<em>Kung Fu Magoo</em> <em>Kung Fu Magoo</em>

Kung Fu Magoo

Was there ever any hope that a new TV movie based on Mr. Magoo, entitled Kung Fu Magoo, had a chance of being any good? If you thought there might be a chance, the video below will remove that thought from your mind.

(Thanks, Matthew Gaastra)

  • ridgecity

    I don’t get it. Is this about Mr. Magoo or about those creepy twins Disney owns? The were still waiting for the animation to come back from Uzbekistan, but had to get that promo out…

  • Richard


    Now, I’m upset of the casting of stupid acting kids, and guest sport commentators – but Chris Parnell is an exciting choice:
    He’s hilarious (gosh, why’d the fire HIM from SNL?!) and a great voice for animation (he didn’t do to many “Saturday TV Funhouses” – ah, great, I have that song stuck in my brain now).

    Plus, who knows? Maybe promotion of this “Kung Fu Magoo” can bring back the classic Magoo episodes into attention.

  • That’s hilariously shit. Though it’s nice to see them make up for Magoo’s past racial stereotyping by jumping on the Asian=Kung Fu bandwagon. Can we please let the kung fu thing go now? Please?

    Isn’t the animation production on this being done where Fosters and El Tigre was done? That was the plan at some point, anyway, as they were hiring for it.

  • Nico

    I’m sitting here trying to figure out what this video has to do with Mr. Magoo.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Since Zack & Cody are in this, I won’t be hearing the end of it in my house if my dad’s friend’s daughters catches wind about it! The Super Bad sample alone doesn’t clue me into what the point this trailer’s supposed to be about. I hope to never lay eyes on this forever!

  • ed

    I’m sitting here trying to figure out if Jerry’s actually seen the final product or if he’s already passing judgement from just a teaser spot on YouTube…?

  • Matthew K Sharp

    That’s either a very clever spoof, or… or… actually, I don’t want there to be an or.

    It’s not real, is it? It is April 1st? Maybe Chinese April 1st?

  • Why is this cast with a bunch of Disney Channel Tween stars? And Where’s Mr. Magoo?

  • They don’t even show us who’s voicing Mr. Magoo, the supposed star of this show. It must be wide off the mark.

    I’ll just wait for the Nostalgia Critic to make fun of this one. There’s no need to actually see it.

  • What…is…this? Where is Mr. Magoo anyway? It does seem really bad, almost as if they were all actors making a spoof about bad adaptations with purposely bad drawings especially done for it. But I guess we need to see a little more to judge it.

  • Mat

    Could those child actors be any more annoying?

  • It’s an impressive example of just how little you need for a cartoon pitch nowadays. All the footage of Magoo was lifted from old episodes. The talking head interviews are the only thing that looks like it cost more than a dollar. Throw in some motion graphics and some model sheet grabs and start seeing dollar signs!

    Oh yeah, and dig up Jim Backus’ grave while you’re at it. Apparently they didnt even bother to cast a new Magoo. That would be tough and cost some money. Better off doing without until you’re sure the thing is sold.

  • FP

    No preview of Magoo with his new voice? He must not sound very good.

    Those damn kids are really horrible.

  • Marc Baker

    You know things are bad when more ‘test subjects’ from Girly Channel’s Genetics Lab get more work. in a just society, these little pip squeaks would be bussing tables at McDonalds, or Burger King instead of polluting our movies, and shows!

  • Perhaps Kenny Mayne should stick to his five-minute segments on Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN… if that…

  • Baron Lego

    It’s like they purposely set out to make something horrible.

  • Ditto to Nico!!

  • Allan

    Children shouldn’t be allowed in front of a camera. Unless they’re from Europe and haven’t been brought up to think ‘Full House’ style antics are cute. Smart mouthed kids shouldn’t get laughs they should get grounded.

  • Chris J

    I’m sorry – was I supposed to be disgusted or dissapointed somehow? I remember Mr Magoo fondly, but just because it happened in the “good ‘ol days” doesn’t mean it’s automatically has to be cannonized. I didn’t see anything here that’s a strong indicator of how good or bad the show will be.

  • Good night! McBarker’s back…

  • I just don’t see it.

  • Wow, I was really surprised to see Anima Estudios’ logo there.


    Orrrrr maybe not.

  • Why are executives so obsessed with children being the main focus in cartoons? Okay. . . they’re cartoons aimed at children, but still. There’s a wide spectrum of problems that anyone at any age could relate to. It would certainly make things less annoying and more people would tune in. . . .

    My only other question is. . . . do most children even know who Mr.Magoo is? I saw small clips of old Mr.Magoo cartoons, but they never quite described who he is or where he came from or even why he’s suddenly “kung fu.” Those Disney children did nothing to describe this to me.

    R.I.P. Mr. Magoo. :(
    You will be missed. Oy vey. . .

  • Reducing things to their lowest common denominator here, most suits today either want to make a standard-issue modern “kids-in-school cartoon,” because they have utmost confidence that that’s what sells; or they bring back a vintage character for its perceived market value, because they have utmost confidence THAT’S what sells.

    But here we have a case where the suits in charge didn’t have confidence in either approach. PINK PANTHER & PALS looks like another such case. Make up your minds, already…

  • Long Time

    Lisa Marie Presley’s newborn twins were just cast as Magoo. Hold it! They’ve been canned. Too old for the part.

  • WuTang Financial

    Get the money
    Dolla dolla bill yall

  • Hollywood should switch their obsession with Kung Fu for something else. Capoeira maybe? ;-)

  • Eugene

    Next up: Cyborg Farmer Alfalfa in Imax 3D.

  • amid

    As John McCain might say, that kid in the yellow shirt really needs to have his “you know what” whipped by his parents.

  • Shmorky


  • Eugene—at least he’d have a better chance against the mice with all those built-in weapons. Unfortunately, they run on moonshine.

  • Hank Gross

    I don’t know who is being shoved down my throat more Zack & Cody or Obama. (sorry to turn this political)

  • Saturnome

    I thought it was a spoof before I read the comments here, I’m serious, no joke.

  • Eugene

    Amadee Van Beuren would have a field day in this creatively barren, toxic capitalist marketplace. He was about 3% better than the minds who begat “Kung Fu Magoo” but it’s enough to kick retarded ass.

  • Don

    Who’s designs are those? They look kinda Stephen Silver-ish.

  • Marc Baker

    ‘I don’t know who is being shoved down my throat more Zack & Cody or Obama.’

    All three of them are being shoved down our throats., and the people doing so probably hate cartoons.

  • Mel

    The Pink Panther and Pals disaster involved an American company in a tailspin and a foreign country flush with misguided cash. Don’t worry, it’ll suck as much as the new Magoo. Archway and Mother’s Cookies went bankrupt Friday, so look for some crispy, crunchy retro characters voiced by meth addled teens in about a week.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That’s for the comment David about the state of things today. I personally would rather have a show about a kid of of school than in one. Rather tell a story of a hard-working child who goes on an adventure in a fantasy world more than the usual present-day stuff, but I guess it would be deemed too daring or out of the question for most of those execs.

  • Kyle Maloney

    I don’t understand why they like to hire actors like these for cartoons. I mean, there are hundreds of talented voice actors that would do the job better, as its there thing. when they just grab Disney channel stars (and former) and and SNL cast members I cant help but think of them when watching. why not use no name actors that could really use the gig? its not like people really care about the people behind the mic. star power shouldn’t exist here.

  • is this real?

    i just cried a little. seriously.

  • Jose Garcia

    Well, why does not everyone including Jerry pass judgement once they have seen the movie, not solely based on a promotional trailer solely intended for industry purposes. Once you have seen the final cut, by all means let the world know what you think about it.

    There are many extremely talented voice actors in the project, as well as animators who adore Mr. Magoo, and strive to make a product worth of such heritage.

    Also, what better way for new generations to get acquainted with Mr. Magoo if not through new projects that include talent the kids are familiar with.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    Wait, the animation studio is named Anima? Seriously?! Anima? Who’s idea was that?

  • David Cuny

    I can’t really get worked up about this, given that Magoo was pretty much a cheap cartoon that repeated the same plot over and over. It was the excellent voice acting that sold the show in the first place.

    If you check out the lineup at 1:39, you’ll see they’ve kept Magoo with his original design.

    I’m betting they also keep Jim Backus’ voice, cutting and pasting out of the old Magoo cartoons.

    The character design looks like rejects from Disney’s old “Recess” show, and the voice acting sounds pretty awful. Then again, it’s probably a good fit for the plot, with “Dylan Magoo” standing in for “Scrappy Doo.”

  • Guy

    Isn’t it amazing how even with something so obviously wretched as this we still get guys chiding us with “How dare you judge it without seeing it! You don’t KNOW it’s garbage!”

    Yes, we do.

  • Jose Garcia

    Anima = Soul in Latin, not all names in the world are based around English.

  • Daniel Fouste

    Is nothing sacred?

    And why the health would they spend more time showcasing the “talents” of Disney Channel stars than on the one character whose name appears in the title?

    I hate Generation Z.

  • Grant Beaudette

    The main thing I see from promos like these is that the executives seem to put all their interest in the voice recording part of the process and everything else might as well be voodoo.

  • Larry

    Everything but the voice recording IS voodoo to them. They never bothered to learn a thing about it. It’s not sexy.

  • Brannigan’s Law

    Whenever I see a majestic, timeless, and poetic piece of art and storytelling such as this I think about all the money it cost to make and then I think of the people in the world suffering and dying because they are too poor to get the help they need to survive or ease their pain. The money from Beverly Hills Chihuahua alone could have saved the lives of over 50,000 children… instead it made more people dead inside. Go Hollywood execs, go!

  • Jones

    Thank you for helping reinforce my simmering hatred for child actors.

  • Kinda going off what Jose Garcia mentioned…it might be a nice cartoon after all, even with a tacky promo like this. But that’s the thing…isn’t a promo supposed to get people turned ON to a project? And…er…I seriously do not remember being this OBNOXIOUS as a 13 year old. That may have been 10 years ago for me, but I still remember quite clearly despising my peers who sounded like pretentious pricks. Will someone in a production office please jot THAT note down about pointers for children???

  • tom

    why are all of these kids so f*cking unappealing? What’s going wrong at the Disney gene lab these days?

  • rhinotonight

    “Well, why does not everyone including Jerry pass judgement once they have seen the movie, not solely based on a promotional trailer solely intended for industry purposes. Once you have seen the final cut, by all means let the world know what you think about it. There are many extremely talented voice actors in the project, as well as animators who adore Mr. Magoo, and strive to make a product worth of such heritage. Also, what better way for new generations to get acquainted with Mr. Magoo if not through new projects that include talent the kids are familiar with.”

    i can think of 3 better ways off the top of head.

  • rhinotonight

    on more thing, is Mr. Magoo even in this? or is it about his children or grand children or something.

  • Fred

    Magoo’s original nephew, Waldo, was the most outdated character in animation until Joe Ruby began making his own cartoons. Waldo wore a 1920’s raccoon coat in the late 1940’s and all through the 1950’s, and even played a ukulele on occasion. In the backstory for this version, they probably explain how Waldo was bred with a box of vanilla wafers to artificially produce the perky but benign teenage cast we have here.

  • In the immortal words of Duck Twacy: “Oh agony! Agony!”

    Seriously, all involved should be totally ashamed. However, suits have no shame. The current economic crisis should prove it.

    And that studio which is responsible for this abortion? How dare they name themselves after the Latin word for Soul. They have none.

  • Masten

    Oh, Chris Parnell.

    You’re better than this.

  • What next, the live-action version of “Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol?”

  • Bryan

    From BATMAN (1989)

    Joker: Bob, gun.
    Goon Bob: Yes sir.
    Shoots me instead.
    Me: Thank you.

  • ridgecity

    Hopefully they can find a part for the Spears’ Babies in later seasons, they will be big Disney stars someday…

  • Bauza