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MAD Cartoons coming to Adult Swim

Pssst… I just found out Cartoon Network will be announcing a new animated MAD show at their upfront presentations tomorrow in New York City.

It’s a Warner Brothers production, helmed by Peter Girardi (Funny Garbage) and head writer Kevin Shinick (Robot Chicken), featuring animated cartoons by classic MAD artists like Don Martin and Sergio Aragones, paired with today’s top cartoon animators like Ben Jones (Paperrad), M. Wartella (Village Voice, Wonder Showzen), and Devin Flynn (Vice, Aqua Teen) who will be doing his own twisted take on the Spy vs. Spy franchise.

The show will be airing on Cartoon Network this Fall, part of channel’s plan to roll out a new lineup of Adult Swim-style shows, but fit for prime time.

  • I’m interested in this! I just hope it steers as far away as possible from MadTV.

  • droosan

    what next: Nickelodeon’s CRACKED Cartoons..?

    Though, the ‘Nanny Dickering’ interview segments would probably make it unfit for ‘prime time’. ;-)

  • lampshade

    It sounds like a mixture of both good and bad. I wonder how this will turn out.

  • startstop

    More work for NY animators = plus!

  • This is exciting news. Finally, the way MADtv was meant to be!

  • BoogieMan

    Is it all animated? Like an animated version of Mad magazine? How will they do the fold-in?

  • I’d love to see some Sergio Aragonés cartoons animated. Actually, I’d LOVE to animate them myself!

  • Kyle Maloney

    Interesting…very interesting.

  • mrscriblam

    Kevin Shinick (Robot Chicken)

    welp my anticipation is dead

  • Another MAD show. Goody gum drops.

    Wake me up when John K. Presents [what was pitched at comic con] gets picked up. I WANT THAT SHOW PICKED UP SOOOOOOOOO BADLY!

  • NC

    I’m excited. It sounds like a great idea. Better than reruns of family guy.

  • The only thing I liked about MAD TV was the animated Spy vs. Spy segments. They were really well animated shorts. I just hope the Adult Swim versions will match up to that level of craftsmanship.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    No doubt someone saw “The Mad Magazine TV Special” and wants a crack at that again!

  • Sounds fascinating, especially the Sergio Aragonés stuff. I just happen to be at Warner Bros. this afternoon.

  • Rooniman

    This sounds interesting. Hope its good.

  • Wow, a new show I’m actually excited about! This could really be great, particularly if the animation is as loose as Jack Davis and Aragones’s drawing styles.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    They should hire Sergio to animate his own stuff. He has animated his cartoons in the past, most notably for DICK CLARK’S BLOOPERS AND PRACTICAL JOKES several years back.

  • I’m actually excited about this. Sounds great. I loved the Spy vs. Spy segments from MADtv, so as long as it’s just as good…

  • Wait…. Cartoon Network doing CARTOONS?

  • I’d love to see a few mini-episodes of Don Martin’s “Captain Klutz”!!

  • Hopefully they’ll make some new SPY vs. SPY cartoons for the show.

  • Arafatty Arbuckle

    Call me crazy, but rehashing decades-old Aragones and Don Martin cartoons sounds like a BAD idea… I DO, however, like the idea of seeing work by “today’s top cartoon animators” though. Line-up sounds sweet!

    My verdict: wait and see, this could be a good one.

  • I might have to tune in to see how this pans out. I will give it a fair shot. It definitely has me interested.

  • josh

    does anyone know any studios that are doing animation for this all? i’d love to check them out!

  • Tim

    Hey, what time is the upfront?

  • Arthur F

    Mixed-to-bad feelings about this news. I enjoyed reading MAD growing up… in the 60s. It’s so stuck there, before SNL and several generations.

    It’s one thing to re-animate a tv cartoon originally drawn in the 1960s like “Space Ghost” by turning it into a fresh parodic vehicle for a “talk show” format, and another to take a fresh parodic vehicle of the 1960s … and do what exactly? Animate it and make it dramatic? or like MAD TV already was, just another series of skits?

  • BoogieMan

    Arthur::: I think that this is more of an attempt to pull the MAD brand *out* of the 60s and add some fresh new talent in a format (animation) that appeals to people in 2010?

  • John A

    Animating Don Martin’s old stuff could be a great way to introduce younger viewers to this great man’s work.

    It might be interesting to see some of Mort Drucker’s artwork animated too.

  • Looking forward to any newly animated Spy VS Spy.

  • Charles

    Good idea on paper! lol. Hopefully CN is faithful to the style and spirit of MAD magazine.

  • RobEB

    I hope this turns out to be good, but I don’t have very high hopes for it…

  • Rob M.

    As long as it gives us at least one show that isn’t poop jokes and ultraviolence on Adult Swim, I’ll be happy with it.

  • I just hope this new series of Mad will stay true to the magazine, unlike the recent seasons of MadTV

  • Scott Conner

    I’d watch it just for the Sergio Aragones material alone.