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Chowder Tonight


C.H. Greenblatt‘s promising new series Chowder debuts tonight on Cartoon Network at 7:30pm. Greenblatt, whose previous experience includes Spongebob and Billy and Mandy, talks about the show in this Toonzone interview.

  • Mike

    i think this show looks pretty nice from what i have seen. I will definitely set the Tivo for this one…

  • Cyber Fox

    It looks like the ONLY show worth watching on Cartoon Network

  • Mike

    I think i read Pendleton Ward of Adventure Time! fame is working on this show

  • Everyone here owes it to themselves to watch Chowder! Trust me, you’re gonna have a good time. It’s like the return of the good ol’ Cartoon Network we knew and loved.

  • Matt Sullivan

    promising? This? I’m sorry, but from every trailer i’ve seen on Cn, this looks bland and unfunny. None of the jokes mad em laugh…and the style is really offputting to me. But hey, whatever keep animators employed…so i’ll hope for its success.

  • Cyber Fox

    Matt Sullivan, Here’s a review from ToonZone

  • Jason Muller

    As long as it’s colorful, ‘zany’ and, above all, doesn’t offend the parent company, it passes as hip.

  • uffler mustek

    i rented a porno in college called “Chowdered.” I’m assuming this is completely different.

  • Jorge Garrido

    CH Greenblatt is a genius, he’s a terrific artist who’s done fine comics for Nick Magazine, and snapping him up was a genius move on CN’s part.

    I’ll be watching!

  • agouti_kappa

    I would like it if I could make sense of it…the only character I could recognize was the mammoth…

  • I’m not gonna be home to watch it tonight…is it gonna be on again soon?

  • I thought it was pretty good. Genuine laughs. Some cool animation. Kind of hilarious fixation on female anatomy (the toothy mouths of the creatures that spit streams of something colored like urine, the waggling labia of the “purple nurpples”) and in general subversive in kind of an intense but fun way (instead of obligatory like some shows get in their need to ape John K.). Also just fun and creative.

    Reminded me of Korgoth of Barbaria a little. Maybe it’s Sponge Bob alumni thing.

  • Halfa_Thumb

    I understand everyone has their own view on what’s good and what’s not but offputting? Bland? Unfunny? Matt, you’re clearly a flamer with a need for attention.

    I just watched this show and it’s brilliant! This is the best thing to hit Cartoon Network in years.

  • Jay

    What did everyone think?

    When I first heard about it I thought that it sounded good. Then I saw all the previews, commercials, etc., and changed my mind. And now that I’ve seen it, it’s confirmed what the commercials told me.

    The worst part was when the old man was counting the deposit. That scene draaaagged oooonn and oooonn. He just kept ccoouunnttiinnng, and coouunnnttiinngg. It wasn’t fuunnyyy. I felt like I was watching Family Guy.

    Anyways, maybe I’ll like the next episode!

  • Just finished watching the 4 episode premier. I liked it. It was cute, very pretty, had some good gags. Some good lines too. Visually, it was dynamic. It did hearken back to the original “Cartoon Cartoons”

    Alot higher in quality then alot of shows. The mixed media of it (the claymation parts, the CGI parts, stop motion) reminded me alot of Sesame Street.

    It seems like a show that must cost alot to make though. Here’s hoping CN doesnt cancel it before it has a time to shine like Nick just did with El Tigre. Really the only thing that marred the experience was the aggravating “FRIED DYNAMITE” live action crap that played in between the Chowder episodes. Do kids actually watch Fried Dynamite?

    Also, I like that Snitzel makes out with his paycheck. I do the same thing. Kissing it lusciously.

  • The dialogue was really good and the overall visual design seemed rather impressive when juxtaposed with the rest of what Cartoon Network has on air right now. Also; is it really that difficult for network executives to let veteran animators or storyboarders to pitch their own project every now and then? McCracken’s “Foster’s” was sharply original when it first came on and Greenblatt’s “Chowder” has a similar sense of a personalization to it…

  • Daniel

    I liked it quite a bit. True, some jokes fell flat and that counting change scene just took forever, but considering these are the first 2 episodes there’s a lot of promise and hopefully it’ll start hitting it’s stride soon enough. It’s a lot more entertaining than what’s already on. I really like that my eyes don’t bleed when looking at it. Some awesome art direction on Dan Krall’s part. He deserves a medal just for being able to use textures and patterns like that without making it ugly, muddied and cluttered.

    I read Pen was doing work on Flap Jack as well, according to his Bravest Warriors Blog on frederator. Another REALLY promising show. Having seen Thorup’s student film that FlapJack is based on it looks like it’s gonna be side-splittingly funny.

  • I also really liked the voice acting and the way they fooled with the frame with the little grey iris thing to draw attention to stuff.

    I also think the tedious stuff was a way to save money for cool stuff. In Family Guy the tedious stuff just seems there to fill out a story with no jokes in it.

  • Matt Sullivan

    It’s VERY hard for animators to pitch projects now. They look toward established properties, and well known writers or pseudo-celebs like that Andre 3000 guy to find their next property.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Also, i’m not trying to be mean about Chowder. It just looks…the every other hyper-stylized, wanna be UPA styled cartoon. That’s all. I ‘m sure its creator is a fantastic artist.

  • Corrado (Anthony)

    I saw a teaser for this not too long ago and wasn’t impressed by this. The kids voices were a bit grating and the art wasn’t that impressive. A show which is kind of similar to this, IMO is Robot Jones which was a decent show until they changed the voice of Robot from a “mac” voice to a young boy’s voice and the show never recovered. They even overdubbed the voice in reruns too for some silly Godforsaken reason.

    CN really hasn’t been the same since Genndy left.

  • Andre

    From the previews, the voices done by kid actors almost sounded improvized! It would’ve been wonderful to me if they actually told them to- that sort of acting can bring fresh material if done right.

  • Jake T.

    My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes of Chowder, however, the kids couldn’t quite relate to the teller scene as their “waiting in line at the bank” experience is quite limited. It was refreshing to have something NEW, light, and fresh on the network! To respond to a previous comment about Fried Dynamite, my kids love that show and especially that Blake kid.

  • joecab

    I’m no kid, but I really liked it: funny, colorful, very appealing visual style. Someone else mentioned a “Robot Jones” similarity as well, and it does have a kind of good ’70’s feel going on.

    “kid actors almost sounded improvized!” [sic]: yeah, I got that vibe. Worked well to keep things fresh.

    “wanna be UPA styled cartoon”: not exactly, but, hell, I’m all for that. How many of these do we have on TV now anyway?

    My nephew is 11 and didn’t seem very interested. I’ll have to work on him.

  • Ben

    I watched all 4 episodes of Chowder this weekend and I think it’s the best thing to hit Cartoon Network in a long time! The thing that really does it for me is the voicework. Especially the kid who voices Chowder. It’s refreshing to have somebody sound like a real kid, with real enthusiasm…and a little hyperactivity. He’s great. The jokes were mostly funny, and I laughed out lout more than I usually do these days.

    The animation style does have that retro 70’s Schoolhouse Rock look. It’s a great look, in my opinion, and doesn’t look like anything else on right now.

    So far, I’m really liking it, and hope they can keep it up, and it sticks around.

  • I love what I’ve seen so far! But I’m a huge fan of C.H. Greenblatt!!

  • Samantha

    I am really enjoying Chowder. I love it when chowder sings! He is so cute and silly. I love how the food speaks and sings. Makes me see food in a different way! So far I really liked I’m not your boyfriend, the diet episode and the sing beans. I got my boyfriend to watch Chowder with me and it is non stop laughter between the two of us. I really hope it is on for a while.

  • OMG!! I love this show! My brother and mom always watch it with me. Right now i really like the filber filaber diet and the cinimini monster. CHOWDER FOR EVER!!!!! =P



  • Christine

    Before Chowder, The Grim Adventures was the best cartoon out I think. But like every other cartoon, after the first season the humor gets dry to the point that nothings really funny anymore. Chowder, I think, is a fresh new cartoon now that Billy and Mandys done. The first few episodes were halarious, me and my nine year old brother has watched the Purple Nurple episode so many times we’ve memorized it all. But I have to agree with some of you guys about some parts dragging on, the Cinniminni monster one was a good example when Chowder and the monster are having an awkward scilence on the couch. I giggled for the first few seconds but after awhile we just changed the channel, that was way too long. Chowder is goofy, silly, and just plain “retarted” and thats what I love about it. I love random humor (Billy in The Grim Adventures was a perfect example “mmm Toe Jammies”). I just dislike knowing that I can tell this might end like ALL other cartoons where it starts strong but it later dries out (as said before).

  • Matthew

    Chowder is a fun-loving show… It is very imaginative and I do admire Greenblatts knowledge of what people like. (two thumbs up)

  • Julian

    Wow, I just stumbled across this, and I gotta say, kind of interesting to see the comments from 2007, and how things have changed. As for Chowder, I think it was one of the most refreshing, creative things to hit CN, along with Flapjack, for the time it was in. Shame both were cancelled, but can’t say they didn’t have a good run. Also, both led the way for the now hit shows like Adventure Time and Regular show, which really gave CN a re-boost and showed they weren’t completely going down the crapper.