Locomotion I.D.’s Locomotion I.D.’s

Locomotion I.D.’s

Here are eight station IDs for the late great Locomotion channel (1996-2005), a wonderfully programmed Latin American cartoon cable station which was bought out in 2005 by Animax. In it’s heyday, the channel mixed classic Hollywood cartoons, anime and independent animation. Good stuff.

I don’t know who did these spots, but they are bursting with creativity and a lot of fun. They had one, which I haven’t seen in ten years, featuring Krazy Kat and Ignatz Herriman style, as stop motion puppets. Does anyone have that, or know who did it?

  • That Krazy Kat cartoon was directed by Derek Mogford and produced by Spitting Image Productions. I wrote a blog post about it here: http://smarterthantheaverage.tumblr.com/post/41799821/

  • Nathan Strum

    Chainsaw toothbrush.


  • Galen Fott
  • Those are great!

  • Yes, Galen and Jonathan, that’s what I was referring to. I thought the KK pilot was a station ID but apparently its simply a 3-minute test film. It was shown as an interstitial on Locomotion, as the Hearst Corp. was a partner in the channel.

  • The bull-roping spot, and the centrifugal machine were both done at Mondo Media here in SF.

    Later, Mondo created its “Mini-Shows” which were some of the first syndicated Flash cartoons on the web. I worked on “Like, News” along with creator, Don Asmussen.

  • aaron

    The opening with the little Steamboat Willie paraody near the end was directed by Roger Dondis at Wild Brain.

  • Makinita

    I remenber siting hours and hours infront of the tv watching locomotion in Ecuador and at night the whole block of shows where some pretty hardcore adult stuff it was awesome i missed that channel

  • OMFG my head is fulling of memories

    i grow up watching that channel

    thx dude

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  • The first two were produced at Wildbrain. As Aaron said, the first one, “Retro-motion” was directed by Roger Dondis, with several of the animators getting to pick a style they wanted their scene to be in. The second, “Top of the Hour”, was directed by Gordon Clark, again with the animators getting to make their own mouths and faces with drawings, paper or even vegetables. : )

  • TKS a lot man to up this!!!!
    where u get this video? plz tell mee…

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  • Chris

    The Alien Cow Animated Piece was Made by Jim Keeshen productions In Santa Monica same studio that helped Seth Mcfarlane Produce his pilot Episode for “Family Guy”.