This just in! Mark your calendars! The animation event of the year! Nicktoons Network will start airing Random! Cartoons begining on Saturday, December 6th. Below are the premieres for 2008. All times are 1:30 p.m.

Saturday, 12/6 – Episode 101 (Solomon Fix, MooBeard, Two Witch Sisters)

Sunday, 12/7 – Episode 102 (Finster Finster, Adventure Time, Mind the Kitty)

Saturday, 12/13 – Episode 103 (Ivan, Boneheads, Tiffany)

Saturday, 12/20 – Episode 104 (Call Me Bessie, Teapot, Hornswiggle)

Saturday, 12/27 – Episode 105 (Hero Heights, Yaki & Yumi, Gary Guitar)

More details to come…

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