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“Randy Cunningham” titles by Kevin Dart and Stéphane Coëdel

I haven’t checked out Disney XD’s new series Randy Cunningham, 9th Grade Ninja, but I’ve just caught up with the incredible opening title sequence directed by Kevin Dart and Stéphane Coëdel. It was created in Flash and After FX, produced out of Passion Pictures in London. The series, created by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas, began airing last month and is about… oh, just watch the opening to find out:

  • Andy

    I’m a 3D character artist, yet this excites and impresses me more than most 3DCG trailers these days. I wish folks would take risks with the visual style and make something cool like this, but in 3D, rather than the usual look we’ve come to grow tired of.
    Great to see Kevin Dart’s touch. I love his work. Some nice looking cartoons out these days. This, gravity falls, Tron uprising etc…

  • So there has been a high school for 800 years

  • I’ve appreciated Coëdel’s work for some time. I wonder if a breakdown exists for what was used from the series, and what was created specifically for this open.

  • Inkan1969

    “Randy Cunningham” is an import from Canada, right? It’s not a Disney in house production?

    • It’s not from Canada, but it is an international co-production. Titmouse in LA is handling much of the creative production.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I can see the television executives sitting around a table saying, “Kids like Hip-Hop. Let’s make it Hip-Hop.”

    Flashback to the early 1970’s

    The Hair Bear Bunch…
    I can see the television executives sitting around a table saying,”Kids like Hippies. Let’s make it Hippies.”

    • Gorgilla

      Precisely, but if Hollywood announced their remake of the dubiously conceived Hair Bear Bunch this forum would flip out that their childhood is being raped.

  • Alissa

    Me and my little sister saw the pilot. The main character is pretty fun (Spazzy fanboy living the dream? Awesome.) and the monsters/villains are funny and look cool. Story wasn’t too bad for a first episode either.

    I just wish the dialogue wasn’t so desperately trying to be ‘hip’. It was almost painful! Thankfully the good outweighs the bad though. We’ll definitely keep watching to see if it gets better.

    • Sarah J

      I haven’t seen the show, but if it’s just the dialogue thing that bothers you, there’s a good chance it’ll get better. I notice a lot of cartoons that do the “hip” language usually drop it after the first season, if not earlier.

  • Chris

    Boulder Media in Ireland is animating, compositing and doing most of the BG’s for the show.

  • Let’s not forget that a familiar face from “Invader Zim” came up with the character designs… :)

  • The only thing that bothered me was the lingo.
    Action/camerawork was a highlight. :)

  • The opening is awesome, but then I saw the 1st episode and was completly dissapointing, like the art direction for the opening and the rest of the show were made by completely different people. The quality drops a lot I think, it was like when you buy a comic for the cover and then open it to find the drawings inside are made by different artist.

  • Zack

    If the quality drops substantially between the main title and the body of the episode, welcome back to the 1980s. This main title looks slick but the cloying lyrics evoke the old Simpsons episode where executive notes burdened a cartoon with psuedohip lingo: “Stop pollution now! To the max!”

  • Schultz!!!!!

    Why is the main character named after a corrupt congressman who was also a fighter ace in Vietnam?

    Is it too non-commercial to have an American high school ninja character with an asian/american name, or would that have been racist?

    • wever

      If martial arts are all the rage these days with kids, why can’t American shows hire…. I dunno…. Asian actors for them?!

  • Confusion

    I watched this cartoon this afternoon (which, if I’m correct, was it’s premiere in the UK?), and I really didn’t like it at all. The concept, the dialogue the characters. None of it did anything for me.
    Though with that said, the opening certainly DID catch my interest just because of how fluid the animation was and how different it looked from the rest of the show. It’s one of those things I had to youtube as soon as I could.

  • Was My Face Red.

    So the pitch was Samurai Jack meets Buffy?

  • Skip

    Not only do Kevin Dart and Stéphane Coëdel always do good work, but their stuff always looks better.

  • D

    For me the big highlight of this series is that they actually got Jhonen Vasquez to do the character designs. Artistically speaking this show is very solid, once again the JV character designs are a welcomed change of pace from the usual Family Guy influenced character designs that are becoming common practice and despite this being a flash animated production the character animation is rather smooth and the timing seems on point.

    However the concept is boring if not derivative and I find the characters themselves to be grating, souless bastardizations of what teenagers actually are. I mean they all feel too phoned in, as though this is what the writing staff assumes teenagers to be. Would it have killed the development team to do their homework and realize that teenagers aren’t always crude hooligans, well meaning slackers or pea-brained jocks.

    On a side note the shows writing is terrible as well, I wish they had gotten Jhonen Vasquez to be an active writer on the series because the often juvenile and crude nature of the shows writing and its jokes really detracts from the sharp visuals and Jhonens character designs. In summation this show is all style and no substance.

    • Sarah J

      Johnen Vasquez did the character designs? I knew the style looked familiar!

  • Maddy

    http://jhonenv.tumblr.com/post/30472338764/the-last-bits-from-my-first-designs-for-randy Taadaa! Whoever D is, your quite right. Watching this “trailer”, I can’t help but laugh and smile at the same time. The laughing is because, well jhonan Vasquez and Disney…who’d of thunk it? I cringe because, well, to see jhonan’s designs bounce around and…lipsinc…to the song, ehhhh*cringes*

  • Sarah J

    I saw the ads for this show but just thought “meh”. Doesn’t look particularly good, it felt like they were trying to go for a “TOTALLY HIP AND RADICAL, YO” thing. But I’ll reserve final judgement for if and when I decide to watch it. I don’t know if I’ll go out of my way to watch it, seems like something I’d leave on for background noise. But I don’t have Disney XD so that probably won’t happen, but I will watch the show if it gets a lot of good reviews.

    HOWEVER, this opening looks REALLY awesome. I love the designs, the art and animation style, it almost makes me want to check out the first episode.

  • I love how Disney actually let them use “ninja please” as a catchphrase. I had the show on while I was working on something the other day and I honestly thought the fat kid said nigga please and I had to do a double take.

  • Richard

    Disney TV: making the same show since 1990.

    • Funkybat

      I wish.

  • Albert

    Their is only two things that bother me about this show. the strange way they talk and the fact that they have to cram everything into eleven minutes. He doesn’t have much time to do anything so the whole episode seems rushed and not very deep. That is why American Dragon was a half hour long. He had time to take care of his normal life and the problem at hand. Randy Cunningham acts like he knows the episode is is about to end and needs to fix everything before he is out of air time.If they want this show to succeed they need to pace it better.

  • Albert

    That being said does anyone know the status of Motor City and of it is on hiatus or just plain cancelled?

  • aisha

    IM STILL AMAZED HOW MOST OF THE COMMENTS HERE DONT GET THAT THE SHOW’S A SATIRE OF WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. and its a really lovely show that keeps getting better.