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Fox Cancels “The Cleveland Show”

Seth MacFarlane’s The Cleveland Show had been widely expected to be canceled, and The Animation Guild recently confirmed that the show is finished. The show had a respectable four-season run on FOX comprising 88 total episodes.

Fox Animation Studios is still humming along with Family Guy and American Dad so MacFarlane remains busy, though an undetermined number of Cleveland Show rank-and-file will likely be laid off.

[UPDATED—4/17—1:05pm ET]: According to Entertainment Weekly, a Fox rep says that they haven’t made an official decision on the fifth season. There is no reason to doubt The Animation Guild’s cancellation notice since they represent the artists working on the show, but in the interest of fairness, we’re mentioning FOX’s current position on the show.

(Thanks, Graham)

  • the Gee

    I think she expressed how I feel much better than I could. So, I’m thankful for that. There’s not much of a reason to pile on the show being cancelled.

    I know of someone who worked on the show. I was really happy to know he was working on it.

    I wish the best of fortunes to all of ya. Be good. Let them know you’re good.

  • It would be nice if Fox gave us something fresh and original to replace it, thus giving new jobs to those laid off.

  • boyraisin2

    Put Cleveland back on Family Guy, kill off the rest of them, and let’s press on.

    • Funkybat

      I’d definitely keep the “new” Cleveland Jr. Rallo is OK but is (self-acknowledged) basically Black Stewie, except for being straight. Donna and Roberta I wouldn’t mind seeing come along, but wouldn’t be broken up if they don’t. But PLEASE keep Cleveland Jr.

  • Deaniac

    I can’t wait for Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. to inexplicably return to Quahog stating that he “broke up with Donna” and “she took custody of Roberta”, followed by everyone pretending that the past 4 years didn’t happen.

  • Ah man. I enjoyed this show. I wish the animators luck finding new jobs.

  • Natalie Belton

    At least a whole company didn’t shut down this time round.

  • while i feel bad for the people laid of due to this shows cancellation, im still glad fox is finally putting one of McFarlane’s cash cows down. Hopefully we can have something better to fill that slot, something that isn’t a generic animated sitcom.

  • Graham Finch

    I’m surprised that Fox pulled the plug on it so soon. Considering how favorable the network is toward MacFarlane, I thought the show would last for at least 10 years.

    • Fox did try to screw over American Dad for a while (barely advertising new episodes, giving poor timeslots) but I guess they decided to show was there to stay. The Cleveland Show did get pretty crappy ratings but you could tell that Fox REALLY wanted the show to succeed for some reason. Maybe because Family Guy was such a hit, they thought The Cleveland Show could get ratings. There’s speculation that Fox wanted the show made to appeal to black audiences, and that’s really the best guess I’ve heard. If you want to do a spin-off of the massively popular Family Guy, it would make a lot more sense to do it with a character with a bigger fanbase than Cleveland.

  • Considering how much FOX loves Seth MacFarlane, I’m surprised it didn’t last a bit longer. But then again, American Dad never got the best treatment. Still, it seems like FOX really, really wanted this show to succeed for some reason.

    Sucks that people lose jobs, but I can’t say I’m sad to see this show go. How it managed to stick around is a mystery to me. (there’s a rumor that FOX wanted to give Cleveland a spin-off to attract more black viewers. Don’t know if it’s true, but it’s the only explanation that makes some sense since it’s not like Cleveland was a particularly popular character) I’ve always been convinced that the people writing it just don’t care. Like, at all.

    Now I’m wondering what the show will be replaced with. Hopefully something good. Animated shows for the older crowd have been stuck in a rut lately, everyone trying to copy Family Guy.

    • Graham Finch

      Fox’s ADHD block is premiering later this year, so there’s plenty of potential replacements for The Cleveland Show.

  • The Cleveland show was not even funny at all. I just thought they just wanted to make anther Seth Macfarlane show. I guess I’ll be expecting Cleveland and his family to Join Family Guy.

  • ToonWatcher

    There goes my last hope for diversity in cartoons. Fox kept moving around the timeslot for the Cleveland show. One week, it would be 830, and the very next week, it would be 730. That shows that they don’t have any respect for it. How many cartoons in the entire Toonscape have a black cast?? You could name Boondocks or Black Dynamite. But I’m talking about a show that sits right in the middle of prime time television. It was written like any other show in that lineup that just happened to have a black family. That’s what I liked about Cleveland Show.

    • Animator606432

      As an African American artist, I would love diversity in animation but the Cleveland just wasn’t it. It was the leftovers of leftovers. All the crap that didn’t make on Family guy or American Dad was just dumped on this show and you can really tell. It just wasn’t a good show, and didn’t exactly present African Americans in the best of light honestly.

  • Mortimer

    Question: do the Cleveland Show, Family Guy and American Dad have western key layout people like on the Simpsons, or just storyboard people like on most shows and have an overseas studio do the layouts?

    It sucks either way for the artists, but I was just wondering about how many were on staff.

    • I know

      From what I have seen it’s pretty much the same pipeline that Film Roman/Simpsons/StarZ adopted when they went digital. It’s Storyboard Pro with the storyboaring drawn with everything on model (so in a sense it’s also a layout pass). That all get’s timed to the dialogue with Xsheets and the whole package is shipped overseas.

  • Crystal

    I feel the same as MissConception (and surprisingly, Amid’s response as well). Was the Cleveland show less successful than the other 2? If you are a fan of the show, I can’t really say it was “short” or anything. 4 seasons seems like a decent run (why do people cry foul when something had like, 52 episodes? Still longer than a lot of anime), maybe they’ll give the showrunners a chance to give it an “ending” actually.

  • azarno

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why?!

    • Tabl10s

      Coming from a black/southern perspective, the show had more ideas to work with. It didn’t have as much of the gay stuff as FG/AD and it had two bears with different personalities.

      I’ll miss it.

  • Jason

    I hope they replace it with Futurama.

    • Shazbot

      I could totally get behind that. Futurama has improved significantly since it moved to Comedy Central. The characters are more likable and it’s funnier. Fox would be a fool not to snap it up (if it becomes available).

      • Funkybat

        Let Futurama stay at its new home. Fox deserved to lose that series after the way they treated it as an unwanted sibling to The Simpsons.

    • CV

      I think Fox has a deal going with Comedy Central for new episodes and reruns of Futurama, but if it expires soon, Fox should definitely pick up Futurama for more episodes, so long as they promise to treat the series right this time.

      Also, love your icon, Jason. Especially since Dipper is also voiced by a Jason (Jason Ritter).

  • CG

    Rollo! No!

  • Just have Cleveland bring his newly-expanded family back to Quahog with him as new regular Family Guy cast members. I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure like the Brown family a lot more than I do the Griffins.

    • same as before

      are you kidding me. they are totally undeveloped, not to mention that they are a brown version of the griffins… peter is the whole show.
      then you got brian, hes the whole show.
      then you got stewie, HES The whole show.
      any of the could hold it on their own. where as on the browns, no one can hold down the entertainment. its just a bore fest with outdated stereotypes. thats why no one liked it on average, cause it was in-genuine.

  • Joseph_Hudak

    Season 3 and 4 of The Cleveland Show really tanked in ratings. The past two seasons would often dip below 3.0 in the Neilson ratings, while during the same two years, sister show American Dad rarely went below 4.0 and never below 3.0 and still has episodes reach 5.0, which TCS hasn’t achieved since 2011. Lower DVD sales may have also factored it compared to the other two series. Last Sunday’s episode received the lowest ratings it ever got at 2.50.

    If Cleveland does return to Family Guy, will be be go back to being the bored, listless guy he was before he left, or will he now be the more loquacious dimwitted, effeminate dad he was in TCS?

    Also, Cleveland Jr would have to return with him, but what of his wife and immediate family? Will any side characters migrate such as Tim the Bear?

  • Mike

    Can we restore King of the Hill to its rightful place now?

    • You by chance didn’t happen to see FAMILY GUY’s open last week?

  • Funkybat

    I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am a bit disappointed. Cleveland wasn’t as good as American Dad (which I am always worried will get the ax every year!) but it was funny in its own quirky way. The humor usually seemed less “dark” than the recent Family Guy and American Dad episodes. Cleveland is a very odd kind of “everyman” and much geekier than Peter or Stan Smith.

    I do hope the “family” moves to Quahog and becomes semi-regulars in the way Cleveland’s old family was in the original run of Family Guy. I’ll miss those secondary Stoolbend characters like Tim and “bartender David Lynch” but four seasons is a decent run for sure, especially for a second spinoff.

  • Amid, a condescending and belittling post like that tends to drive readers away. That is not something that should be posted by a Mod.

    • He wasn’t being condescending or belittling, I think that was a genuine post of gratitude.

  • Kyron

    I’m.. sad. Out of the three shows, I felt that The Cleveland Show was the best. I know that it is only a spin-off and is really unoriginal in the likes of Family Guy. But.. I don’t know. I think Cleveland Junior and Cleveland are much more interesting characters than Chris and Peter. When/if they return to Quahog, they’ll be dumbed-down back to side-characters that don’t have their own story.. *sigh*

    Like MissConception, I’m really sad for the team that have lost their jobs. The Animation industry is a hard place to find work. You’re always looking for the next job as you aren’t guaranteed the project you’re working on will be renewed. The art style is bland and uncreative, but still.. :/

  • didnt like cleveland show much, but also not much of a fan of family guy. i guess i like all three when they try something new and arent just copying simpsons or other sitcoms.

    bring on more black shows, who remembers the PJ’s ? good luck to all those who worked on the show.

  • Arthur F.

    I think the Cleveland Show was more about the ensemble cast, which was really often used well and it was crowded sometimes, and the Kanye West points were an added plus, but Cleveland just didn’t have a Roger or a Stewie or even Brian. Rollo did not cut enough of a unique character or had a gimmick (Roger changes characters, Stewie singing with Brian and so on) and Cleveland Jr’s voice was never going to allow for much. He wasn’t warm or recognizable. None of the family was. Cleveland and wife changed personality too often, and Roberta hardly got a word in. “Learning lessons” in the end after being a total asshole isn’t really enough to keep working with.
    Maybe FOX is just mad about the Flintstones reboot going wrong.

  • RagingNerd

    I wonder if this means MacFarlane is going to restart and work on his Flintstones reboot.

  • As much as i wanted it to succeed, the show rarely gets a laugh out of you. It was doomed from the day they decided Cleveland was getting a spin-off. He wasn’t a very interesting supporting character in the 1st place, and an even less interesting lead one.

    It didn’t help that they surrounded him with other less interesting characters. Junior & Rylo are probably the only characters in that show that don’t start to grate on you after a while.

    Damn shame it’s getting cancelled, but I’m not surprised, nor disappointed.

  • InvaderUgli

    Told my mom this. “Thank God! They had it drag through the mud for long enough!”, she said.

    I wasn’t very fond of the show. It had it’s somewhat funny moments when it first started, but other than that, I didn’t really like it. Back when we had cable, and Animation Domination started, I mostly skipped the Cleveland Show and went straight on to Napoleon Dynamite and American Dad.

    Hopefully FOX will pick up on some newer fresh animations…

    Good luck to the animators being laid off.

  • TrueCandor

    I never liked this show. And with all honesty, coming from a FG fan, I hated FG after season 7. it died. they replaced good stories and flashbacks and one-liners with more advanced and crisper animation. big mistake and a typical tactic when a show gets stale. also, the show became too serious, i.e. quagmire’s dad requiring a sex change. the show is now awkward and off balance. south park seems to be the only consistently funny show.

  • That Don Guy

    How many unaired episodes of The Cleveland Show remain? I wouldn’t be surprised to see the show finish up next fall, then get replaced midseason by Murder Police.
    (I was expecting the show to stay at 7:30 Eastern, so Fox could stretch out its remaining episodes because of the pre-emptions for the NFL postgame show on Fox’s doubleheader days, but I saw an ad on Fox saying The Cleveland Show would be on at 8:30; it sounds like either American Dad or Bob’s Burgers will get the dreaded 7:30 fall slot, at least for now.)

  • King

    Being a huge fan of King of the Hill i would love to see it return, though with the death of Brittany Murphy Luannes character would have to die or have a new voice i would be bummed either way but with the recent cancellation of Futurama on comedy central this would be a perfect time for Fox to pick it up again this seems more likely either way id love new episodes of both of them

  • I loved the Cleveland Show. This sucks

  • Chris

    I’d honestly like to see the whole family go to Quahog. A stewie and rallo adventure or rivalry. Didn’t have a problem with the show in the first place tbh. Just another cartoon to laugh at on Sunday.

  • Keen Bean

    It had potential. and interesting format and almost different characters from FG. If anyone remembers correctly American Dad didn’t start off too great but fell into its own niche later on in the series.

  • Carrie

    The only show I like from Seth MacFarlane is American Dad. I watched seven seasons on netflix (even though I seen every episode) and it remains super funny. Cleveland..not so much and I can’t stand Family Guy.

  • Amoridere

    I wish they didn’t cancel the Cleveland Show but then again a lot of the networks always cancel good shows, just like CN did with the new Thundercats (I kinda liked it and grew up watching the original, so I liked this one just as much) and Disney XD did with Naruto Shipuuden (something and a lot of anime friends can never forgive) I can never forgive

  • Dmqan Daboy

    so is cleveland moving to Quohog

  • Terrence Linder

    Good by to bad rubbish!!!! Give quagmire his own show!!!!!

  • jacph

    I hope the browns move back, and then we have another family guy movie episode… And then there were even fewerer. Got four whole characters to kill off in that episode.

  • Kiara

    Omg :( my life is ruined now that the Cleveland show will no longer go on :/ please bring it back on

  • Denni

    The Cleveland Show was a hell of a lot better than Bob’s Burgers and very refreshing after so many years of the Simpsons!!!

  • C. Rose

    My sentiments exactly. I never followed the series, but I wish all those who worked on it the best with what’s next.

  • separationcs

    BS. This was a great show.

  • Candice Mays

    Wow I can’t believe people didn’t like this show. I personally love the Cleveland show as much as Family Guy and American Dad. They have similarities but have there differences between all three.

  • Dave Rotheson

    i dont “feel bad” for people getting laid off, because we are not socialist and THATS THE WAY CAPITALISM is supposed to work. Make a better show, get to keep your job because you are BETTER than the competition, just saying.

  • Jordan Truppner

    I like how in the last weeks family guy, Peter says, “Who was your audience? One akward black guy?”

  • AV

    Did you fail to notice they brought him back?

    • SoitDroitFait

      I wrote it before they brought him back.

  • Pissed off

    What the eff?!?! The Cleveland show is hilarious!! This is not right!!! I love American dad as well but I would much rather see that go than the Cleveland show! How can they do this!?!?? However, if they are bringing the whole Tubbs family to quahog, I might be able to live without the rest if the characters… Maybe

  • Joe

    I love the show! I just found out the show got canceled. I just watch it and don’t keep up on the news. The show was great! What the hell is wrong with fox.

  • Rk

    I’m sad I liked the show.