<em>Neighbors from Hell</em> <em>Neighbors from Hell</em>

Neighbors from Hell

An unfunny preview of Neighbors from Hell, the first original animated series created for TBS, which also became the new home of Conan O’Brien today. The show centers around “the Hellmans, a typical, all-American suburban family. . .the only thing that distinguishes them from the rest of the folks in the neighborhood is that the Hellmans happen to be from Hell.” According to this site, numerous parties are involved in its production including Fox TV Animation, DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. and Jeffrey Katzenberg, and executive-producers Pam Brady (South Park) and Mireille Soria (Madagascar). One of the show’s writers is Kyle McCulloch, a veteran of South Park and creator of Icebox’s Mr. Wong (remember that?). Vancouver-based Bardel Entertainment is providing the animation for the first season of ten episodes which will premiere in June.

  • startstop

    Why would this be produced in CG when all the preproduction work and opening animation (of the family standing in front of their house) is in 2D?!!

  • Lot of “South Park” folks seem to be involved. I wonder if this show will be as good.

  • Mike!

    So… is this like Family Guy meets Ugly Americans? I love Patton Oswalt, but… I dunno about this. Plus new Futuramas start in June; why watch anything else?

  • Yuriy

    Whose bright idea was it to name a show after a brand of mayonnaise?

  • They always seem to grab a bunch of guys from different successful shows, but never, it seems, the right ones. Ah, whatev’s, I’ll give ’em the benefit of the doubt. Stick with the 2-ep rule…if it ain’t workin’ for ya after 2 episodes, then it ain’t gonna. Best of luck to them.

  • 2D or CG? They did show a model in the opening seconds… But it isn’t uncommon for a CG series to have all of the pre-production work done by hand.

    In any case, I think the concept is fine, but may appear a little stretched when fitted for television. I would be more comfortable if there were a couple more dimensions to the family traveling to Earth (and perhaps we’ll learn of them in due time), beyond the face value effort of stopping the drill and, presumably, saving Hell from a distance.

  • I was wondering about the 3D, 2D thing myself. Could it be they built them in c.g. as an aid to imaging the characters in the round instead of clay maquettes?

  • Zach Cole

    Stylistically, it’s nothing original, but still looks better than Family Guy. I hate previews that hype a show. It feels really fake. I really like Patton Oswalt, too, so I’m really unsure of how I feel about the show.

    I feel like it might be something like The Oblongs…

  • startstop –did you watch different videos to me? All of the clips showed drawn animation, and with animatics that accomplished, why would they bother with the rigmarole of cg’ing over the top? Besides, I’m sure some of them were labeled ‘pencil tests’.

    At least this is a new animated comedy that has relatively interesting looking animation going on, in a new style, instead of literally being an animated script.

  • HB

    Joel Brinkerhoff is absolutely correct. I’m working at Bardel on the production, and the 3D models are just digital maquettes to help us animate in digitally in 2D.

  • G

    The show is 2D, the CG models are reference riggs only.

  • startstop

    I should stress that my point in my previous post was about the ambiguity of it all- I am NOT sure what medium this will be finished in!! Why make something in 3D when the design of the world and characters are tailored for 2D? That’s my reasoning at least. I know CG is faster for those who know how to do it.

  • Thomas Dee

    Cel shaded 3D animation on the figures, maybe? I dunno.

  • Ron

    Maybe it’s that they made and animated the characters in 3D but then put a 2D filter over them to save time- like they do on south park? One of the producers is from South Park so it would make sense.

    Regardless, the designs and animation look very good for TV. I’ll give this show a chance. I bet it was fun to work on.

  • South Park is animated in 3D. I imagine it’s just this show’s producers re-creating a production pipeline they’re familiar with.

  • lampshade

    COMING UP NEXT: The Borings do wacky things in Snoresville.

  • It looks okay, I guess. It’ll probably suffer the same fate as the ‘adult’ shows that, uh…. Spike? T.v.? Did a few years ago? With that Kelsey Grammer rat thing, and the really creepy Ren and Stimpy? I think that was Spike.

    Anyway, hopefully it’s good, and if it’s good, hopefully it’s popular, but if it’s bad, I hope it gets better or cancelled. Is that non-commital enough?

  • tedzey

    I love how they are always insisting that this show will be funny! Every sentence is like they’re begging us to believe that this show will last!

  • FP

    The true hilarity is: the practiced sincerity of the performers talking about how funny this show is.

    Reminds me of Killer in TAXI DRIVER telling Travis all the things he can do to Iris.

  • I love Molly Shannon expressing the honor of being on the same network as re-runs of Family Guy

    I also don’t know if I can get over one of my favorite comedians stuck in the now typical role of “character that shouldn’t be able to talk but does”

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    Shrug. I’ll have to agree. From what I saw, it looked fine. Animation looked snappy, voice acting sounded well placed, and the concept was eyebrow raising. I’ll give it a go, for sure. I’m rooting for all these villain and supervillain based movies and shows coming out, as I’m working on League of Super Evil right now. Right now, Villains seem like the place to be!

  • Thanks HB for clearing that up. I meant ‘imagining’ the characters in the round, but you seemed to know what I was about. That seems like a cool way to go, the c.g. maquettes, and will probably become more common, although I love having a little figure I can play with on my desk.

    Good fortune with the show!

  • Roberto

    I kinda like the visual style, at least the characters have pretty expressive faces for once but all the actors seem to desperate to say how funny the show is, and they don’t really seem like having so much fun.

    We’ll see.

  • Pedro Nakama

    One day at the Polo Lounge…
    “I’ve got a great idea… we combine Family Guy with the Munsters and we’ll put it on TBS! Very funny!”

    Seriously this may be the first animated series to get cancelled in storyboard form.

  • Mike Lucy

    The little sizzle video is seriously misleading as to how the show is made.

    1. Don’t keep rotating a 3D model when the show is drawn.

    2. What the hell is up with the square tracking around Molly Shannon’s face in her voice record session labeled “performance capture?”

    Can someone tell me why networks or whoever love to mislead the public? If Average Joe watches this video they will probably think the show is created in 3D by capturing the actor’s performances. WTF! These studios keep trying to hide the animators, WHY!?

  • Paul N

    Mike, you left out 4. Animatics labeled as pencil tests.

  • ItsJoseph

    I’ll give it 8 episodes before it’s pulled.

  • NC

    If it weren’t for the fact that Conan is now on TBS I’d have no reason to watch that channel.

    I can already see the formula. Joke, sly uneducated political comment, joke, repeat…

    TBS always claims to be “Very Funny” but last I checked George Lopez wasn’t. I’m pretty sure this show won’t be either.

  • victoria

    With California’s very bad economy I can’t judge others simply trying to find work, non funny actors and bad artists gotta eat too.

  • Seems a little 3rd Rock from the Sun-ish to me.

  • It seems that after a three martini lunch, someone pulled out an old issue of National Lampoon,( from back in the funny days), and saw the cartoon, ” Our Vacation in Hell “.

  • I want to like it but — I hope the show is funnier than the previews.

  • rebecca

    they’re really trying to sell “it’s funny” aren’t they. i’m not sure if it makes it out to australia i might be convinced but then again the family guy made it here and that show is appalling.

  • trying.. ..to… ..care!
    Can’t… ..find… strength!!!

  • pheslaki

    Hrm. Fat husband, tough but sexy wife, vapid teenage daughter, bratty son, wacky older male relative, talking animal.

    Very creative.

  • needs more fart jokes.

  • Patton Ozwald, Will Sasso and Molly Shannon? Sounds good to me. It also looks like it will be better animated than most adult fare.I like the designs for once.
    That being said, the concept itself is an oldy moldy for sure.
    Bardel is a great studio, So I’m sure it will look awesome. so I’ll reserve judgment till the premier.(I think all those 3d models and “performance capture” are just to grab avatar buzz.)

    I got to work on 2 of those circa 2000 failed adult shows that film roman/WB tried to do, mission hill and the oblongs. (Vincent Waller directed a few I believe)
    Both those shows were “very funny” but too a bit too high brow for Joe punch clock. I don’t think red state viewers like the same shows cartoonists do.
    Hate Seth all you want, but he gets everybody to love his show BUT the cartoonists.And Ted Turner is a friend to animation, albeit a creepy mustachioed friend.

  • “pheslaki says:

    Hrm. Fat husband, tough but sexy wife, vapid teenage daughter, bratty son, wacky older male relative, talking animal.

    Very creative.”

    That bears repeating!

    Same old lame sitcom formula. Way to break the mold, guys!

  • Hal

    Looks like DAMNED good cel shading to me – they probably are recording the actors for FACIAL REFERENCE. I mean honestly – when did any of these BS promo pieces showcase the animtors?
    Like just about ANY production 2d or 3d. So Patton Oswalt’s involved – that’s a win. Too bad Cartoon Brew’s covering it – seems like anything targeted towards the over 18 demo this site mentions often ends up teh suckz. Thanks for NOT covering VENTURE BROTHERS, METALOCALYPSE and UGLY AMERICANS CB! Those shows remain great and yet ignored by this site. Please stop investing any more posts on NEIGHBORS FROM HELL and maybe it will be hilarious and worth watching.

  • Steve Gattuso

    It’s a toss-up. Hard to avoid scatological humor when all your main characters are demons, so seeing such gags here isn’t really a problem. I like the designs, and the small animated sections looked good.

    What the heck, I’ll give it a try.

  • I find the whole story concept faulty.

    Why would Satan care if humans drilled their way into Hell?

    If humans drilled into Hell it would cause so much chaos and evil released onto Earth which Satan would want.

  • Paul K.

    It’s not Seth Macfarlane or 12 oz. Mouse-like scribble so score this in the win column.

    Seriously though, this looks promising (despite the obtuse fumbling of the marketing team).

  • Arthur F

    What if: “Third Rock” with “King of the Hill” — feels too sitcom formulaic. Whatever she got from “South Park”, it isn’t showing here, this is more

  • David Breneman

    I was going to say “Family Guy meets The Munsters”, but Pedro beat me to it. So I was going to suggest “Family Guy meets The Addams Family.” The problem with that analogy is that Charles Addams was a genius and Family Guy is yawn-inducing derivative. So, I guess it’s sort of “The Munsters meets Drawn Together.” Yeah, that describes about the level of suckitude that this trailer presented. It would be hard for the show to be as bad as the trailer suggests, but somehow I have a hunch that they can pull it off.

  • Scott

    FYI: 3d animating is not easier than 2d … There is more prep work in modelling and rigging with 3d. I spec the design is 3d with a mapped 2d effect. It was used commonly a few years ago, but never really took off. It will be interesting to see what the final work looks like . As is true nowadays, writing could keep it afloat.


    I wouldn’t ever watch this show again. It’s offensive, to the Africans and Chinese, to the Hispanic culture; the show needs to be removed off the air, it keeps talking about how dark the Hispanic guy looked, and Chinese people eating cats…. I wish there was someone out there I could talk to. If someone else out there find this offensive, let’s do something about it. Some parents let children stay up that late and I’m sure they have seen the show. This brings back memories of how cruel people can really be. Did they actually think we would sit there and laugh at this racist ass cartoon. GET OVER IT THE PRESIDENT IS BLACK!

    • Rose

      While this is offensive to most races, I myself and mixed and am tri-racial (3 races) and loved it…. So get off your high horse its just making light of every day events.

    • nathan

      get over it it is just a show and i thought it was pretty funny and im mexican and i could care less about anything racist. who care is it hurting you and if you dont like it than dont watch it change the chanel than i think people filp out over the dumbest stuff it is a cartoon.