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First ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Reboot Footage Revealed

Cartoon Network teased the first footage this morning from its Powerpuff Girls reboot with a clip from the episode “I Am Not A Princess,” featuring a villain named Manboy, who has vowed to turn the city of Townsville into the city of Mansville.

The series is now confirmed to launch this spring:

The network announced earlier this week that the series will have its world premiere next month at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The series’ executive and co-executive producers are Nick Jennings (Adventure Time) and Bob Boyle (Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!), respectively.

The first Powerpuff short, created by Craig McCracken, aired on Cartoon Network 21 years ago this month.

  • Patrice Jean-Baptiste

    Something seems off. Maybe it’s that “Modern CN” animation that just feels off imo.

    • No the animation isn’t that great, basically its like the Family Guy staff took charge.

  • Christina R.

    It’s a little stiff. Like have these people never heard of an animation smear? The dynamics of the action scenes don’t seem present in this clip, but I hope that will change in the full episode. I REALLY hope so.

    • partyrobotmachine

      The animation was pretty bad in the old series too not much has changed

      • Christina R.

        The only thing “bad” about the old one’s early episodes was the wonky shapes and Speed Racer-esque jumpcuts. They got much better after Season 2. THIS ONE, however, just seems slow and underwhelming by this first impression. It’s too early to say “not much has changed” since it hasn’t even begun yet soooooo yeah.

        • partyrobotmachine

          i wasn’t talking about that i was talking about how stiff it was

  • The new VA for Buttercup isn’t bad. I liked this clip. Hopefully it keeps up.

    • The_Purple_People_Eater

      It’s too few lines to judge but I hope the voice actresses are good. Some big shoes to fill…

  • Looks a bit tepid…Needs to have the originals subversion.

  • aarett

    super cringe!!! need to see and hear more villains and girls to make final judgement but comparing to original it’s kind of like made for tv tom and jerry or looney tunes compared to their originals… anyway i’d certainly rather have my dvds of the originals and Wander Over Yonder than to have Craig making more new PPGs

    • partyrobotmachine

      A) Craig McCracken isn’t working on the New Powerpuff Girls new people are supervising the show Nick Jinkens( Co creator of Spongebob, Adventure Time writer and Bob Boyle ( Ying yang yo Wow Wow Wubzzy , B) the trailer was exactly like the old series C) the only difference is the voices and art

      • Mike

        The original commenter is saying they’re glad Craig McCracken is working on Wander Over Yonder RATHER than this. Hard to miss that he’s not involved.

        Also, even if only the ‘voices and art’ were different, that still would be a pretty big departure from the old series. But the production values across the board seem lower, and the quality of the animation definitely hurts for it.

      • It was Nick Jennings, and he didn’t create Spongebob. He was an art director.

        • partyrobotmachine

          in the credits under *developed by* you will see Nick Jennies, next to Derick Derek Drymon

      • aarett

        A) i know. that’s what i meant when i said i’d rather have Wander Over Yonder than to have Craig making more PPGs. C) voice and art are pretty important to me. i’m sure most kids will gobble this up when it pops up on their tvs or ipads but mine will be watching dvds of the originals. B) to me the jokes in this clip fell flat… maybe like Ren and Stimpy after John K left. i need to see more villains but i’m not too hopeful.

        • partyrobotmachine

          A) it was just one second B) what did they do wrong Buttercup acted exactly the way she would act in the old series

  • Vraptor140

    It does feel a bit off, thing move kinda slow.

  • I have high hopes for this show.
    I’m confident this won’t be like TTG (Teen Tightwads GO!).

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Buttercup’s new voice is pretty adorable actually.

  • This looks interesting, can’t wait to see more.

  • Joel

    I’m still curious to check this show out! I won’t have a verdict on it until I’ve seen a few episodes, but it looks like it has potential. It’s almost unavoidably difficult not to compare the reboot to the original show (especially since it’s one of my all-time favorites), but it looks like it could be at least decent by its own merits!

  • Anyone wants to talk about how the new characters are so diametrically opposed to Craig McCracken’s art style? Anyone not the PPGs look like they came out of Steven Universe. That’s another notch in my argument that Cartoon Network’s shows are becoming inbred.

    • I think Cartoon Network’s looking for an in-house style to call their own (such as the UPA/Hanna-Barbera era of the 1990s). McCracken’s not involved, so they decided not to reuse the same designs and distance themselves away from old.

      • Belly Flop

        More like Hana Barbera of the 1960’s-70’s. Every show in the 90’s had their own style.

        • James STanley

          I believe there was also a point in the 00s, where everybody was trying to be the Next Sponge bob or something.

      • James STanley

        I’d say they were getting to over-reliant on the simplistic style that Adventure time Popularized.

      • The_Purple_People_Eater

        The studio doesn’t care about the art direction, they have a director for that reason. It is probably more likely that they are trying to give the show a different feel, despite the fact that it looks cheap and amateurish.

      • Barrett

        Definitely more “Clarence” than “Steven Universe.” I don’t know if this look at CN’s attempt at a “house style” but it definitely seems to be popular in a lot of cartooning/animation circles these days. I don’t feel like it’s a good match for the PPG’s style. I understand that Craig is no longer involved with Powerpuff Girls, but if you are going to dick around with the character design language, you should really either apply it to ALL the character (including the girls) or none of them. I know that they tried the former with that Kevin Dart version that a lot of people didn’t like. I wasn’t fond of it either, but I will at least give it cred for having a unified visual style. This new show seems kind of mismatched.

    • Alan_Gabriel

      More Clarence than Steven Universe

    • partyrobotmachine

      it was always inbred powerpuff girls and almost every other show from the early 90’s to 2008 had that same Flintstones thick line bug eyes style

    • Imagine23

      that’s what happens when all your shows are animated by the same Korean sweat shop

      • vivian garcia

        more like all calarts graduates with same format

  • Inkan1969

    Character movement looked jerky.

    • Barrett

      I would say it was too “smooth” in a way, but that’s not a good thing. The timing and animation felt ALL WRONG for Powerpuff Girls. There was none of the great snappiness that was practically tangible when watching the original. I realize that ToonBoom or similar programs are the 2D animation industry standard today, but you can still achieve any look you wish using the software. It might just call for you to ignore or purposefully DE-activate features that are naturally part of the program. The auto-tweens in particular seem to have ruined the pacing. This is supposed to be “limited animation”, and though it is simply animated, it doesn’t go pose-to-pose in the right way.

      If this were some web toon 10 years ago, I’d say it looks pretty good. But as a Powerpuff Girls reboot, meant to be a flagship show on Cartoon Network? Swing and big miss. I mean, I can’t really comment too much on the writing from one sequence in one episode, but the animation is NOT looking too good.

      • Inkan1969

        Thanks for the more sophisticated insights on why the movement didn’t seem right.

  • Belly Flop

    this clip is terrible. in so many ways. and I’m not being nostalgic.

    “Princess? Did you just call me Princess? Don’t call me princess!” how flat and redundant is that?

    One glare that leads to “Don’t call me princess” as she punches would be nice. And speaking of punches, none of this animation packs a punch. It’s backwards, it’s like too many frames. It slows everything down. And why do all cartoons now feel like they should have a uniform pencil thin line drawn around everything?

    Lastly, and this is on a smaller note. I don’t want you guys to confuse me for a men’s right asshole but hell. How backwards is it that this is totally more of that cliche feminist propaganda? This villain specifically might tackle this theme, so I won’t judge. But it seems like they’re really pushing the ‘for girls’ angle this time around. makes sense because of the current cultural temperature. But I gotta say that it’s kind of backwards because a show called power puff girls that’s actually made for both boys and girls is more… dare i say it… PROGRESSIVE than making it geared towards girls specifically.

    That was one of the charms of the original power puff girls. (and like I said I am judging this based only on this clip)

    I know I’m a ranting little bitch right now. But fuck. Someone needs to kick some kind of ass to raise some standards a bit. Getting to comfy are we CN?

    boy… I’m harsh. Take me with a grain of salt please.

    • duh

      unfortunate that you felt that way??? PPG always tackled ideas of equality/gender roles/girl power. maybe you missed the use of those two words in the show title.

      anyway, with the shitstorm that has come along with people who support “mens rights,” its more important than ever that all children are shown very clearly that women are equals. seems to me that they are taking a really similar social approach to the original ppg (which has always been progressive.)

      having a villain like manboy is clearly a social commentary. not an accident or an agenda.

      • The_Purple_People_Eater

        You’re really missing the point of what this guy/girl was saying. The writing and tone of this clip was pretty blunt and not so clever in hiding how much “girl power” it had. You have to be realistic in seeing when something is genuine and when something feels like an after school special. Just because a piece of art is relevant to a social issue (feminism in this case) doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good or that it gets a pass for being bad. It can be horrendously bad and even the way it discusses an issue can be handled horrendously bad.

        That being said, I don’t think this show should at all be used as some moral guidance for children. It should be a fun, entertaining show that gets kids excited and laughing. THAT is what PPG was about originally. THAT is why it was sincere and genuine. The “moral message” was an afterthought for an action-packed show.

        This on the other hand was really poorly written and cheesy (in a bad way.) The villain just repeats “man” “man” “man” over and over again, and Buttercupt repeats his generic, schoolyard bully comment “princess?” “princess?” “princess!” And then it ends on the real, laugh-out-loud, original punchline “you throw like a girl!” Some really lazy writing right there…

    • Netko

      The uniform pencil lines drive me crazy. Not sure why it’s so hard for these designs to look organic for a change. It all has to be overly simplified and geometric. That lumberjack doesn’t fit the PPG style at all.

      Also if they have a girl-power episode where they make fun of guys who aren’t aggressive and manly…I don’t think they quite understand the concept of sexism.

  • Axolotl

    Again with the oval mouths! Woof! (Also, the original show got a lot of mileage out of sheer weirdness…Pitting the girls against a stereotypical male Yosemite Sam lumberjack type is as lazy as falling off a log.)

    • jhalpernkitcat

      I agree about the unoriginal villain with the ridiculous sounding name. (Manboy? Really?) I’m still willing to give this show a chance, but you’re definitely right. The original show had such creatively named villains with unique designs. A cross-dressing devil with lobster claws? Terrifyingly awesome. An evil rambling monkey bent on world domination? Classic. A clown that when hit by a truck full of bleach suddenly becomes an evil mime bent on turning Townsville black and white? Brilliant. A manly man wanting to make Townsville Mansville? Er, you kind of lost me there. Get back to me when Sedusa comes back.

      • Adam Davis

        Is “Manboy” really and sillier sounding than “Fuzzy Lumpkins”?

        • Axolotl

          No, Fuzzy Lumpkins is way sillier. Which makes it better.

        • jhalpernkitcat

          Fuzzy Lumpkins was a brilliant name that fits the character to a t. Manboy sounds more embarrassing than silly. If I was a villain, I would not want to call myself that.

  • Aaron

    Cool! Buttercup’s voice actress does nicely. No one can replace the original, but this fits well while adding something new.

    I gotta say the animation and look both feel a little off. If they wanted to imitate the original PPGs style, the character designs are a little too rounded and…”Clarence-y”, I guess. If they wanted to do something new, it would have been nice if they had also gone further with the backgrounds, because the simpler art looks a little off when you have computers to work with. There doesn’t feel like there’s actual impact when Buttercup hits him, because the Powerpuff’s designs are ideal for cel animation and look almost TOO clean digitally. (This happened when the older show made the switch, too.)

    This was a cute first look for the most part. I hope the show turns out well!

    • partyrobotmachine

      The show never switched from cel animation to Digital ink and paint it was cel from begining to end Billy and Mandy was the first CN show to use digital backgrounds

    • partyrobotmachine

      what is wrong with Powerpuff’s animation being clean i don’t get it

  • powerstone05

    Yeah, Buttercup’s movements are quite stiff, otherwise it does look promising.

  • partyrobotmachine

    HAHAHAHAHA this new powerpuff series will be awesome i love buttercups new voice

  • The_Purple_People_Eater

    I am pretty disappointed seeing this. I expected a lot more from a show under the supervision of such a great art director. Who knows the full story behind this, they may have rushed the production and he might not have had time to get the show on its feet…At least, I hope the excuse is something like that.

    Those designs…Wow, are they bad. And flat. And generic. And Tumblrific (meaning they are amateur, wannabe level of quality.) The hippies are awful and immediately forgettable. No sense of form language or character. The lumberjack villain is a vague blob of assorted, lumpy paper cutout shapes. Remember, this is for an official series reboot of a show that was known for its iconic characters (you know, those important things that drove the plot.)

    The animation is cheap and extremely limited. The acting is also stiff and lifeless. It’s TV animation but this isn’t even good for a show with a small budget. There are a lot of cut corners:
    1) The lumberjack man barely moves during his speech. A nice flapping stock mouth to stare at while listening to boring exposition. I’m watching an action cartoon, right?
    2) The hippie guys don’t move AT ALL. Even the guy who speaks does nothing more than a minor head tilt. No acting. Nothing.
    2) 0:16 Bubbles’s glasses just slide off her face as if a slight breeze pushed them off. And neither she nor Blossom really react to Buttercup’s explosive launch. Again, no acting.
    3) 0:25 Have you ever watched a more uninspired, maniacal laugh? Tween, tween, tween.
    4) 0:40 Look at that robotic, ToonBoom Harmony rotate tool spin. I wonder how much that cost the production…

    This is exactly what I hoped it wouldn’t be. I’m not a huge PPG fan so I’m not biased when I say this is really poorly executed. But it is made even worse by the fact that it’s a reboot of a really successful series.

    I have a strong suspicion that people who worked on this are not happy about it either. I’m sure there are very talented people working on this who cringed hard at the final product. People who probably grew up with the show and were at first excited to be part of this…I am sorry.

    • partyrobotmachine

      Blossom does react to the explosive launch she blicks and covers her eyes also the animation was very stiff in the original and the original was very flat until they switched to the 2002 movie style

  • Ken

    Am I the only one miffed at the way the monsters turned out? Every monster they’ve shown so far looks like it was designed to be a plushie. Where’s all the thinly veiled Tsuburaya homage kaiju? The crazy claws and spikes?

    I get that old tokusatsu isn’t going to be popular with the younger generation, but cripes, at least watch a couple of episodes of Ultraman X, and see some giant monsters from the masters.

  • …that’s not Buttercup. Or at least that’s not the soul of Buttercup. Just doesn’t give that presence that we know Buttercup has. Maybe over time it will be more present, but I’m not feeling it right now.

    The coloring scheme really feels consistent with CN’s other shows, instead of being consistent with the real Powerpuff Girls, which is quite disappointing. But also, that spinning throw Buttercup did felt off. They have thrown and toss bigger opponents than that guy, so I wonder why are they not respecting the girls’ original powers for this installment.

    This is gonna feel like The Boondocks when Aaron McGruder was not present for the last season, except it’s meant to be a full series (more than one season they’re hoping for). I don’t know, I didn’t feel it when they first showed the artwork, and the animation now is not helping me feel different.

  • Mister Twister

    I smell controversy.

    Of intentional variety.

  • SaburoDaimando

    I still miss EG Daily as Buttercup. :(

  • Ruth

    All of a sudden, I miss the 2014 Powerpuff Girls special. At least it looked different from a glance with a consistent and different (albeit rather poorly thought-out) art and animation style that’s not mistakable for Clarence.

  • J.S

    In Latin America, Cartoon Network is promoting the hell out of this.

    Pd: i think they should do another movie

  • Hayley Deeken

    Wow, that villain and those hippies look exactly like characters from Clarence, not PPG. Why do so many modern cartoons refuse to use sharp edges in character design now? In an action-oriented cartoon, I would think you’d need more sharpness and straight lines to direct action and the viewer’s eye.

    Also, when Buttercup launched into the air and her trail of green showed behind her, it looked really strange and like it wasn’t quick enough. Or maybe the green they used was too soft and it confused my eyes?

  • Mark Adaka

    I feel like people can complain about anything and everything…
    1) I would like to start by saying the animation looks nothing like Steven Universe?! Steven Universe is beautifully animated and unique. Nobody can replicate. It looks more like Clarence. Even then the simplicity of that show matches the original simplicity of the first.

    2) The voices, yeah they are new, yeah I am upset the original actors didnt come back, BUT OH WELL! They arent even bad! Its gonna take getting used to, but you cant judge the shows entirety on one clip.

    3) Back to it being to “different”. Its a reboot. Not a carbon copy. The peanuts movie which reccently came out, was EXACTLY the same as its original incarnations, and if Im going to be honest, it was boring. It was unoriginal. Predicatable. Because they didnt vamp up the ideas. I want ti Powerpuff girls to stray from the original. Be modern. Be fresh. Have something the 21st century can relate to! That being said I still want the characters to be recognizable- which I feel they are.

    4) People need to chill. Not everything is going to be the same. I was born only in 2000, so I didnt get the full “90s” experience. But im an avid fan of cartoons across the ages. Including the powerpuff girls. I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I have fosters home and adventure time. Johnny Bravo and Gumball! Etc etc. Seeing the two different generations of shows, nothing has even changed. Honestly. In terms of randomness and sexual innuendos nothing has been tampered with. The only thing which has changed is cartoons are now more fluid, and there are deeper storylines. I think everyone is talking through the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia. If you remove them you will realise cartoons were never as good as you remember them. Hate to break it to you.


  • Kaylaa Mariee

    i have been a fan of the powerpuff girls since i was maybe, 3 or 4 years old. and i still watch it on boomerang as an 18 year old… honestly… getting bored of the same episodes.

    i like this clip, it’s honestly for children, and Its a nice change from all the “pathetic girly girl” that people expect you to be. buttercup’s voice threw me off but i could get use to it. butter cup isn’t clever nor have a profound way of speaking. this is exactly how she would act. she’s the tough one, always looking for a fight and kicking the bad guys ass!!

    waaaaaayy better than the 2013 special about some dancing pants or some shit. That was awful… it was terminal cancer mixed with aids and a sprinkle of herpes.. just AWFUL.

    any way, i love the irony of having these peaceful man hippies not willing to fight for there lives against this absurd “lumberjack bad guy”
    i like it. i love the style, its nice is bubbly, the bad guy doesn’t match, but his slow laugh made me laugh my ass off. he has that confident, douche bag, sexist attitude, he clearly doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.

    then he has the tendency to say “you throw like a girl” hahahah xD!! i love it!

    just seeing the powerpuff girls come back, really warms my heart. i would watch this.

    people expect more.. dude. this is for children xD

  • haylie

    The way they are making the characters now is really different from the original PPG and the voices don’t seem to fit.