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Goodbye, ‘Adventure Time’: Cast And Crew Gather To Bid Farewell To The Series

After ten seasons (the final ninth season of production was split up into two on-air seasons by Cartoon Network), Adventure Time officially marked the end of its production cycle with a blow-out wrap party held last Thursday at the Boulevard3 club in Hollywood.

Shows like Adventure Time don’t come along often, the type of show that changes and expands the possibilities of the animation industry.

Looking at the series today, in context of everything else being produced in Los Angeles, it’s easy to overlook what a revolutionary concept Adventure Time was when Pen Ward originally produced the pilot in 2006.

The show continued to surprise after it went into production, developing intricate webs of detail and crafting perspectives that were uncommonly sophisticated in children’s animation writing. The production was unconventional too, with Ward assembling a diverse crew, pulling in artists from the world of indie comics and giving expanded opportunities to the women artists on the show, one of whom, Rebecca Sugar, would go on to become the first solo woman creator of a Cartoon Network series.

The wrap party brought finality to the project, whose end had been announced over a year ago. Cast and crew from throughout the years of production were invited to a grand Adventure Time-themed event that included a DJ booth shaped like Finn and Jake’s tree fort, a candy room, and ice sculptures. Emotional speeches were given throughout the night, including one by Ward’s mom.

Even though the show is no longer in production, Adventure Time’s legacy will live on for years to come, not only through the work created by the artists at Cartoon Network, but by the many shows and artists that it has influenced and inspired along the way.

Below are some images of the wrap party shared on Twitter by those who attended:

  • Pedro Nakama

    Are they still going to make an Adventure Time movie?

    • Elijah Samuel Abrams

      That project is most likely dead on arrival, since there haven’t been any recent developments on it, but I would love to see them make a Steven Universe movie!

    • J.S

      I was about to ask the same

    • I really wish they’d still push through with this :(

    • Alan_Gabriel

      I think what was going to be the movie ended up being the Islands miniseries.

    • The_Strawbear

      I think the beauty of AT is that they manage to tell story after story in 10 minutes and each of them feels complete and most of them have a real depth. A movie might kill the magic.

  • Dante Panora

    I have a feeling people will be nostalgic for this show, but believe it only lasted until about 2014 due to cartoon network’s crazy scheduling and a dip in quality by about 2015. People will probably shouting to “bring back adventure time!” In about 10-15 years either way regardless of the quality of future shows.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if it does come to pass.

      • Dante Panora

        A reboot or people’s nostalgia?

        • Could be both, though as we seen with the Powerpuff Girls, it could be a lot worse!

    • samuel hadjaissa

      I really wouldn’t say a drop in quality I feel that it was only season 6 that was the sore thumb while other seasons like 7 and 8 have phenomenal,also even if new quality shows appear it would great to see the series verve its self

    • The_Strawbear

      I’ve honestly only ever seen 2 poor episodes of the show. It still blows me away.

  • Tony

    Nine seasons is impressive for an animated series, and it’s been a brilliant show for most of that run. Still, the real shame is how Cartoon Network has treated the series in the last few years, taking it off the regular lineup, premiering new episodes only sporadically and giving them little to no publicity. The same thing happened to Steven Universe, and they’re already doing it to We Bare Bears… basically every show of theirs that is not Teen Titans Go.

  • Matthew

    Well, ten seasons is a great run, but all things must come to an end. I’m thankful Adventure Time arrived when it did, and brought in a new animation renaissance.

    Thank you Pen Ward, and the rest of the cast and crew.

    • samuel hadjaissa

      actually it was nine seasons

  • Kenneth Satria

    Im so sad about it ending… AT was the greatest thing to spend my early preteen years watching…

  • Cameron Iacono

    Adventure Time For Life

  • Alex Hartsell

    The series finale better be good and not a disappointment. Also when the show ends, “Long Live Adventure Time.”

    • Killsqu4d

      Agreed. Hope they touch on the Lich

  • Killsqu4d

    How will it wrap up? Will they even face off with the Lich? Is there any enemy they have to fight? Wow 8 years is a great run.