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This post removed by request of the artist.

  • droosan

    Huh. And I feel like I’M in a legal ‘grey-area’ when I post development work I’ve done for years-old projects online.

  • Sam Filstrup


  • Vince

    what are they going to do? they should just start calling it Cartoonless Network. I feel horribly lame for saying that. But seriously, what could they possibly do that will not make me was to hurl in disgust? If they started doing how animation works stuff like in the Uncle Walt days, that would be cool, but it’s probably going to be, What Parent Wants Their Child on TV the Most and taking valuable time away from what could be Loony Tunes Reruns.

  • s porridge

    In similar let’s-get-away-from-what-we’ve-been-known-for fashion at Time Warner, good luck finding any news on CNN or Headline News (wait, “HLN”) anymore.

    With their logic, maybe cartoons will start showing up on truTV.

  • greaney

    aaannnnnnd, the world’s officially gone insane…

  • Merel

    What on earth would they show on CNReal? have they forgotten what cartoon means? Or will it be a different take on “reality”shows?
    Maybe an animated reality show? Like the documantary “Naked” from Mischa Kamp, (see

  • annoyingmouse

    Of course you’re still seeing the Cartoon as in “Cartoon Network Real” and not “CN Real”. CN has just a “C” and not “cartoon”. It’s worked for MTV where they rarely show music these days. I’ve come to presume with them that the M is now merely an M and not what it used to be. I can only assume they’d like to try the same thing here.

  • Autumn

    So…no Looney Tunes…and now there’s going to be live action on there.

    Eff Yew Cartoon Network.

  • Andrew

    It would be nice if we got word of what programming this block will actually air!

  • that’s just… (no words)

  • If they follow the MTV model, the cartoons will end up on CN2.

  • uncle wayne

    i agree with all of the above. There should be, for 1, a heallllllllthy dose of just Warners —alone!! Spare me “live” on something called (God forbid) the “CarTOON Network!”

  • Noonenowhere

    It’s just capitalism doing what capitalism does – going where it thinks the audience and the money is now. Adapt or die – but that hurts if you’re fond of something and what it used to stand for.

    Still I don’t understand how anyone can be surprised by a big global company doing what big global companies always do to survive. It sucks but they aren’t the National Museum Of Animation Art becoming a branch of Starbucks.

  • Charles

    Cartoon network going reality is such an odd turn of events. Although I can’t say I ever enjoyed what they showed anyway.

  • christy

    i couldn’t get onto the blog -it said ‘invited guests only’-
    anyone else have that problem or am i just blog illerterate?

  • fishmorgjp

    Reminds me of the term “reality show”… like that term, it’s using a strange, alien definition of the word “real.”

  • Anonymous

    Discovery Channel should start showing entertainment news

  • OXYMORON!!!!

  • Perhaps the final product will read:CN REALly good cartoons.

  • Russell H

    Reminds me of how “American Movie Classics” went to “AMC” since those three words no longer described what was on the channel.

  • Jacob

    …does not compute…

  • Graham

    Why don’t they just call it something other than Cartoon Network?

  • david

    couldn’t this just mean more ‘reality’ cartoon shows like Total Drama Island? Because if there’s anything people like more than reality shows, it’s ANIMATED reality shows.

  • You can check the Google cache of the blog here:

  • Tekena

    Let’s just burn the witches.

  • The way I understand it CN will only be showing live action in a prime time block. Unless the shows are a hit, then they’ll be running all day and night. Maybe then they will re-name the channel.

    With any luck CN will be able to sell some advertising.

  • Bryan

    This is just plain wrong

    first the looney toons were cut (I remember Toon Heads, and the different blocks with looney toons- man that gave some great trivia back in the day) then adult swim (with the introduction of those badly animated shows that have no real humor, thankfully some shows are better than others and the action block is still alive though greatly abridged from what it used to be), then Toonami (which when they started showing shows like Stormhawks I knew it was going to die- I mean what happened to thundercats and the giant robot week?), now this

    WTF Cartoon Network, WTF?

  • Noonenowhere is right. Cartoon Network’s move to expand their inclusion of live-action programming is further proof of they are in an adaptive mode. Every channel goes through it. Are they playing copycat? Sure, but again, every channel does it.

    For example: In terms of tween-targeted programming, after Disney Channel hit it big with Hannah Montana, Nickelodeon shot back with iCarly. For kiddie music, Disney has the Jonas Brothers, Nickelodeon has The Naked Brothers Band. For slapstick comedy, Nickelodeon milked Drake & Josh for quite a while, as Disney banks on The Suite Life and recent newcomer, Sonny with a Chance. Disney continues to rake in sales over High School Musical and Camp Rock, while Nickelodeon is edging into the genre with Spectacular…. and so on and so forth…

    Where’s Cartoon Network behind those back and forth “Nick vs. Mick” programming notes? Good question. Sticking with animation-only programming would be great and help us sleep at night, but would only keep the big CN from opportunities to make more money.

  • How soon until they drop the name “Cartoon Network” and start calling themselves just “CN”?

  • J Lee

    They couldn’t design a logo that says “CN Reeks” could they?

  • Let’s work with this concept a minute. How about a reality show where a group of aspiring, photogenic animation students scheme to get a cushy position at Dreamworks? There could be a Donald Trump-like director screaming things like “That’s off-model!” or “No, kids can imitate that action!”. And a hot tub! Gotta have students in a hot tub.

  • Aaron makes a good point. I read an article years ago about the reciprocal synergy that Viacom and Disney have with each other (cross-promotion of shows, appearance by stars on the other network etc.) I see promos for Nick and Disney shows on Cartoon Network fairly frequently yet never the other way around.

    Cartoon Network is the odd one out amongst the three; the stars of their shows can’t show up at awards ceremonies or make a cameo appearance. While this is certainly a handicap in certain ways, there are ways around it, such as merchandising and so forth.

    Unfortunately, executives (in any industry mind you) can never be satisfied with what they’ve got. They always want to ‘grow the brand’ or ‘expand the market reach’. Well that’s fine if you’ve already got a good chunk of the market. CN didn’t stand a chance when it launched into live-action: it didn’t have the brand recognition for live-action that’s required.

    Personally, I’d rather see Cartoon Network focus solely on animation and be happy with consolidating the market share and demographics they already have (and give the new Disney XD the solid whipping it deserves). Expending resources and capital in the hope of growing your market share and at the potential expense of profit is not worth the effort when you’re in third place, especially for a brand like Cartoon Network.

  • Norm

    CN’s missing the boat by not franchising every failed economy related massacre as a potential reality series. They could graft their Adult Swim creative gestalt onto the grim details, turning ugly reality hip and snarky. Who cares if it takes the country down if it makes a dollar?

  • YUCK!!

  • MadRat

    Aaron H. Bynum has it right. The guys running the entertainment business aren’t interested in making good music or good TV or good movies. They figure if they copy copy someone’s successful show, they’ll also copy their income. They flooding the market with clones of whatever happened to work by chance, make as much money as they can, then get out just before the crash. The problem is people like verity. The human brain is designed to react to change, if it keep getting the same stimulus, it ignores that stimulus and becomes numb to it. If we keep getting the same thing presented as entertainment we’ll loose interest. If it’s always the same thing no matter where we turn we’ll eventually learn that everything labled as entertainment is exactally the same as everything else and give up trying on a long term basis.

  • Tom

    First they came for the cartoons, and I said nothing…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > Reminds me of how “American Movie Classics” went to “AMC” since those three words no longer described what was on the channel.

    Later in life you learn to hate abbreviations.

    It’s not long until some clever guy there comes up with the next big slogan for the channel…

    “I’m CN You!” ^_^

  • Tom

    I’m sorry he asked to have this removed, and certainly I’m hoping he’s not in dutch for it, but could you repost the url to his blog again, please? There was a ton of work on it, and I apparently forgot to bookmark it.


  • FP

    Got here late, but I grabbed the cached copy.

    At first glance, all the CNREAL logos look like they say “cereal”.

    So, is this guy in trouble?

  • Maybe the post was pulled because Cartoon Network has reconsidered. Yeah, right. Hopefully the artist doesn’t get in trouble, but posting work that hasn’t been publicly released is never a good idea… and even then it’s sometimes weird.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Well, let’s just say we had our fun!

  • I saw it earlier today when it was still up. I hope the guy’s not in trouble, I noticed that he had a lot of other cool art on that blog, including the designs for the most recent Looney Tunes Golden Collection.

    But as for his employer, Cartoon Network (Or their apparent ratings philosophy, “Cartoons Notworking”), They just keep sinking lower and fully deserve every bit of backlash they get for this idea.

  • Nick

    Sorry I came in late could someone explain what happened this sounds really important

  • Nick

    I just saw the cached image. I really don’t want to say it because I don’t want to believe and I don’t want people to panic but is it possible that another Dark Age is closing in? There is already a steady decline in the amount of animated shows on TV. I hope not.

  • Jon Reeves

    s porridge said:
    > With their logic, maybe cartoons will start showing up on truTV.

    So I take it, then, that you never saw Smoking Gun TV? Admittedly, it was still Court TV then, and it was mostly puppets, but still…

  • Mandy

    Anyone remember ToonDisney?

  • Josh Taylor

    CN is not making a live-action block. CN is moving away from being a traditional cartoon channel to a live-action network service. In fact, they should call it “Real Kids Network (RKN)”. Now that Snyder’s getting what he wants, he’ll tell kids to “grow up” in his own public service announcement (PSA). CN is depriving a child’s imagination and creativity.

    Snyder should resign and step down.

  • Cartoon Network needs to kill itself.

    Whoops, too late.

  • Honestly, is anyone really surprised?

  • Steve

    Nick said:
    …another Dark Age is closing in? There is already a steady decline in the amount of animated shows on TV.

    I see it as yet another reason to shun TV and look to the internet for entertainment. No Dark Ages here.

  • a person

    what in the world. I hope that they end up making a second cn. If cn real goes well then they will make an entire channel dedicated to it. In that case, maybe selling cn to a good company or somethin so lets hope. I’m not all that sure so don’t critisize me.

  • Brian

    Well, I guess it’s trying to ride off of Disney and Nick’s success, I personally don’t think it’s such a bad idea, maybe that’s what other people want.

    But, cartoonstitute makes up for it, unlike Disney and Nick CN doesn’t shun it’s old shows, they were way more memorable than the old Disney and Nick shows. They’re going back to their roots to get the same success they had with Dexter, PPG and Courage they’re remaking the Cartoon, Cartoon show.

    And it’s only on Wednsdays so it won’t be THAT bad.

  • well it was only on Wednesday I am sitting here on a Friday just finishing up Star Wars Clone Wars and “Survive This” comes on before my beloved Adult Swim and than tomorrow they said will be more “CN Real” I am gonna go out on a limb here but why can’t Cartoon Network launch a channel called CN Real kinda like Nick did with The N. if these reality shows were done up like the old Fun With Real Audio on SNL that would be ok. Total Drama Island (Action) is reality enough for Cartoon Network. Just curious if I’m wrong here.

  • VinnyLT

    True.. the network has been slowly declining ever sinse they killed off Toonami.. wtf were they thinking of getting rid of their highest rating cartoon block? after that shit happend the addition od bullshit cartoons like fuckin squirrel boy and ben shit 10 ruined all sorts of hope. If that wasn’t bad enough they have to add cartoon real.. ARE YOU FUCKING FOR REAL?! CARTOON REAL???? and whats even worse is its not even original shows its fucking Reality Shows of discovery channel spin offs!!! WHAT THE FUCK!??! FUCK cartoon network.. I’ve been a loyal viewer for the entirety of my life but this was the last straw… I thought i would never have to say this shit but…. I’m Going to nickelodeon. Cartoon Network…. Rest in the shit you crapped out 4 life…

  • Loyal Fan No More

    It’s all down hill from here. Cartoon Network is no longer “Cartoon” network… I’ve been watching Cartoon Network since 1992… over half my life. And I’ve excepted airing “live” movies from time to time… but why? Seriously? The name is CARTOON network…

    car·toon (kär-tn)
    a. A drawing depicting a humorous situation, often accompanied by a caption.
    b. A drawing representing current public figures or issues symbolically and often satirically: a political cartoon.
    2. A preliminary sketch similar in size to the work, such as a fresco, that is to be copied from it.
    3. An animated cartoon.
    4. A comic strip.
    5. A ridiculously oversimplified or stereotypical representation

    Nothing more, ever should ever be played on this station… unless its renamed. And even worse are the new commercials with some moron pretending to be a rock musician singing about how to except CN Real… how lame is this? To top it off, they cancel really great shows that everyone I know likes. I’m not going to start naming them, because everyone here knows the ones I’m talking about. And I just found out they’re taking off Chowder after this season… who’s running this company now?

    Have any of you seen these horrible “Real” shows? Remember when MTV (not mtv2, or 3 or 15) played actual “music videos”? OMG a music video, what’s that? This is what will happen to CTNW… it’s over. Just a matter of time now, I garantee less than 3yrs there will be a “block” of actual cartoons instead. What an appalling idea to do this… Oh how I wish someone from the Adult Swim department would just go into the morons office that thought this up and kick him square in the nuts.

    I’ve got an idea… How about putting on some 50’s game shows in black and white onto Boomerang next, oh my God, please? There are suits from CTNW reading this and rubbing their chin right now… “Hmm, he might be onto something…” Your owned by Time Warner people… you have more money than everyone else on the planet combined… please quit trying to make more and kill the “real” programing. Every “other” station has reality… be different for crying out loud.

    Loyal fan, no more

  • Clinton

    I liked CARTOON NETWORK for the simple fac that it did have nothing but cartoons and animations. This new turn of events is just ridiculous. I mean there has tobe some more cartoons out there to put on the channel.

    The shows they have on CN Real make me feel as if I am watching Nickelodeon. It i almost s if they are trying to test us…. Well you have pissed off enough of your loyal cartoon watchers, cut the bull crap.

    Also that stupid ass song that Andrew W.K. (Host of Destroy build destroy) sings to get eveyone into the “Real” stuff only made me hate the idea even more. -.-