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Mighty Mouse – the New Adventures on DVD

Here it comes to save your day.

This past year I’ve been working with CBS Video and Paramount Home Entertainment on compiling the Ralph Bakshi/John Kricfalusi Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures complete series DVD set — and now you can pre-order it on Amazon.com. It’ll be released on January 5th 2010 and bonus materials include commentary by John Kricfalusi, Tom Minton, Mike Kazaleh and Kent Butterworth; three original Terry Toons cartoons (1943’s He Dood It Again with original “Super Mouse” titles, the 1945 Oscar nominated Gypsy Life, and one of the first cartoons Bakshi ever animated on, from 1961, Mysterious Package); and a bonus behind the scenes documentary, Breaking the Mold: the Re-Making of Mighty Mouse with Ralph, John K., Bruce Timm, Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon, Vicki Jenson, Libby Simon, Mike Kazaleh, Kent Butterworth, Tom Minton, etc.

The 1987-88 series has been beautifully restored and will be released uncut, and the documentary contains much rare behind-the-scenes footage and commentary. Take it from me – this is a must-have. Mike Kazaleh designed the wrap around cover (above, click image to see it larger).

  • Dock Miles

    Thank you, Mr. Beck. Much needed and appreciated.

    (“Raymond Burr must be in orbit!”)

  • james madison

    Good to hear. I have always heard about this series but unfortunately never saw it. I’m very interested in hearing the creators point of view.

    I hope part of the commentary is from the “controversial” episode that people talk about.

  • Hooray ! Now let’s get those original Terrytoon Mighty Mouse (and “Super Mouse”) and Heckle & Jeckle cartoons restored and released !

  • Already pre-ordered. Can’t wait.

  • Harry

    I’m more interested in the old cartoons (The Jerry Stuff) on the set. The show itself was more “infamous” than good.

  • RayRay

    Wow! I can finally toss my VHS copies I made of the shows original run….if I can find them ^_^ Thanks JB!!!!

  • I heard about this a couple weeks ago. Can’t wait.

    “The 1987-88 series has been beautifully restored and will be released uncut”

    Does that mean… the “flower snortin'” episode’s gonna be in the set?!

  • Excellent, Excellent. This looks like a great set. Thank you for the wonderful news. I’ll be sure to ask for it. When is it coming out?

  • uncle wayne

    As I had never saw the actual run, what few I’ve seen on You T. is an absolute RIOT! Very funny….and a true homage…in its hip-“modern-day” humor.

    But I, like many others, [still]want to know how to obtain the REAL MMs!???

  • Joe

    Hopefully Ralph Bakshi will see some cash from sales of this DVD. So he can finally finish last days of Coney Island!

  • Mick Collins

    I can’t wait for this. Now if we could just – please GHODS – get a release of the brilliant, Film Roman-produced Felix The Cat series…

    I have thrown up my hands in despair of ever seeing a proper DVD release of any of the Terrytoons titles…

  • The Cow! Bat-Bat! Elway and the Tree Weasels! I killed my vcr slow-framing this show. Been waitin’ a long time for this! Twitch n’ writhe!

  • top cat james

    Would love a commentary track from Rev. “Wildman” Wildmon.

    Another terrific cover, Mr. Kazaleh!

  • top cat james

    @ Mick

    The GHODS answered your prayer-about nine years ago :)



  • Wow, this is crazy good news! I’m so looking forward to it!

  • Bout time! Bought.

  • Paul N

    Your place in heaven is assured, Mr. Beck…

  • It was the one-two punch of this show and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse that cemented cartoons’ place forever in the heart of an eight-year-old me. Thank you, Jerry, I look forward to hearing a nickel from my purchase of this DVD fall into your pocket.

  • Can’t wait to see Man Bat and his sidekick Bug Wonder again!

  • Hot damn! This show literally blew my mind the first time I saw it. I was in college and we were at a friend’s place having a keg fueled weekend. As we groggily ate breakfast somebody flicked the dial and wound up midway through the “The League of Super-Rodents” episode. Being used to the relative blandness of 80’s Saturday morning cartoons I was convinced that I couldn’t be seeing what I was seeing and had instead succumbed to alcohol induced dementia. Great groundbreaking stuff.

  • stavner

    Best news I’ve heard all day!

  • Christopher Cook

    How about Bat-Bat’s final line in “Bat With A Golden Tongue?” On TV, he passes along some advice to the viewers but it was replaced with a scream although Bat-Bat’s lips appear to be saying “Just say no to” something. (This was presumably a make-good episode to assuage the phone-pole shouters up in arms about the flower-sniffing scene in “The Littlest Tramp”.)

    I digress…looking forward to getting this! Good work to Jerry, CBS and Paramount!

  • Great cover, Mike Kazaleh!
    Really captures the look and spirit of the show.

  • Doooooooooooode!

    This and the Beany & Cecil Vol. 2 release completely makes up for having no Looney Tunes or Popeye package this year.

    The “Twisted Tales of Felix” is by no means the complete series, but you do get the more memorable episodes like the “Time Twister.” Worth getting.

    “No wonder they call television a ‘medium.’ Nothing about it is rare or well done!” –MM, “Don’t Touch That Dial!”

  • Stephen

    Bakshi’s MM was fun, but for me Mighty Mouse at his best means Jim Tyer animation. Bring on the theatricals!

  • Jorge Garrido

    AWESOME. The one 80s cartoon I really truly love! I only wish Eddie was also on it!

  • Great news. I remember in the 80’s thinking “this is not like the others!”

    I recall an awards ceremony where John K credited Ralph Bakshi with bringing on the animation renaissance with this series and he might be right.

    I hope this is actually as good as my memories of it.

  • Mike Kazaleh

    Christopher Cook: The final line in “Bat with the Golden Tongue” was originally “Just say ‘no’ to canned laughter.” The day before it aired, McDonalds threatened to pull its advertising if the line wasn’t removed. There was no time to record another line, so a stock scream was cut in. Jim Reardon had originally titled the episode “Bat with the Golden Arm” but CBS nixed that early on.

  • It´s too bad it might not be released in Latin America, such as the Ren and Stimpy DVDs :-(

  • This show was one of the things that inspired me to go into animation in the first place! Thank you for putting it out on DVD! Finally!!!

  • This is a great cartoon series. I pre-ordered it today as soon as I heard of the release. I think this is some of John Kricfalusi’s best work. Tanks for putting this out!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I learned something new today, thank you Mike!

    Would be interesting to hear the commentary tracks for “Don’t Touch That Dial!” and “Mighty’s Benefit Plan” personally, those where the two episodes I hailed as the best of the series personally, they both disgusted and enlightened me in a way I didn’t felt before up to that point in my childhood. I could never eat “Ohorrids” again after watching that!

    There’s a neat story surrounding Mighty’s Benefit Plan as well that I see is archived on Google Groups anyway if anyone cares to check that out, but it’s one I still like mentioning whenever I get the chance. But it’s a good example of what went into the making of these cartoons that you never know the blood, sweat and tears that were actually there on celluloid from day one.

  • Let’s just hope this is the beginning of Paramount opening their video vault and allowing us to purchase such treasures as “The Complete Little Lulu”, “The Complete Betty Boop”, or “George Pal Puppetoons”. Will these ever surface on DVD and Blu-ray?

    If it’s too expensive to restore- let Viacom jump on their rival’s bandwagon (Time Warner) and have a Paramount Archive be another option.

  • doug holverson

    Violence is not effective against crustaceans!

  • I have to admit, I’m going to miss the CBS bumpers on my old copies, with the kids pulling levers and pushing buttons in a control room.

  • Christopher Cook

    Mike K: Thanks for the info on “Bat With a Golden Tongue.” It puzzles me as to why Mickey D’s threatened to pull its ads because of that line. (I’ve had the good fortune to share comic book space with you on DC Comics’ CN Block Party. Your work on Camp Lazlo is a hoot!)

  • Mighty Mouse kicks ass!

    As far as mice go, he rules. Screw Mickey…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Oh yes, the control room bumpers!

    That’s what it was like. Course a year before these showed up, we had the odd stop-motion pieces that was like 5 seconds of artistic hell! Being reminded of anticipating the release of the “Garbage Pail Kids” cartoon CBS also had planned as well but pulled out at the last minute (it’s out on DVD if those out there dare check that out). As someone else here stated, this and Pee Wee’s Playhouse was what got CBS on it’s feet in the 80’s Saturday morning scene.

  • Ed Fleharty

    What about Ed Bell and Jeff Pidgeon? They were interviewed too. Hope they made the cut.

  • Ed Fleharty Yes, Ed Bell and Jeff Pidgeon are there. I didn’t name everyone we interviewed, but there are others too, including director Steve Gordon.

    Frank Cifaldi – I haven’t seen the final discs yet, but I have suggested they include a “control room bumper” on at least one cartoon. CBS owns those bumpers, and since CBS is releasing the DVD, there’s no reason not to have one.

  • AJ

    The cartoon they should include it on is “Don’t Touch That Dial” because the final line directly ties in with that bumper.

  • Thnk you for the heads up. I love pre-order.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    It would be great if they listen Jerry, then I can one day watch that episode with my kids, then stare at their shocked faces and say “and thats when I turned off the set, and actually went outside for once!” :-)

  • Ryan

    I just pee’d a little…

    Wondeful! Now, how about you do the same magic you tend to bring to these things, and get some Ren & Stimpy DVDs done properly?

  • Keith Paynter

    Jerry on the job!

    MM was never personally my cup’o’tea, however it is great to see another studio step up to the plate and issue an animation series with the collector in mind!

    Now, where’s all the anti-John K. backlash?

    Well done!

  • This news has made so very happy!!! I have been waiting years for these to be released! I yelled ‘WooooHoooo!’ out loud.

  • Patrick

    Finally. The VHS tape I had most of these on wore out twelve or so years ago.

    God, it was really the most bonkers thing on Saturday morning then and now.

  • Dave G

    “Bonkers” is a bad word in television animation.

  • Hooray!!!

    Man, it’s about time. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this to come out on dvd. I was very much into into the series when it aired on cbs and recorded every episode (commercial free) on vhs tape. I watched the tape so much that it’s worn out. Now I can retire that old thing and make room for the dvd to add to my animation collection.

  • Janell

    Question – I used to watch MM with my boyfriend (now husband) and there was an episode that made fun of Brooke Shields’ eyebrows. Is this the MM I want? Or was I watching something different? If this is it, I will pre-order as a gift for hubby.

  • Logweb

    Brooke Shields’ eyebrows are damned funny.

  • Jim

    I know that the show will be even more mightier on Blu-ray if the DVDs of M.M.T.N.A. sells well.