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First Look: “Steven Universe” by Rebecca Sugar

Cartoon Network has unveiled a poster for Steven Universe, the new animated series by Rebecca Sugar:

Slated to debut in 2013, Steven Universe is a coming-of-age story told from the perspective of Steven, the youngest member of a team of magical Guardians of the Universe. The animated series was conceived as part of the shorts development initiative at Cartoon Network Studios, and is created by Emmy and Annie Award-nominated writer and storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar (Adventure Time). Sugar is Cartoon Network’s first solo female show creator.

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  • Why yes, I WOULD like to see more of this thankyouverymuch

  • Seni Oyewole

    Far out! Congrats, Rebecca!

  • Holy crap I cannot wait for this!

  • Shane Glines

    Looks great.

  • I’ll give it a shot.

  • Arigator

    The idea reminds me a bit of Lauren Faust’s “Galaxy Girls” and the look reminds me of Meredith Gran’s web comic “Octopus Pie”, but it looks really awesome!

  • That’s one handsome poster.

  • Katie B

    Love it! Can’t wait to see more, especially how these characters will interact with each other! The designs are really appealing to me; love the diversity in shapes, body types and palettes with the ladies. Curious where Steven’s glowey shard thing is…

  • Crystal

    YES! YES! YES! YES! I normally don’t fangirl here, but I was waiting for these! I love these character designs (I love “detailed” character designs) and I know Sugar likes anime, so it’s neat to see detailed stuff like that with a Western look to it. I hope the actual show is as detailed/pretty! I see the guitar, so I’m assuming Sugar will incorporate her songwriting into this? I just heard about the upfront before seeing this so I was first thinking “I didn’t learn anything more than I did before-WAIT!” I knew Steven was the youngest of the guardians of the universe, but didn’t know the other guardians were female! I wanna know who the voice actors are now . . .

    Now I wanna see designs from Clarence!

    • appleblossom

      that’s not a guitar, that’s a ukulele.

  • Nick G

    I am ready for this.

  • truteal

    So that’s the reason why most humanoid characters in Adventure Time don’t have visible noses

  • pizzaforeveryone


  • wever

    …Oh.. I… uh….

    The style of the coloring (in this image at least) and the way the limbs, chin, and necks are drawn, kind of remind me of Adventuretime. Figures, considering that Sugar worked on that show. I only hope it doesn’t seem too much like Adventuretime to the point where people compare it to only that show- I will watch a Rebecca Sugar cartoon for what SHE can bring to it, with a unique style.

    • This style looks almost nothing at all like Adventure Time, except for how all cartoons look by necessity of them being, you know, cartoons.

  • Crystal

    By the way, is that the comic strip character Nancy in the picture on the couch?

  • Capital_7

    I trust this Sugar woman. I think this will be the stuff.

  • Hubba Bubba

    I’m not surprised that steven looks fat.

  • jmahon

    This looks adorable, cartoony and colourful but also big and epic, I can’t wait. Finally after a ton of proposed firsts, some girl power done by a girl, so it’s bound to be great.
    I get the feeling this is a show a bunch of little boys would benefit from watching, too; as opposed many other shows with a male protagonist that pits him against women or use women as plot devices for him to work around.

  • At first glance I see a chubby Scot Pilgrim thing going on. Which would be a good thing.

  • awesome!

  • Katie B

    Wait-what? Are you reading the same comics? Do you have your artists mixed up?

  • I think the only problem this show might have is if it’s too indulgent. Otherwise… LET’S WAIT AND FIND OUT!

  • Paulie

    Is that…Nancy on the potato chip bag?

    • Funkybat

      While it does look a lot like Nancy, dollars to donuts this is a reference to the “Utz Girl” who has been on Utz brand potato chips since time immemorial. It’s an east coast brand, so it’s also kind of a little shout-out to all of us who grew up seeing them on store shelves and in cupboards, while it will go over everyone else’s head. Kind of like if a Californian put a goose on a bag of chips, most east coasters would be scratching their heads, while the Bay Area folks smiled in recognition.

  • anonaly

    If you think Faith Erin Hicks is nicking O’Malley’s style, then you need to look up Demonology 101 – which was published online beginning in 1999.

  • random guy

    Wow … this show will be awesome…wana know why…He has flipflops

  • As opposed to “Guardians of the Galaxy”? haha

  • Jean

    Is that… a nose?

  • Itsabi

    I have some high hopes that this will have great songs just like Adventure time had. If so, then I’d think that’d be the biggest selling point for me at least.

  • Kendal Cobb

    I love Rebecca Sugar’s art style, the facial features and hair are quite recognizable!

    For those unfamiliar with her work, she storyboarded for Adventure Time and wrote almost all of the BEST songs, her final song being the one in “Bad Little Boy”. Her final episode that she boarded, which hasn’t aired yet as of this comment, is “Simon and Marcy”.

    An amazing example of her original work can be found on Youtube. Look up a short called “Singles”.

    I’m super excited to see and hear more of her ingeniousness in Steven Universe!

  • Wyrmeguy

    Oh I bet that the light circles on the female characters shows what they are good at, like the one on the right is smart, middle fights, and left is a about feelings? Just a guess.

    • agrosepetal aj

      I think you’re right because that’s what I thought. Pearl ( right ) her gem on her forehead represents her intullectual strengths. Garnet ( middle ) represents how in control she is. And Amethyst ( left ) represents her strong heart. That’s what I think anyway but its a good theory

  • And we’ve got Raven Molisee storyboarding (and writing?) on this, so that’s great.

  • He kinda looks like a young Wreck-It-Ralph.

  • luna ximena

    this looks amazing rebecca sugar is really epic!

  • my freind is in it awww!:)

  • lightningrod14

    this looks really really really really reaaaaaallllyyy good. and extremely high quality animation there! wow!

  • Americana Exotica


  • Male Kanker

    Does this make Rebecca the Tina Fey of cartoons?

  • triston

    going to be great you can tell because its not stupid its actually funny but in someway realistic besides the fantasy parts but i am looking forward to seeing it

  • Andre brooks

    This is going to be good.

  • Tim Cavey

    Would love for this to be good, but all I’ve seen so far is pretty awful.
    I’ll stick to Adventure Time and Zim

  • agrosepetal aj

    I think Steven Universe is awesome and an original. I love it and wish you would stop comparing it to Adventure Time. Rebecca Sugar is trying her best and she has worked hard on creating it and you aren’t giving her a chance. There is obviously more to come and its so new and you guys are being hard on it. Its a funny show, the characters are awesome, and you guys are just judging it because you think she quit Adventure Time to make a show like Adventure Time. I mean really, REBECCA JUST WANTS YOU TO ENJOY IT! NOT FOCUS ON WHAT IT IS AND ISNT!

  • Savannah Ballesteros

    GO WOMAN!!!!