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Random Cartoons are coming!

This just in! Mark your calendars! The animation event of the year! Nicktoons Network will start airing Random! Cartoons begining on Saturday, December 6th. Below are the premieres for 2008. All times are 1:30 p.m.

Saturday, 12/6 – Episode 101 (Solomon Fix, MooBeard, Two Witch Sisters)

Sunday, 12/7 – Episode 102 (Finster Finster, Adventure Time, Mind the Kitty)

Saturday, 12/13 – Episode 103 (Ivan, Boneheads, Tiffany)

Saturday, 12/20 – Episode 104 (Call Me Bessie, Teapot, Hornswiggle)

Saturday, 12/27 – Episode 105 (Hero Heights, Yaki & Yumi, Gary Guitar)

More details to come…

  • Robert Schaad

    Adventure Time and Two Witch Sisters are both very enjoyable w/ great design, etc. However, Hornswiggle?!? Alright!!

  • Earl

    Hooray! Only three years late.

  • Sam Filstrup

    So is it going to be similar to Oh Yeah! Cartoons? Either way my interest is peaked.

  • Annie-Mae

    Argh it’s has to be on NickToons network. I’ve been waiting to see some of these since two years ago, but now I don’t think I’ll get to.

  • *Ahem* typointhetitle.


  • Anonymous

    Will they be airing Adventure Time, or does Cartoon Network own the pilot now?

  • Oh wow!! That’s really great news!

    I can’t wait to see “Hornswiggle” :)

  • Good things come to those who wait.
    (Old Guinness slogan)

  • Andrew

    I agree with Earl. WHY did it take this long?! I once talked to one of the creators in this showcase and I know that short was completed back in 2005!

  • Hey, Kyle Carozza’s Moobeard will be premiering too..

  • Congradution, Jerry. I am looking forward to seeing Hornswiggle. I hope that Nick make it a series for you.

  • Bugsmer

    I’m glad they’re finally airing Hornswiggle, Jerry. I’ve never caught the channel, but I’d advise everyone who has it to see Jerry’s cartoon.

  • david

    so depressing… I don’t have nicktoons network.. they said earlier it was going to be on both nicktoons network and nick, anyone know if that’s still the case?

  • Mr. Semaj

    My God,


  • Wow its finally coming to tv? AND the large hadron collider is functioning?

    The world is truly ending.

  • By the way, Jerry, if your cartoon does great,

    ask Paramount Pictures if they could release it as a series of theatrical cartoons….

    Who knows? Maybe it could have Famous Studios/Terrytoons style titles, and for the cartoons themeselves, make it have Famous/Terrytoons sound effects, like the overused “Gold Swing” (that quick “swish” sound).

    And if it does well, maybe Paramount/Lionsgate can think twice before marketing new stuff, so that Paramount/Viacom’s classic cartoon library can be on DVD and/or Blu-ray, or that new channel they are partnering with MGM can air the oldies.

  • Anne

    YAAAAAAAAAY time to find someone who has cable!

  • Eric

    An Anti-climax.

    Fanboy gets 26 episodes on Nick. (It pays to know the development dept.)

    Adventure Time gets 13 on Cartoon Network.

    And 37 Cartoons get blown to the wind with no respect from Nick or Frederator.

    How many of these show creators were able to pitch their short and bibles to Nick?

    Answer – 0

    They already made their decisions way before any airings.

  • Hey, Eric. You’re wrong.

    Every creator had (and still has) the opportunity to pitch his or her cartoon as a series to Nick. Most have. And I don’t why you say Frederator gave the shorts no respect.

    Traditionally, airings have played a small – if any – part in the decision to pick up a short for series. This is true from Dexter’s Lab to Fairly OddParents to Fanboy.

    Finally, we’re continuing to talk with networks about other series and long-form projects to be spun off from Random. I’m sorry none of them is yours.

  • Eric

    I’m sorry Eric.

    I heard these creators were supposed to meet with Nick a year ago to pitch their shorts.

    It never happened. Do you dispute that?

    It’s Algabreic!

  • Yes, I dispute that. Nick’s door has been open to all the creators to show how their shorts would translate to series. The majority of filmmakers have met with the network to pitch their ideas.

  • *raises hand* I pitched to the network, Erics.

  • Renie

    Moobeard will finally be on television! YAAAY!!!