LOVE to cancel shows on us, I don’t care if it’s business, get someone to write a comic about it and sell it so ppl could BUY THE D*** THING! Cancelling it never to be heard of again really hurts me and I’m gonna be negative about it until they bring it back. Did you know they’re cancelling young justice and green lantern now? Because they keep putting the latter on hiatus for a year! Gosh when is it gonna end?! Shows used to end 5 seasons later not 1 season and a cliffhanger! I’m very pissed off about this! I give UP on t.v. this d*** petition isn’t working either. Cancelling a show is a big FUCK YOU to all of their viewers and this is my way of saying FUCK YOU CN, DISNEY, as well. Atleast Nick has some sense and the Hub is pretty good as well. Canada doesn’t cancel it’s shows annoyingly either. Why don’t they just make shows that no one cares about or will watch instead of making masterpieces that get canned and leaving it’s fans high and dry? Oh lemme guess…. CAUSE THEY’RE WORTHLESS! I hope the ppl of CN reads this, I will be so VEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY happy if they do. They’re lucky I’m not a psychopath who’s obsessed or I WOULD do something horrible to those losers. Peace out bye! forever!

  • What a bummer I liked it visually but the writing was kinda not my cup of tea and I wanna say ugh not good. I dunno whatever. :/

  • Mulder88

    “Didn’t have enough Toys?”
    what an utter load of Bull****!
    LIke i see loads of Adventure Time, Regular Show and MAD toys lining the shelves at wal-mart and TRU.

  • Marc Baker

    While I only watched a few episodes of ‘Sym-Bionic Titan’, I gotta say it’s A well done show with an interesting concept. You would think that Cartoon Network would be more supportive of Genndy Tartakovsky since he helped put the network on the map with ‘Dexter’, and ‘Samurai Jack’. I find it very funny that Cartoon Network decided to just pull the plug on the series simply because it didn’t have A toy line to speak of, yet you never see any ‘Adventure Time’ merchandise beyond say Hot Topic. I’m wondering if A toy line should’ve been made to please the clueless suites just in case the did cancel it. Now back in the late 90’s, and early 2000’s you could see ‘Powerpuff Girls’ merchandise in most major outlets. Whatever Cartoon Network did to get those deals off the ground. they didn’t bother doing with ‘Titan’ it would seem. Just another sad story in the twisted world of animation.

  • Alissa


    Thank you Cartoon Network; you made my little sister cry. I hope you’re happy with your Ben 10 toys. Jerks.

  • Lala_Marin

    For any fans who aren’t already aware, there’s now a campaign to send Cartoon Networks purple shirts (like Lance’s) in protest, similar to what fans of Jericho did for their show. I can’t say how effective it will be, but at the very least they’ll know that people are upset. And if being bombarded with purple shirts annoys them, then that’s a plus too.

  • dorothy jo

    I think thay should left SBT alone thay should of left on wednesday like thay.had it.I hope sym-bionic dont get cancealed.that cartoon rocked.that cartoon reminded me of voltron a little hope that bring it back for another I like ben10 altimate alien to that is a cool cartoon

  • dorothy jo

    I hope. thay dont cancel sym-bionic.titan.that cartoon was cool.I know.iam 35 but I injoyed that cartoon.I hope thay bring. it back on thay had it.I want sym-bionic.titan back on

  • Paul M

    Sending them shirts? I appreciate the intention but I’m dubious.

    I think the best way to get SBT back is to keep pestering CN to release season one on dvd and blueray and buy a lot of copies. Don’t forget this got Family Guy and Futurama back on the air. Samurai Jack still sells well on dvd and is still making CN money years after it ended.

    Oh and if they ever do come out with some SBT action figures of course buy them too. Of course CN execs in their wisdom have decided that transforming fighting robots have poor marketing potential. Go figure.

    One more thing – Fan support brought Reboot back from the grave after a major network dropped it – twice, in fact. There is still talk of feature movie or a new series, thanks to fans who didn’t give up. Taken as a whole, Sym-Bionic Titan, season one, is too powerful a story to fall by the wayside. Keep the faith.

  • RJ

    From what I see now being shown on CN, there isn’t much reason to even turn over to it. I enjoyed this cartoon and suddenly find it gone. I only watch a couple other shows on CN and find much of the others disgusting. They keep junk with guys trying to touch tongues together on the air and they take something good like Symbiotic Titan off? Seems CN is going down the tubes if you ask me. If the rest of the TV lineup keeps this up, I will cancel my cable subscription. I use to watch TV every night but find myself looking at the computer more now. The TV only gets turn on in the morning to watch the news, and maybe a couple times a week after dark. Your idea of what goes is only driving me away.

  • as9278

    Sad, just simply sad. My kids, my wife and I loves the show. Such lame excuse. You gonna regret this CN…
    mark my words.

  • Tricket

    This is really saddening to hear. I really liked the cartoon. It reminded me of old school style cartoons (Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, etc.) which I really miss seeing on CN. I think it definitely had the potential to become something more. It’s sad they killed it so quickly :/

    As for the whole toy thing, I’ve got to ask. Are there toy’s for Total Drama? That’s going into what… it’s 4th season?

    • dude…

      dude…these are all written by tartakovsky

  • Simpletons

    This show had a great story behind it and now we will never get to finish it. Thanks a lot you worthless Cartoon Network marketroids. Now that you’ve lost Tartakovsky you can get back to focusing on trash like the horrible LIVE ACTION crap on Adult Swim. Seriously, WTF are live action shows doing on CARTOON Network? And they’re all aimed at 15 year old stoner idiots with an attention span bordering on 15 seconds (Fuck you Tim and Eric Awesome show).

  • Darion

    I’ve only just got round to watching this show and I have to say as an animator/creative myself that this show is brilliant. The style (including all its idiosyncrasies) is completely intentional and that adds to its flavor. It is directed in a beautifully cinematic manner and extremely well paced and the soundtrack for each episode has clearly been thoroughly thought through. The result is a well crafted and undeniably addictive show.

    I think people need to relax a bit and factor in the circumstances surrounding the episode. I must admit although very funny, the booty quake sequence is not appropriate for an 8.30am re-run. But for it’s initial airtime it’s fine. This show is clearly aimed at a teenage/adult demographic and when compared to the twisted and violent nature of some of the shows we let our kids watch (Sponge Bob is a good example of twisted) it’s actually quite tame. It’s just one sequence that I don’t think Genndy was planning to repeat.

    As for the ‘toyline’ dilema. I’m pretty sure any little boy would love to own a symbionic titan! Heck I’m sure the girls would love a mecha Ilana too!

  • Melissa

    This is such a shame. This is currently my favorite television show! I can’t wait for each episode because the story line, charaters, and art are all fantastic. I really hope someone else picks up this show.

  • Kirb

    I’m honestly kind of surprised at the number of people here who say that Titan was even close ugly. I guess Cartoon Brew isn’t really the place for people with taste or love of decent animation anymore.

  • TheBeezKneez

    If they couldn’t make toys based on this show they need to fire the marketing department, not cancel the show. This show is RIPE for merchandising! *facepalm*

    And since when has “toys” been a determining factor for shows on CN? Smells like a political move with a shoddy cover story.

  • Sweety

    I love this show and mainly i think someone could get a headache watching problem solvers. If you guys didn’t know problem solvers was an online flash that was not very good. And there are only going to be 11 episodes. I love this show and mainly I think CN is going down hill.

  • MysteriousFoxGirl

    OMFG!!!!! i just freakin found out my fav show is being cancelled. i can’t believe this s***!!!! i missed almost the whole first season cuz they kept moving it around so much. first they take away teen titans and now sym bionic titan. i can’t even watch tv anymore cuz they got all this BS trash on. just when tv was gettin good again. the only thing worth watching now is some shows on adultswim and maybe adventure time and regular and i guess MAD is okay, but this is just maddness. CN…… you’re gonna regret this soooo much! stop putting trash on your channel. not all children are ignorant. i hope Genndy can bring it back or something similiar to it.

    *sigh* just when i’ve started watching tv again. i already know i’m not gonna watch tv for a long time again >:U

  • Carlos

    Second time that CN cut early a scifi series on me. I will never going to follow any other series on CN. This was the last one; is to frustrating stay alert for the new episodes and then “boom” no more series. Watch the series on saturday morning with my son was fun, thats no more. CN metanse el canal por cul000000.

  • They need to bring back 6teen, if only everyone protests on the network.

  • MAC

    What do expect from the Cartoon Network? Their shows have gotten progressively worse by the year. They screwed up every Transformers series they ever had and basically made Hasbro get their own channel for the shows. The constantly show some of the worst movies ex:
    Ace Ventura Jr. and Son of the Mask over and over again. The only good shows they really have are Star Wars, Ben 10, Young Justice, and Titan and of course now they want to dump Titan? I am dreading the fact that they are going to be the network for the new Thundercats series because like they always do thet let it run in a prime time slot for a month or so and then they dump it to 6 AM in the morning. CN has lost it’s way and at the rate they are going they might just go down completely. Nick and the Hub have better shows better shows by a mile and it is great to see some of the older shows Like Batman Beyond, and MIB again. CN needs to dump the following shows:

    1)Destoy, build, destroy
    2)Dude! what would happen
    3)Tower Prep
    4)The problem Solverz
    5)UnNatural History
    6)John Test(This show is getting old)

    This is the Cartoon Network! if you want shows like the first five start another channel! and Johnny Test is getting old quickly and is on about 15 times a day! find something else to show! Hasbro has pulled out and as said has their own channel now. Disney owns Marvel so most new shows will go to the Disney Channels, and it is only a matter of time before DC gets tired of them and moves to another station. CN needs to clean out some upper management and get back to their roots of what made the CN fun to watch and not dump shows like Titan because there is no Toy Line to go with it.

  • clay

    Salutations, Cartoon Network! You just made a royal DOOFUS out of yourselves again! Genndy and his team deliver ANOTHER well crafted cartoon universe with lots to like and gobs of potential and you cancel it. Please don’t use the ‘there’s not enough toys’ excuse. The SBT audience doesn’t go around with a sign on their back that says “DOOFUS”. SBT has great action, great designs, great characters, plot lines, backgrounds and animation. Isn’t that what great animated series are all about? In case you were wondering, being a DOOFUS is not a good thing (SBT joke, see Episode 1). very disappointing!

  • cartoon network pictures

    Cartoon Network announced its new slate of series yesterday, but most of the on-line chatter is about the cancellation of Genndy Tartakovsky’s confusingly named Sym-Bionic Titan which lasted exactly one season of twenty episodes. Steve Hulett of the Animation Guild reported what he heard while wandering the halls of Cartoon Network:
    cartoon network pictures

  • nathaniel

    go to cartoon network and state a complaint ( politely) like i just did and hoepefully they will restart it\

  • Maryzol

    I’d be less pissed off if they at least gave it one more season to wrap up all those unanswered questions the story of this cartoon poses.

    And, bullshit on that Toy Marketing thing. I would LOVE action figures, or collectibles from this show. From the robots, to the monsters, I’d go bankrupt trying to collect them, I hope CN’s latest atrocities bomb bad enough to get it through their heads that we need more shows like that, than reruns of Johnney test.

  • Mister Twister

    I hate Cartoon Network now.


  • SG

    Down with CN. Im tired of constatly seeing my favorite cartoon shows canceled such as anime block on saturdays, xiolin showdown, chowder, dexter’s laboratory and now sym-bionic titan. That’s it im not watching CN anymore

  • damn you!

    S-BT is amazing, what the hell. A show this good needs to be finished. At least one more season to wrap things up, can you at least give us that. I’ll by a Titan doll and a couple posters if thats what it takes. Screw you Cartoon Network.

  • h park

    I haven’t heard about the show until now, but reading everyone’s reaction, the cold and unimaginative business environment of US TV media has killed the show that could have become a generational icon.

    Is it just me or are they just want to sell toy line with very short life span? Simply put, are they only care about making quick bucks? We can’t deny the fact that selling toys are important to animation business, however developing patience for long term result is important too. I don’t know how much Cartoon Network spent on the show. Is the investment too great a risk to continue further?

  • JSE

    Symbionic Titan is an excellent cartoon which I believe CN should give it another try. The toys will come when it’s given more exposure. A lot of cartoons that CN has been showing is not worth my time. Only Symbionic Titan is one of the rare cartoons that is worth watching. The storyline, the hideious badder villains, the culture worth relating to todays kids, teens and adults as well of this time. Even my wife is getting to like it. As a cable guy Ive been spreading it around to my customers/kids/cartoon lovers to check it out. You should give it another chance.It is much better than Voltron. I think the villains and the hereos dilemna are what makes the cartoon worth pursuing the series.

  • Archie

    I’m not a hater of Gennedy and his series at all, I loved Samurai Jack (more so as I grew up than during its initial run), but I was not a fan of Sym Bionic Titan. Personally, for myself to get into a show it has to satisfy certain criteria. The visual appeal of course is number one, and for me SBT had some pretty terrible cartooning. I don’t care how awesome the backgrounds are if all of the characters look like deformed bastard children of Anime Characters. I even prefer Batman The Brave and the Bold’s art style over SBT’s, because I feel like Batman captures that nostalgic era in its cartooning style. I haven’t seen enough episodes of SBT to judge it on the overarching story, but I can tell you that some of the high school scenes were cringe worthy. That’s my two cents.

    • Ex-CN-Lover

      its just that SBT was SO …Classic
      if you are a real hardcore olld time CN watcher, it brings back memories of what you grew up loving, even if, as you say, the people look like”deformed bastard children”
      besides, all the cartoon network characters look like that now

  • h park

    Just to comment on Archie’s opinion on character design, it’s better to have bastard children than inbred children. It’s important to understand the history before doing the mix. If Archie’s opinion is true, then this is the latter, not the former.

  • Ramada

    You know, it just puzzles me how CN, AS, and, even our very own Northern variant, YTV actually believe that the core of their respective audiences who subscribe to their respective channels believe that they don’t actually want to watch cartoons, a good example is YTV’s belief a few years ago, to shift their content from animation and anime in general to stuff like Falcon Beach. My kids were so disappointed about the entire shift, and, talking to the YTV execs was like us adults talking to our very own versions of older adults “we are older then you, and we know what you want to watch” sort of mantra.

  • Jeremy

    Samurai Jack Finale theatrical?/DVD Release + Sym-Bionic Titan DVD Release = $for Sym-Bionic Titan Finale

    GET TO IT GEnndy

  • SBTLives

    Being a member of the younger generation of once been CN fans, I feel so insulted that CN thinks that we actually don’t know a good cartoon from bad (which we do!) But CN (I read) is on the verge of bankrupt so they are flailing, trying to save themselves from drowning. And AS is pathetic, killing CN like this! Laughing at it’s misery and desperateness to live. I always despised AS and now they killed Titan! F u AS!

  • jkmnk

    blame cn they didn’t continue it because of the toy line not because of ratings

    • daniel smith

      who cares about toys

  • Steve H.

    I think it’s absolutely disgusting that Cartoon Network went and cancelled this wonderful show. I was a huge fan of it and I wanted to see more and more, but then Cartoon Network had to go and cancel it, and for what you might ask? A f*cking toy line! And what other “new” shows are they giving us? The freakin’ Problem Solverz AKA A pile of s*it!

    I’m actually surprised too that actual directors and developers post here. Kudos to you for caring about the community and not yourselves – unlike CN.

    I have heard rumours though – and this was on Wikipedia, but it mentioned Cartoon Network’s going to air a new Gundam series in late 2011 – 2012 or 2013. Maybe it’s rumours, but maybe that’s why they cancelled it? Because Gundam is uber popular in Japan, and they have a toy-line – makes sense in my honest opinion, but still… I hate modern day kids. I’m just glad Japan hasn’t screwed up yet, but at the moment they’re being destroyed by radiation. ;( Why!?

    • Cartoon Network sucks

      Ya most of the kids these days r dumb. How the frick can they watch these dam shows and obviously they do cause they r still playing. Those f’n morons! Y Cartoon Network i used to watch every show on your Channel. Now 99% of the time shit is all that is on!

  • daniel smith

    sym bionic titans the best i dont get you cartoonnetwork you have something good and you throw it away are you mental our something i love that series and i wanted to see more along with the other was worth watching i believe you have fail over the past few years of making ctnw better than it already its just stupid dont end up like disney channel,you saw what they did they took the icon of disney all for a pop star hannah.right now nicktoons is doing better then you guys you had every thing back then now your just putting stupid retarded shows on the network that no one watches. for example you had the money maker naruto thousands of thousands people watched guys were getting millions of

  • Tony

    I can’t believe this has happened. Looking at the CN upcoming lineup and Tartakovsky leaving kinda confirms this. If it’s not one thing it’s another series after series: The 4400,Surface,Flash Forward and now this seems like anything that’s remotely interesting it’s canceled even before they can tie up the loose ends and finish with a finale. And this is the worst reason I’ve ever heard.

    Hopefully Tartakovsky will be able to bring “Titans” back the way “Futurama” came back on another network.

  • add a new characta named josh with awsom oring armor and a fire lance

    • bro

      man cant believe they let me get hooked on it and theyre through with it dats bullshit ok wat am i suppose 2 watch now am beggin pleas bring it back its very interesting

  • I’ve never felt like I was in the cookie business. I’ve always been in a feel good feeling business. My job is to sell joy. My job is to sell happiness. My job is to sell an experience.

  • flying mexican911

    f*©k cartoon network

  • Jonathan

    A show with amazing giant robots and you couldn’t make toys of them?

    Cartoon Network simply sucks.

    • Cartoon Network sucks

      Sym bionic titan is one of only a couple good shows on Cartoon Network. Adventure time regular show and all the other new ones SUCK! Wtf is there problem I used to watch their channel all the time….. How the hell can u watch all those f’n new shows on the channel. U can’t make toys of robots? And yet adventure time and the other disgraces r successful? Cartoon Network unless u guys turn around. U make the dumbest cartoons ever! The only good ones r Star Wars the clone wars ben 10 and sym bionic titan!


    Sym-Biotic Titan just got interesting and ive been waiting forever to know when Season 2 is coming out, and now i just found out that Cartoon Network has cancelled the show! WTH
    if Cartoon Network wants more viewers then CN should put on shows that WE actually like! i mean c’mon most of the shows on CN are just plain stupid and nonsense.

  • Ray G.

    Hey Family Guy was canceled by Fox twice and it’s a monster now. So how do you petition Cartoon Network to get S-BT added back. Is Genndy T. even fighting to get the show back as well?

  • Symbionic Titan is a great show, the network moved it all over the schedule. If the show stuck to the Monster of the week format it would still be on TV. Fortunately, the characterization, story structure were all superior to every other offering on CN. I love the show and was waiting for new episodes.

  • freelove

    those who dont like the show,go some where else,those who do like the show fight for it.demand that they bring it cartoon network and let them know you are one of millions of fans who want the show back on. too many good shows get canceled,some of them never come back,and that sucks,i will be one of the fans who will email c.n. and fight for it.

  • Cartoon/anime lover

    I was happy but…..DAMN!

  • Kidversion

    Wow… just wow… HEY CN LOSERS! DO YOU SEE HOW MANY COMMENTS THERE ARE?! You all must be stupid not to see. I know you can. SBT was one of the best shows that America has almost produced since the 90’s. Japan is making hundreds of anime whats your excuse C(CRAP) Network! Not selling enough toys? As all these comments say NO ONE FRIKING SAW A DAMN TOY ANYWHERE ON TV OR STORES! Wow…just cancel shows that had PROMISE! It could’ve given you more profit if you just worked on it and had faith like Nick had with AVATAR. Oh…you wish you could get that shows profit I know you do. I’m glad avatar wasn’t put in your hands cause you would’ve just canceled it. Mark my words C…N… all of you will be laid off because of the crap shows, that we’re all tierd of, you keep scheduling. Going down this path will only tighten the noose around your companys neck you’ve already formed when you cancelled toonami and put NONCARTOON shows on your CARTOON network. Maybe I need to pull out the dictionary… yes… I do… since you treat all of your viewers like mindless cocaine sniffing morons.

    *ahem* Please pay attention I’m only typing these definitions once.

    cartoon: A drawing depicting a humorous situation, often accompanied by a caption.
    A drawing representing current public figures or issues symbolically and often satirically: a political cartoon.
    A preliminary sketch similar in size to the work, such as a fresco, that is to be copied from it.
    An animated cartoon.
    A comic strip.
    To draw a humorous or satirical representation of; caricature.
    To make humorous or satirical drawings.

    Now do you see any REALISM in these definitions?? No… I doon’t think so….

    Or maybe your just [C]HEAP network instead! Can’t even create intelligent, beautiful animated shows anymore cause their expensive huh?

    WELL GROW UP!!! Avatar the last airbender became amazing even though the first season wasn’t as good as the 2nd and 3rd. Well Crap net. are you gonna keep tightening that noose and remaining dead last behind Disney and Nick?…. or are you gonna attempt to surpass the Japanese people and make shows that I wanna remember when I’m 100 and dying?

    …your choice. :)

  • JacTactics

    Shoulda known CN only cared about profits

  • I know I am late here but I don’t understand. This was a great show and also Thundercats. WTH?!?!?