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Futurama characters as X-Men

New episodes of Futurama start airing on Comedy Central beginning in two weeks, on June 24th. But artist GottaBeCarl has started the fun a bit early with his Futurama X-Men Meld at DeviantArt. This will keep Futurama fans and comic geeks (most of which are one and the same) amused for quite some time trying to figure out who is who.

(Thanks, Jim Lahue)

  • Anna

    this is pure awesome!!!

    MOM as White Queen is a tad disturbing tho

  • erlab


    Has Cartoon Brew ever posted something from DeviantART here before?

  • I guess it’s my DC fanboy roots showing, but I would have thought going Futurama/Legion Of Superheroes would be the better fit. ;) Still, nicely done.

  • Scarabim

    Shouldn’t Leela be Cyclops?

    Nice work.

  • oooo that’s just wierd. They should do an episode like that. Too many extra episodic designs though…

  • >“(most of which are one and the same)”


  • Zoidberg as Wolverine is hilarious; most excellent. Hermes as Cable is also most excellent.

    Unfortunately, as is often the case with mass-cast photos like this, the composition is terribly marred by really bad perspective. Clutter though? That’s a given.

  • no juggernaut? dang. harlem globetrotters gladiator…!

  • Brian D. Scott

    Who is Rogue in this montage? Overall, I like it!

  • VinceP

    So cool!! I love Futurama! This makes me very happy!

  • Matt

    Nixon is the juggernaut

  • Brian

    I love it. And it’s nerdier than a Nerdatorium full of nerds.

  • Keith

    Hermes isn’t Cable, he’s Bishop. Cable’s way it the back with some X-Force-types. The big silver gun & yellow eye are the giveaways.

    Hypnotoad as Havok… ha! I know my X-characters better than my Futurama characters, so here’s a list of what I’ve spotted:

    Horseman of Apocalypse, Iceman, Polaris, Black Queen, White Queen, Acolytes (I think), Mr. Sinister, Cannonball, Sebastian Shaw, Mystique, Sabretooth, Beast, Colossus, Majestrix Lilandra, Bishop, Shadowcat, Storm, Spiral, Mojo, Dazzler, Longshot, Wolverine, Psylocke, Cyclops, Havok, Prof X, LOCKHEED!!!!, Callisto, Nightcrawler, Generation X (Chamber, Skin, Penance, Jubilee, Husk), Avalanche, Omega Red, Archangel, Meggan, Lady Deathstrike, Multiple Man, Juggernaut, Toad, Scarlet Witch, Magneto, Phoenix, Pyro, Gambit, Blob, Rogue, Sunfire, X-Force (Cable, Warpath, unknown), Sentinel, Gladiator, New Mutants (Magik, Wolfsbane, Magma, Warlock, Sunspot), Banshee, Quicksilver, and I think Hellfire Club goons in the tube under Quicksilver. Up by the logo is Erik the Red, I think, with the sword, but no idea who the “Mad Hatter” guy is (only Mad Hatter character I know offhand is from Batman)

    I think that covers it pretty much. A couple ‘unknowns’. Now someone can match the Futurama names with ’em!

    • Rogue237

      That’s Deadpool not Erik the Red I think.

  • Keith

    Whoops, not Black Queen. That’s Goblin Queen. Duh.

  • Does anyone else have the 2010 Futurama wall calendar? There’s a special spread between June & July, Darwyn Cooke style

  • Doug Holverson

    Here’s my style-mixing fan-art attempt at Futurama, even if I didn’t completely hit the other style: http://melallensink.deviantart.com/art/li-l-bender-131026820

  • Hal

    SCRUFFY as GAMBIT for the WIN!

  • Matt Petersen

    @ Trevour

    No I don’t, but now I will have to get it!!!

  • Brian D. Scott

    @ Keith…

    I think the “Mad Hatter” is Arcade, based on the tie.

  • @Keith

    Preacherbot is Deadpool, based on the sword and the eyes.

  • Roger Freedman

    This is very cool, but the Futurama-as-X-Men idea first appeared in 2002 in FUTURAMA COMICS #8, in the story “Planet X-Press Men” (written by Eric Rogers and drawn by James Lloyd).

    Hermes became Storm (“The Weather Mon”), Amy became Rogue (“Rouge”), Professor Farnsworth became “Professor F,” Leela became Cyclops (“Uniclops”), Bender became Wolverine (“Benderine”), Dr. Zoidberg became the Beast (“Lobstrocity”), Fry became Marvel Girl (“Wonder Boy”), and Mom became Magneto “Momneto”).

    See http://theinfosphere.org/Planet_X-Press_Men for more…

  • Here is what I got. I think this is correct.

    Kwanzabot- Famine
    Calculon – Iceman
    Linda – Polaris
    Reverend Lionel Preacherbot – Deadpool
    Mad Hatter Robot – I think he is just a head
    Ethan “Bubblegum” Tate – Shi’ar Gladiator
    Albert – Sunspot
    Sally – Magik
    Nina – Magma
    Bethany? – Wolfsbane
    Malfunctioning Eddie – Warlock
    Guenter – Banshee
    Flexo – Quicksilver
    Lisa – Sunfire
    Sinclair 2K – Warpath
    Tinny Tim – Cable (Though it is the wrong eye)
    Robot Mafia – Helfire Soldiers
    Robot Santa – Sentinel
    Michelle – Madeline Pryor
    Walt, Larry & Igner – Hellions
    Mom – White Queen
    Cubert – Cannonball
    Robot Devil – Mister Sinister
    Dwight Conrad – Sunfire
    Brett Blob – Blob
    Hattie McDoogal – Rogue
    Scruffy – Gambit
    Roberto – Phoenix
    Leela – Jean Gray
    Zapp Brannigan – Magneto
    Angleyne – Scarlet Witch
    Kif Kroker – Toad
    Nibblonians – Multiple Man
    Richard Nixon – Juggernaut
    Ogden Wernstrom – Black King
    Ndnd – Mystique
    Lrrr – Sabertooth
    Seymour – Beast
    Farnsworth’s girlfriend – Lilandra
    Hermes Conrad – Bishop
    Bender – Colossus
    Edna – Lady Deathstrike
    Umbrial – Meggan
    Hyper-Chicken – Archangel
    Labarbara Conrad – Storm
    Countess de la Roca – Shadowcat
    Elzar – Spiral
    Hedonismbot – Mojo
    Petunia – Dazzler
    Sal – Longshot
    Zoidberg – Wolverine
    Amy – Psylocke
    Phillip J. Fry – Cyclops
    Professor Farnsworth – Xavier
    Hypnotoad – Havok
    Lockheed – Nibbler
    Turanga Morris – Nightcrawler
    Turanga Munda – Callisto
    URL – Avalanche
    Morbo – Omega Red
    Grunka-Lunkas – Chamber, Penance, Jubilee, Skin, M, Husk

  • Roberto is Pyro

    Other than that, Amazing List