<em>Funtastic Circus</em> <em>Funtastic Circus</em>

Funtastic Circus

Don’t deny it, you love this cartoon.

UPDATE: Here is a longer episode of Funtastic Circus:

  • Daniel Shock

    I was truly hoping the tiger would eat him in the end.

  • I was contacted by the producers of this to ask if I’d like to purchase it.
    I didn’t.

  • Dittomania

    Well that was an anti-climax…

    If anything the biggest mistake was the editing JUMP at the face-shot of the clown

  • Ernie

    This blog has become less about animation information and more about putting down other animators.

  • At least they didn’t leave out any colors.

  • Bill Field

    What’s funny, is, depending on what year this comment was made you would mean it as a true statement, or pure sarcasm. If this was 1986, this would be a triumph, now, it’s relatively laughable to most.

  • For a second I thought sure when it showed the close up of the clown that he was going to start attacking the guy, that might have been funny. I also thought that the tiger was going to eat him.

  • amid

    Paburrows – They are planning to make twenty-six 11-minute episodes so I’m hopeful one of those episodes will feature the tiger eating a clown.

  • stiff, stiff, and very stiff. god save us from bad cgi…….

  • Paul Penna

    If Andy Kaufman had lived to make a cartoon.

  • Elliot you passed up a golden opportunity!

  • Warhead

    That animation looks stiffer than a statue.

  • ED

    You know what’s funny, Andreas Deja’s walk cycles!

  • A.C.

    Is it bad that the “acting” bothered me more than the animation did?

  • Robert Schaad

    I want to hear an endless loop of the opening music…because it’s so happy.

  • Creepy!:)

  • I’m inclined to agree with Ernie. The entire production feels amateurish and leaves a great deal to be desired. However, why do I feel like the bully in high school who used to knock the geek’s books to the ground and laugh at him for being so “clumsy” and call him “dufus”.

    Oh wait, that geek was me. Now I know why picking out these bad animations leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    I’ve been trying to start a short animation for ages. At least these folks got something done, so I for one congratulate them.

  • Hahaha. Thank you, Amid, this was quite a treat.

  • amid

    Pierre: Cartoon Brew has always been an outlet for Jerry and myself to post about things that interest us. When I saw Funtastic Circus, I was genuinely intrigued and wanted to share it. It is a revealing example of the gap between high-end and low-end CG animation. Acknowledging and discussing the entire spectrum of work produced within the industry is important if the art form is to ever advance beyond its current limitations.

  • Em

    Well. That certainly was a thing I just watched, there. I’m having so much funtastic fun it’s leaking out my ears.

  • Phil

    Everything I previously knew about animation is wrong.

  • Chris S

    Bill, in 1986 that would have been a technological triumph, but never would that have been considered an artful way of using the technology. I’d love to watch you tell the directors that their film would have kicked ass 25 years ago! They’d probably agree, poor guys.

  • Hi Amid,

    Understood and agreed! I guess I’ve been on enough forums where people like to beat up on other people that I carried over my prejudice to Cartoon Brew. You have a valid point and thanks for clarifying your point of view.

  • So it begs the question, “If 3-D never existed, what would these people be doing?”

  • Christopher Smigliano

    Stiff and Sterile.

  • John

    Amid, it’s only amusing (and poignant!) if a tiger eats a sad clown.

  • gjs

    I want the soundtrack.

  • dbenson

    Once upon a time, limited or out-and-out cheapo cel animation could turn its limitations into a virtue (Jay Ward, some of the earliest HB, TTV, etc). You got the impression they MEANT to look the way they did, not like failed attempts at Warner or Disney.

    Waiting for more people to do that with CGI. If it’s going to look unrealistic anyway, go for it. Give us Puppetoon characters with painted wooden heads and impossible squash-and-stretch walks.

  • that music is INCREDIBLE.

  • FP

    I kept waiting for the XAVIER: RENEGADE ANGEL stuff to start happening, but it didn’t.

  • MadRat

    I want to know more details like what country did it come from and who made it?

  • Nicole

    Amid, is there a possibility you have a copy of the first [deleted] video? I sorely miss it and it would be pretty awesome if you could send it to me somehow. For personal amusement and whatnot. If you don’t own the rights to it and/or you weren’t the one who uploaded, that’s alright.

    I just really miss that “But sir, ummmm… Babuu.” I’d die happy if I could have that clip.