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Cartoon Nothing?


Direct TV posted this press release on May 23rd with a somewhat apt misprint in its network listings.

Considering the direction Cartoon Network is going with live action programming, this “typo” may portend the shape of things to come.

  • Mark N

    Honestly, how can that big of a mistake get published? Makes me feel ashamed to be a DirecTV customer.

  • Mr. Semaj

    Doesn’t sound like a misprint to me. ;)

  • Mike F.

    I’ve been a subscriber to DirecTV since their introduced their Sunday Ticket package and I’m not too excited about Cartoon Network being in HD. I think that if there’s anything worse than Aqua Teen Hunger Force, 12 Oz. Mouse or another of those Adult Swim “cartoons” (if you want to call them that) it’s watching one of them in HD.

    Thanks for catching the typo, it made my day.

  • It seems appropriate to me. Cartoon Network has become every bit as executive-heavy and creatively stifled as every other studio in Hollywood.

  • Seconteen

    hahahah! makes me wonder if it was really a typo

  • Aaron

    “Nothing Network” would have been more appropriate.

  • G

    What a telling typo for one of my use-to-be favourite newtworks.

  • Jeff

    Its too bad about the shift to some live action, but what basic cable channel is still the same since its inception? Bravo isn’t doing profiles on Paul Auster anymore. The History Channel is showing Planet of the Apes. Bounty Hunters equal Arts and Entertainment? Tattoo artists on the Learning Channel. Commercials and Red Dawn on American Movie Classics.

  • Robert

    It should read “NoCartoon Network”, I just feel so bad about what CN is today that it almost brings me to tears.

  • Heh heh. Is that supposed to be me?

  • CJ

    Cartoon nothing is a CN channel with the CN logo and everything but it has different cartoons such as Sonic X.

    Fun Fact about Cartoon Nothing:
    It is the only channel to show the ROBLOX TV commercial.