Pedro and Frankensheep Pedro and Frankensheep

Pedro and Frankensheep

The Brothers McLeod have recently completed a series of shorts called Pedro and Frankensheep for Children’s BBC (CBBC) in the United Kingdom. It starts airing on UK TV everyday begining next week (for the next two weeks at 4:30pm). Ten 5-minute episodes were produced, co-written by the brothers with Phil Cooper. Characters were designed by Greg McLeod in his distinctive style and voices were supplied by Simon Greenall and Myles McLeod (the latter as the voice of Frank and Hugo). Here’s the first one, given an “online pre-release” to generate buzz:

Start buzzing.

  • Cute, other than annoying the world’s sheep population..and the Bolivians..

  • Wonderfully derivative! So nice to see the same ground being ground down even further. I’m guessing it took 20 minutes to write the whole season.

  • red pill junkie

    So, if Pedro is from Bolivia,then why does he have such a generic chicano accent, as if he were a resident of East L.A.?

    And why do these guys think bolivians have mariachi music? Some quena music would have been more appropiate.

  • What a trio of ugly reviews! Oh well, at least the kids like it. Apologies if the cultural references are inaccurate. Perhaps we should have remembered that Guinea Pigs don’t wear clothes and talk either.

  • Noonenowhere

    I think the cultural comment has some validity. If something is said to come from a real place that then gets represented wrongly it’s not the same as offering up a piece of pure fantasy – like talking pets in clothes – which creates it’s own world.

    That said, I do hate the aggressive tone some posters adopt on Brew, where they let rip with the kind of sniping superiority they’d never dare use face to face with the subject of their snears.

  • “Perhaps we should have remembered that Guinea Pigs don’t wear clothes and talk either”

    They don’t? *runs to cage*

  • red pill junkie

    So, if a bolivian guinea pig happened to talk, he would talk with a chicano accent… ok,I got it :-)

    I understand wrong cultural cliches have plagued cartoons since the beginning of time (I still cringe when I see Speedy Gonzales doing the silly flamenco dancing), but if you are doing something intended for kids, why not giving them some accurate cultural references, so they can get entertained AND educated at the same time?

  • Andrew Lee

    Maybe you guys should do an episode that explains why he has an accent.

    Like Pedro’s parents lived on the “South Side of CHICANO”, and then through a series of strange and random events…ends up in Bolivia.

    Problem solved.

  • Ryan

    Well I liked it, and none of this business about his accent should matter. All the kids’ll care about is if he has a funny voice or not (that’s all I cared about anyway).

    I loved the big monster face that they lived in too.

  • Asymetrical

    What are you guys some sort of dev. execs? Who gives a crap why he speaks the way he does! It’s a cool cartoon and a lot of work and effort was put into it. Ryan is right, all kids care about is whether the voice is funny.
    The mindset you posters are adopting is what’s ruining cartoons today. Don’t think so damn much fellas. Why did Bugs Bunny have a Brooklyn accent? Trust me there ain’t no bunnies in Brooklyn. They did it because it was FUNNY! Stop whining so damn much!

  • red pill junkie

    Well, I guess I shouldn’t complain that much and enjoy it as kid would.

    Then again… :-)