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Guillermo del Toro Announces ‘Pacific Rim’ Animated Series

Guillermo del Toro announced yesterday that he is developing an animated series based on his film franchise Pacific Rim. The animated series will complement the sequel, Pacific Rim 2, which Universal has slotted for an April 7, 2017 release.

Here is del Toro’s announcement:

  • Ant G

    He didn’t mention if it would be 2D but many *odds point towards 2D…

    * (if it’s an adaptation to the comic visually, most tv series are 2D, and its influenced a lot by anime)

  • Guest

    I can see a 2D/3D hybrid.
    I can see them giving it to a Japanese studio.

    But man, I so wish they could collaborate with Genndy Tartovsky,
    if not have him helm the project.

    • Same Guest


      …Symbionic Titan bias

    • minespatch

      I’d get Titmouse to do it.

      • Barrett

        Yeah, I can totally see it being done in a “Motorcity”-style hybrid way.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    My boyfriend informed me of this. Let’s just say they’d better make Max the bulldog a main character in this animated series.

  • Mister Twister

    If the animated series does well… do you think… so you think that… Sim-Bionic Titan… I mean…

    • James VanDam

      That and Motor City, Tron Uprising, Young Justice, and GL Tas. It seems that really great shows just get spewed under the rug these days. :(

    • nevilleross

      When are people going to get over the sad fact that Symbionic Titan got canceled? TV shows have this happen to them all of the time.

      • Barrett

        It’s because Sym-Bionic Titan was the kind of thing certain folks have been yearning for for YEARS to see produced, it finally WAS produced, it was really cool-looking and had good storytelling, and was then quickly killed off. Meanwhile, we get lots of “ugly drawing/crude humor” shows and regurgitations of existing franchises like the endless reboots of Ben 10 or Batman.

        People are pissed. People still go one about Korgath the Barbarian, and that was just a pilot! There is an audience out there for these other kinds of shows, and CN has teased us with stuff like this, but refused to commit to anything. I totally get it.

        • nevilleross

          I’m sorry, but Sym-Bionic Titan was the same action-orientated ‘prince/princess from another land/world who’s in danger and hiding out on Earth’ we’ve seen on TV for 30+ years; it isn’t anything different from those shows,some of which were animated and some that weren’t..

          Also, TV shows sometimes get canceled, even if they’re good and get some fans; it’s the nature of the business. This article shows the mindset of fans like yourself that’s all too prevalent these days: (Firefly fans: It’s time to forgive Fox) Again, I ask; what made Sym-Bionic Titan so special?

          • Funkybat

            Maybe SYmbionic Titan seemed like a retread to you, but for me, it was pretty much a new experience, and I was very let down when it wasn’t even given a second season. I have never even heard of either of the examples you cited above, so the premise was not old or tired to me. I also appreciated that it had strong influences of 1970s Anime and American teenage coming-of-age stories, but really wasn’t quite like anything I’d seen before in either genre. I thought Octus in particular was an interesting character, and liked that the show didn’t feel “kiddie” in the way so many other action cartoons on these days do. The overall visual design was a true treat as well.

            I accepted that the show was not commercially successful and moved on, but I don’t dismiss the lingering hurt feelings from a fanbase out there. I just wish more of them had been Nielsen households (though in today’s world that’s in increasingly irrelevant way to measure a show’s actual popularity.)

            And BTW, I am not really a fan of either “Firefly” or “Community” but I deeply respect the passion and dedication of those fandoms for refusing to let petty market decisions end their shows and just quietly accept it. The original Trekkies taught us the power of the “customer” speaking up.

  • otterhead

    At this point, I only believe what del Toro says when his projects are actually in theaters (or on TV, in this case). He’s in the habit of making big announcements and then having projects fall off the radar or disappear entirely (Haunted Mansion, Mountains of Madness, his “Citizen Kane of video games” project, Beauty & the Beast, Pinocchio, etc etc…)

  • MaskedManAICN

    I’m guessing they are eyeing Cartoon Network for this (with it’s history with Clone Wars). I can’t imagine Disney (who cancelled Tron) or even Nickelodeon would want it unless it was ‘dumbed down’ to a Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. level.

    It’s a real shame that no non-kid network would be interested in it.

    • Greg Bowman

      Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. is a Disney show, hell when it comes to action shows Nick is the best network( okay there two action shows are a reboot and a sequal but you get the idea).

  • GW

    I’d be interested in an animated series with a less anthropomorphic style fighting robot. The MechWarrior Franchise has some better looking robots though the Battletech cartoon is bland in a typical Saturday morning way.

    • Johnny

      Yeah that’s not happening. They’re humanoid shaped for a reason and it has nothing to do with being practical and boring.

      • GW

        I realize that for some a humanoid robot is a sort of wish fulfillment. Nevertheless, I think that it’s a trope that’s overused in animation and it would be a breath of fresh air to have some other sort of mech.

  • Johnny

    Find the last remaining 2D mecha animators and throw money at them. It’s the only way.

  • Its weird, other than a few collector’s items meant for the adult fans I saw no real toys for kids for Pacific Rim when I’d take my son to Toys R Us, and its a movie that would’ve been perfect to make toys of. I think that’s a big reason why the movie failed, from watching the movie once you don’t come out of the theater having a favorite monster or even a favorite robot, so why would kids wanna buy any toys?

    • nevilleross

      The movie didn’t fail at the box office since they’re (obviously) making a sequel-also, most toys lines based on films aren’t selling well anymore these days.

  • Honest_Miss

    This is so crap. It’s the same people who were whining and whining about Hunger Games and Battle Royale. Neither base concept is what you’d call original. The fleshed out elements beyond the concept, yes. The concept itself, no.

    The movie has a similar base concept, sure. Robots fighting aliens for the sake of humanity. Great. But the Pacific Rim creators went their own direction with it. It has its own voice, visual style, world, and peoples.

  • Ted

    Sequel is fine with me – gives me something to live for until 2017.

  • Guest

    What channel will it be on anyway?

  • Barrett

    CN should be a good outlet for tween-teen action shows, what with their history with Justice League and various anime series, but it seems like the current regime there wants to emulate Nick more and avoid stuff that targets 10-and-up audiences, no matter how “toyetic” or kickass the shows might be. I don’t really get it, but I’m not a suit.

  • Cito Kurrukan

    Now that’s going to be interesting. How about a Game of Thrones cartoon series.