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New Artwork from Nick’s Upcoming ‘Funny’ Shows

As part of its recent upfront presentation, Nickelodeon released new art from their previously announced series: Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Bad Seeds and Welcome to the Wayne.

If their new slate of shows look comedy-centric, it’s the result of Nick’s market research, which revealed to them that children rank laughter as more important than vacation, family meals and holidays. “Comedy is what today’s kids want above all else, and it’s what they expect from Nickelodeon,” explains Russell Hicks, Nick’s president of content development and production. “We have had a clear goal to let their tastes and preferences inform our creative choices, and we’ve tailored our new content to make the most relevant and funny content just for them.”

Twenty-six episodes will be made of Pig Goat Banana Cricket and Bad Seeds each, which are headed to broadcast, while Welcome to the Wayne got a six-episode order for the Nick App. The latter show is created by children’s show writer/composer Billy Lopez, who is the brother of Frozen co-song writer Robert Lopez.

Click on the images for larger version.

Pig Goat Banana Cricket—This show features a series of absurd interwoven stories about four friends and roommates, Pig (the fool), Goat (the artist), Banana (the wise-guy) and Cricket (the brain). The series is created by Dave Cooper and J. Ryan, and executive produced by David Sacks (The Simpsons, Regular Show) who co-writes with J. Ryan. Cooper also art directs the series and the pilot was directed by independent animator Nick Cross.

Bad Seeds—Harvey, a sweet and well-meaning bird, makes two new best friends, Fee and Foo, the wildest imps in the forest. Although their friendship seems unlikely, their connection only grows as they push each other out of their comfort zones and into endless adventures. Created, written and directed by C.H. Greenblatt (SpongeBob SquarePants, Chowder).

Welcome to the Wayne—Launching on the Emmy Award-winning Nick App, Welcome to the Wayne, is a comedy following the adventures of two 10-year-old boys Olly Timbers and Ansi Molina as they explore their crazy apartment building, the Wayne. The series was created and written by Billy Lopez (The Wonder Pets!).

  • Alex Irish

    If Nick is content to let “market research” shape their content’s style and tone, then it is doomed to lack breadth and appeal to those outside their target. Such a sad state of affairs.
    The Nick of today is not the one we saw in the 90s. They’ve become a different company that’s detached from reality and from what it’s older fans would want that would stick with it.

    • IJK

      I was not aware Nick tailored their work towards their older audiences, in fact, I thought they were first and foremost interested in animation for kids.

      Or is this the nostalgia talking? Because I’m fairly certain teens and adults who did NOT grow up with Catdog, Angry Beavers, and Real Monsters! were not interested in them. Similar to how we’re not interested at all in Fanboy & ChumChum and Breadwinners.

      Of course teens and adults can still enjoy modern stuff, I think Breadwinners is fun and enjoyed Mighty B!, but you definitely sound like you have some heavy nostalgia-glasses masking your view.

      Nick back in the day is very similar to how they are now: Pre-schooler shows, main network with mostly wacky comedies, some tweencoms, and that rare toned down slice-of-life/action cartoon.

      What Nickelodeon did you grow up with there kids comedy was not their main target?

      • Alex Irish

        Agreed, they’ve always appealed to kids, but as Cartoon Network’s recent renaissance has shown us, it’s that you can design cartoon series that appeal to both kids and adults. You may not have liked everything Nick produced and aired in the 1990s (I didn’t, for sure), but they did have a sense of variety, which this upcoming line-up seems to lack a bit.
        Too, SpongeBob had cross-age appeal, Avatar had cross-age appeal, and Ren & Stimpy had cross-age appeal. Will Breadwinners have that? Doubtful, as it panders so heavily to kid’s humor without something to balance it out so older viewers won’t stay far away.

        • IJK

          But we still have Korra which is part of the Avatar franchise. Avatar is far from a “90’s show”.

          I would consider Ren & Stimpy’s equivalent to be Sanjay & Craig. A lot of people, kids included, hate it and a lot love it. It’s very hard to find an in-between. There’s a lot of gross-out humor with the occasional smart dialogue joke. People who hate it just see it as a toilet fest while those who love it see it as a show that takes advantage of cartoonyness (S&C aren’t the same in style but definitely push reality and laws of phsyics).

          Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a fine action show just like some of the action shows they’ve had back in the day. And Kung Fu Panda. They’re entertaining enough they could be cross-age appealing and don’t pander to being overly kiddy.

          Honestly, it’s really hard for most people to admit to the network being the same as it was before because they see it as appealing now since they grew up with it. You would need a fresh set of adults who watched both sets of shows from the 90’s and now to accurately say which is more appealing than the other.

          And even if Nick had a vast amount of cross-age appeal, they were STILL trying to appeal to kids. They just HAPPENED to get a different audience. Their motivations haven’t changed at all. And just because CN wants more teen viewers doesn’t mean Nick should be following their goals. Nick is still one of the highest rated kids networks and are getting the audience they want, they’re happy with what they’re doing. They don’t NEED to appeal to us for the sake of doing it at all.

          • Guest

            For the record CN DOES NOT want more teen viewers as has been shown from the daytime cancellation of the obvious.

            Certain show creators don’t mind, but CN knows that’s commercially unreliable.
            That’s what Toonami & Adult Swim are for.

          • IcyTea

            I don’t think CN dislikes it, I believe it’s more of an economic issues that canned some decent shows.

            Hopefully that won’t be an issue.

          • Adzl33t

            Kung Fu Panda (tv show) is not as good the new TMNT, the show handicapped itself like HTTYD show, by staying in the status quo for the movie sequels

      • IcyTea

        Apparently farting and showing a lot butts in a cartoon is their target.

        • IJK

          And they were much different from before? Even South Park’s movie makes a joke about how that’s all Nickelodeon shows and that was made back in 1999.

          How many vomit jokes did Rugrats make?
          How often did Ren & Stimpy have farting and butts and gross close-ups?
          How often did Rocko have characters walking out on the streets naked?
          How many times did the Real Monsters eat garbage, burp, and enjoy the scent of their filthy odor?

          • IcyTea

            They at least knew how to use the disgusting humor and knew when to stop. I enjoy some of that humor here and there, but if it’s non-stop and it isn’t funny, why would it be a good idea?

          • Megan P.

            My parents didn’t allow Ren and Stimpy, Rocko and Real Monsters. Rugrats passed because yeah, there’s vomit, but it’s a show about little kids – they vomit. But there was also Hey Arnold, As Told By Ginger, Doug, and Wild Thornberries – shows that had very little bodily functions jokes….

            My personal issue with Nick nowadays is it’s lost it’s branding as “Kids are silly and fun! Enjoy being a kid!” (except when the Kids Choice Awards comes around). No more slime, or Toys R Us Toy Run, or silly game shows, or The Big Help or other whacky silliness that set Nick apart from Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. It now feels like Nick is a channel for “soon to be pre-teens…. and pre-teens. Oh, except for Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents and Avatar, which WE WILL NEVER LET GO OF!”

          • Joe

            >How often did Ren & Stimpy have farting and butts and gross close-ups?
            Not much. People really overrate the “gross” aspects of Ren and Stimpy. At least with the John K’s seasons.

            And all those shows you mentioned have much more substance than Breadwinners.

  • Only the first one looks slightly promising. The Nick Cross pilot was pretty good IMO. The others…they don’t look like anything we haven’t seen before.

    • Ardent

      Wouldn’t discount the other two just yet. No pilots, unfortunately..

  • IcyTea

    Nick Cross is a great animator, I feel like this is just a job to get funds for his projects.

    I really don’t see anything remarkable to CH Greenblatt’s new cartoon “Bad Seeds”, looks less promising compared to his show “Chowder”.

    The last one is ok but it will probably blow.

  • artielange23

    Art is nice for Pig Goat but the animation sucks.
    Other two look ugly

    • ILDC

      Animation from the original online short?

  • Tim Rauch

    Billy Lopez has had a brilliantly funny web comic for years and was a great writer on WonderPets… Lookout for that one!

    Billy’s ‘Donkey Town’ – http://donkeytowncomics.blogspot.com/

  • IJK

    More like research reveals kids want funny cartoons more than other stuff.

    Whether or not this is true is a different story, but don’t twist words to fit your “point”.

    • mick

      research reveals kids want funny cartoons more than other stuff.

      Conclusive findings indeed. I agree, ‘other stuff’ has really lost it’s appeal ‘in’ recent years. I’m just glad I didn’t invest. The smart money went into ‘things’ as I recall. Those guys are laughing all the way to ‘a building’ about now

      In future I will certainly steer clear of jocular comments on a cartoon blog.
      I ‘stand’ corrected (said the man in the orthopaedic ‘shoes’) .

      Did anyone else imagine the scene in the boardroom? Sweating executives await the results… an envelope arrives, the chief big wig tentatively thumbs open the flap with dry lips (??)… reading the contents he looks across the ashen, fiscally uncertain faces

      ‘well Mr Topman… what does it say???…. what do they want???’

      “They… they… they want to ‘laugh’ ”

      Isn’t that what we all want? well maybe not ‘all’

      • IJK

        You’re babbling and making poor jokes to save face.

        All their research means is probably as basic as “They got the most positive response from funny cartoons” or to dumb it down further, they put up a poll on the internet of “What is your favorite genre” and comedy won.

        This does not mean action or drama or adventure is unpopular, but that comedy is MOST popular.

        That is what their “research” led them to believe. And I’m more inclined to believe their results even if it is false in my mind than I am to believe your incomprehensible bitter rambling as you furiously shake with rage that there aren’t more shows like Korra and “OMG why would networks cancel Samurai Jack they’re so bad!!!!”

        • Mick

          Oh dear. No rage dear lad, I don’t even watch cartoons. I like to babble and make poor jokes though. Just as you enjoy telling me not to. There’s room for us all.

        • Metlow Rovenstein

          I think that what he’s trying to say isn’t that comedy cartoons suck, he’s saying that he doesn’t like the premature cancellations of many action cartoons (such as Sym-Biotic Titan and Young Justice on Cartoon Network, Tron: Uprising and. Motorcity on Disney XD) and that action cartoons should be treated well and not like crap, like all those aforementioned shows. He wants variety in the cartoons that are on the air, that is all.

  • Mark Neeley

    The synopsis and main characters of ‘Bad Seeds’ aren’t at all appealing to me, but ‘Chowder’ was one of my favorite cartoons ever, so I’m cautiously optimistic. PGBC looks like it has potential, too.

    Can’t believe anyone would defend ‘Breadwinners’ and compare the humor to previous shows like Rocko or R&S. The substance of such shows were nowhere close to being a 100% dependence on fart jokes (not to mention they were far, far more visually appealing and a million other reasons). It appalls me that ‘Breadwinners’ was greenlit, but this is a network who passed on Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time, so.

    • IcyTea

      Yes, they passed on two billion-dollar ideas, very sad indeed.

  • Roberto Severino

    The first two show the most promise, IMHO!

  • Taco

    The apparent lack of diversity in the content aimed at Young to Mid Teen audience on Nick is rather palpable. But hey, at least they’ve got Seasons 3 & 4 for Korra (Avatar) still to screen, which is rather good. And on top of that there’s Deamworks & all of their TV/Online content ramping up. And then you’ve got Disney with Gravity Falls etc… And throw in some of the Canadian Content and a few of the shows that make it across from the UK, Europe & Elsewhere in the globe, and it actually all adds up to a pretty full plate of Cartoon Series & Episodic Animated Content out there.

    It’s just a shame that the vast majority of it will be watched online via all those unofficial streaming websites, and not NickToons.com or NetFlix or the good old Television. And WHY is that? Because 1) either [i]”this content is currently NOT available in your region or country”[/i]. Or 2) [u]Simply the convenience the internet provides in viewing content of all types[/u].

    And so, by and large, the big studios will mainly produce shows that are CHEAP, SIMPLE, CHEERFUL & relatively DISPOSABLE. The collective Apathy of the World we live in, eh?

    • Adzl33t

      Season 2 of Korra was terrible, now I’m just gonna watch the show just to talk about how the series went downhill like Spoony with Final Fantasy. Bolin is a clownass, the romance is stupid, the antagonist is vague and confusing, everything that happen in the city was a complete waste of time except to get an Airplane, and the climax had an Asspull. UUNNNACCEPTABLEEE!!!!!

      • IcyTea

        Korra is being treated like trash, why can’t people just watch it online so we don’t have to support a network ruining a decent show.

        • Um… Mike and Bryan and all the other people who worked on the show deserve your support. In fact, people watching it ONLINE LEGALLY is what saved Book 3 from being utterly axed. By the time the Book 3 ratings catastrophe happened, Book 4 was too far into production to get axed.

  • Googamp32

    What lovely art for Spongebob rehash #8, #9, and #10.

    • IJK

      Because Spongebob was the first to have a happy-go-lucky character living in a wacky world.

      • ILDC

        SpongeBob only made it trendy.

  • otterhead

    Did we ever get clarity as to why the new Nick Cross show was renamed “…Cricket”?


      Originally, the short was called Pig Goat Banana Mantis. When the short was picked up for a tv pilot, it was renamed to Pig Goat Banana Cricket to avoid confusion with the Kung Fu Panda character Mantis.

  • Chris

    Bad Seeds gawn be good.

  • Milan P.

    I’m interested in “Bad Seeds” considering Chowder, but the other two unoriginal shiteballs, including their “BWILLEANT” market research pretty much show off why I’m glad I don’t watch Nick as often on U.S. Vacations anymore. Seriously, what happened to this ne-
    Oh, wait a minute. This is Nickelodeon we’re talking about. The same network that shot down Adventure Time for Fanboy and Chum Chum, murdered Invader Zim halfway thru season 2, switched the Jungle Movie script for the Hey Arnold movie with a shitty, mediocre-even-for-tv script, axed off Angry Beavers because their final episode was a giant “Take That” to their rerunning, brought back Spongebob, turned it into an absolutely horrendous series and play it 24/7, keeps Oddparents going for no good reason, abandoned KaBlam, Danny Phantom, and Making Fiends, fired the creator of Ren and Stimpy and made it worse, and canned El Tigre too quickly.
    Seriously folks? You’re SURPRISED they’re acting this idioticly?

  • BurntToShreds

    Like a lot of other people commenting, I’ll definitely give Bad Seeds a shot because I loved Chowder. Welcome to the Wayne I’m less enthusiastic about because it looks like several of the other recent Nickelodeon cartoons, at least to me. It could be interesting and rely on a lot less gross-out humor that my cynical self is expecting.

  • Tril

    Welcome to the Wayne looks like a cartoon version of Zack and Cody.

  • IcyTea

    Well the only problem is that it’s starting to dwindle in ratings and merch now since everyone can watch it on DVD and have toys of it.

    It back fired on them for keeping it. They can’t get any show to beat it.


    Pig Goat Banana Cricket looks like a generic gross-out show, but hey, that term sums up Nick quite well these days.

  • Boblina

    Eww is the first show on the list! Just ewe it looks gruesome and it just shows animators are out of ideas! Pig goat banana cricket! Wtf were they thinking I would post my own cartoon to this worthless network but no! It’s obvious why they think children just need gross out jokes… Heck I’m still young enough to watch cartoons on this network but I would not. So please nickelodeon please get back in order because when spongebob cancels this is crap is all you’ll have.