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RIP: Kids WB!


Bye Bye Batman, Tom & Jerry, and The Legion of Super Heroes. Hello more Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and crap like that.

Variety is reporting that The CW will shut down Kids’ WB! at the end of this season and turn Saturday mornings over to 4Kids Entertainment (which has taken over Fox’s Saturday morning kids block for the past six years). According to Variety:

Under the five-year pact, 4Kids will program five hours of children’s programming between 7 a.m. and noon on Saturdays on the CW starting September 2008. 4Kids will handle all national commercial advertising, and will share in ad revenue with the CW.

The CW is the last broadcast network to air original kids programming produced in-house. With one less outlet for homegrown animated shows, this announcement is another blow to the local SoCal production community.

On the plus side, it’s one less outlet for the perennial spin-offs of Scooby Doo. Zoinks!

  • I read about this last night, and I have to say . . .

    Is this even legal? 4Kids Entertainment (which is UNIVERSALLY LOATHED from classic animation fans to otakus) now programs children’s programming blocks on Fox and now The CW. Now, not even putting the cable networks in the conversation, this marks the first time a third-party programmer is in charge of two network programming blocks that just happen to be in direct competition with each other.

    Yes, 4Kids said they will “try” to keep some Kids’ WB programming on the block, but come on, if one of those “other” shows beat a show produced by 4Kids in the same timeslot, who’s to say they wouldn’t manipulate the schedule to bury the competition?

    This is bad not only for SoCal animators, but it’s bad for the entire animation industry, third-party producers not directly connected to conglomerates (Cookie Jar, Nelvana, and Entertainment Rights/Classic Media directly come to mind), FOX, and The CW themselves.

    Reason #422 of 500 why Time Warner is the most poorly run entertainment company in the world.

  • Sorry I must disagree.
    Viacom is the worst entertainment conglomerate.
    Just listen to its president yesterday.

    Time Warner’s CW is just another confused soon to be former video streamer – ( TV CHANNEL ) stuck with an old business model.

  • Paul N

    I haven’t been paying close attention lately, but wasn’t Kids WB heading in the Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh direction anyway (the reason I stopped paying attention in the first place)? This is really just the final nail in the coffin, right?

    I’m not unsympathetic to the job hit this represents, but it’s hardly a major shift in WB’s kids programming, is it?

    The other upside – no more Loonatics Unleashed (or whatever the hell that pile-o-steamin’ was called).

  • charles

    I’ve been a long time fan of the DC animated shows, and I have to say this is most unfortunate.

  • alan

    I just sincerely hope that the execs at WB realize that this is entirely the fault of their complete and utter lack of business sense.
    These are the people who poured HUGE amounts of money into things like Loonatics Unleashed, Coconut Fred, Scooby Doo Get a Clue (or whatever it’s called), Legion of Superheroes (don’t try to defend it… it’s awful) and Jonny Test not to mention the parade of stuff they spent money devloping that was all crap.
    Now entire armies of artists will suffer unemployment because of the shortsighted idiocy of a handful of secretaries-turned-cartoon-executives(!?).
    I can’t wait for the usual press release that says “We’ve done some great work at Kids WB and we’re very proud of it, but as times change we must change as well and we are very excited by the partnership with 4Kids and what it will mean to our network…” bla bla bla bullshit bullshit bullshit spin spin spin.
    The only good thing about it is the remote possibility that these execs will also lose their jobs and wind up as accounts managers for some direct-sales internet widget distributors in Haiti.

  • Sarah L.

    Maybe they’ll can their network and creative execs, too. Every time one of those parasites loses his or her job, an angel gets its wings.

  • Charlie

    To me, Kids WB! died a long time ago when they dropped Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, and classic Looney Tunes.

  • Does 4Kids have any shows that aren’t over the top in your face action shows or Japanese shows with the audio stripped out and new “stories” added based on the visuals that are left?

    Are any of their shows animated in North America at all?

    I’m just curious.

  • Adam

    That’s a shame. I enjoyed Legion and the Batman and my kids* and I will miss them. It seems like Warners is shooting themselves in the foot by taking their own properties out of the public eye.
    Oh well, at least PBS has some great cooking shows on Saturday morning.
    *Kids: boys 6 and 8 with no interest in anime. That’s right WB, there is such a thing.

  • Kevin

    4Kids stinks. Every show is about kids with playing cards and monsters come out of these cards. 4Kids has a show about talking pinatas! So ends Saturday morning cartoons worth watching. I kinda enjoyed “The Batman” except the joker design.

  • Oliver M. Barrett

    To A Guy Questioning This Whole Deal: it’s legal in today’s deregulated broadcast marketplace. But it isn’t really new. Hanna-Barbera sometimes competed with itself when they sold shows that ended up airing in the same time slot to two and sometimes all three major networks in the 1960’s and 1970’s, a practice which was equally counterproductive in the long run. For each successful H-B show in such a lineup, two bit the dust.

  • Marc Baker

    Another nail in the coffin for not only American TV animation, but Saturday Morning Programing.

  • Alex

    Legion of Superheroes! Nooooooo! [And the Batman too. SIGH!]

  • Keith Bryant

    As soon as I see an animated character with ENORMOUS Speed Racer type eyes, #1. I throw up. #2. I change the channel.

  • Some Cute Anime Critter

    “These are the people who poured HUGE amounts of money into things like Loonatics Unleashed, Coconut Fred, Scooby Doo Get a Clue…, Legion of Superheroes…, and Jonny Test…”

    Amen to that. “Pokemon” looks like the :Citizen Kane” of animated series compared to “Coconut Fred” (as I recall, they didn’t even *try* to pretend it wasn’t a blatant rip off “Spongebob”). This could indeed be an improvement. I’m sure if anyone loves “Legion” or “Scooby Doo Version 100,000,000”, they’ll eventually show up on Cartoon Network. Of course, “Loonatics” can die. Violently. Preferably in a grisly meat-packing accident.

    Tangent-ish question: Is it true that every single year, there has been a “Scooby Doo” series? Also, *why*?

  • alan

    Here it is… the spin and usual bullshit execu-talk:
    (lifted from
    “The last number of years have seen significant consolidation in the world of kids’ programming,” said John Maatta, COO, The CW. “It is important to us to continue to present young viewers with quality entertainment choices on free-over-the-air television. This is a great transaction for both The CW and 4Kids Ent. It is especially gratifying to work again with 4Kids, a recognized leader in children’s programming, with whom we have shared so much past success. The agreement with 4Kids with its substantial resources and laser-focus in this arena, will position The CW to continue as a leading supplier of kids programming on broadcast television.”

    bla bla bla bla bla

  • People still watch the smouldering crap known as Kids WB? What?

  • Comparing the schedules from the past few seasons of CBS (Slumber Party/KEWLopolis) the 4Kids TV block and Kids’ WB!, the current one included; I prefer Kids’ WB!. Personally, I think the vast majority of 4Kids TV programs are egregious and devoid of any sense of personality; and think that CBS’ block is a long ways away from nailing down decent demo-specific programming that has staying power (sorry, I’m not into Horseland).

    This year’s fall KWB programming, for what it’s worth, has the most programming (if not the only programming) on broadcast Saturday mornings that’s highly engaging and relatively original. The KWB programming block actually spans multiple age demos, from pre school to mid-teens as the block goes on towards noon. No, I’m not crazy about Shaggy & Scooby Doo Get a Clue; but I’ve been telling people about the Korea-designed Iron Kid for two and a half years now and I’m jacked that it’s on U.S. television.

    Should WBA invest in better, original children’s animation? Yeah, but that’s too easy…

  • Lee


  • Awwwww!! Gone are the days when networks ran REAL cartoons! I’m sure we [all] remember that the Bugs Bunny (network) show ran on (ABC & CBS) in 1 format or another, for, literally, decades! How we all miss those wonderful films! I doubt that any toon network show will have such a celebrated & successful run as our “Oscar-Winning Rabbit” had!

    (I’m sure it confused generations of kiddies when….aired on a given weekend MORNING….they’d hear the lyric “this is it…tonight of nights!”)

  • Jonathan the Bellboy

    If you step in dog shit, do you really care what breed of dog left it on the sidewalk?

  • Chester

    Maybe fired KidsWB network and development executives will start washing up on the beach, instead of large endangered sea mammals. Human frauds are plentiful and the gulls need to eat.

  • Asymetrical

    It’s not really that surprising. You reap what you sow. They produced crap and now they’re getting it. Not to mention the execs that worked there who raped the industry with their ruining the pay rates. You know who I mean; his name rhymes with Pander.

  • You know what gets me about 4Kids Entertainment? Is that Tom Kenny is the president of the damned company! The idea of an animation company that’s (practically) run by Spongebob Squarepants has always irked me.

  • I still say yay as long as it means the death of Loonatics.

    I’d rather see it off the air altogether than watch them try YET AGAIN to screw up the classic WB characters and make them ‘relevant’.

  • Exceptions

    There are a few exceptions to children’s toons that are made in the United States. One of these, in particular, pokes fun at these “kids playing with card/actions” shows.

    Sadly, they are not the most popular or successful shows, and barely rise over the surface of audiences’ radars.

  • My god.

    Al Kahn i can respect as a business man. Strike Fast, Strike Hard. Make money.

    BUT this is BULL SHIT. Now what happens? He has the Fox Block and Kids WB’s! It seems that he might keep some of the WB shows, but MY GOD. Everybody after the one piece issue though he was done…

    All of a sudden…THIS.

    Never count out a man who will never give up and never give in to his detractors. If half these companies had the mind like this dude, our business would not be such in a mess right now.

  • Graham

    Meh. This is no big deal to me. KWB was only good for its first few years; it became total crap in the early 2000s. Jackie Chan Adventures was its last decent show.

  • I say good riddance. I hope Kids WB roasts nicely in network hell.

  • No wonder kids are sleeping in on weekends.

  • Perhaps if it’s bad enough it will have the positive effect of inducing children to watch less television. Or perhaps the the parents will finally be annoyed enough to put some limits on their kids’ TV-watching.

    Perhaps it will be so unsuccessful that the suits who dream up the crap will be run out of town.

    Unlikely, I know.

  • Jayster

    All those shows are bad, they should show the live action stuff like CN, Disney and Nick. Cartoons are lame, not even kids wanna watch them anymore. After the age of 8 (or the “Dora” phase) it’s Spongebob leading the pack and they show that way too much. Foster’s I guess is doing good, anime fans seem to enjoy it. Maybe Frederator’s new cartoons can help spruce things up a bit.

    It’s a weird thing because of how popular “adult” cartoons are and they’re allowed to get away with so much. Kiddie cartoons are trash. They’re less goofy; all of those live action series are pure goofy. This serious shit has got to go. You can’t be a bad ass cartoon character, that’s ridiculous.

  • I find your comments to be offensive Jayster. The reason why cartoons are dieing is because of people like you who think they are either for kids or just good as comedies. There are plenty of shows that I like that has all the emotional ranges like live action does Ghost in the Shell, Tenchi Muyo, and classic WB cartoons like Batman TAS and its various spinoffs. That is the reason why kids become so uninterested in animation after 8 years of age the censors force animators especially in the U.S. whether they are home grown or aquired to dumb them down because like you they think animation is just for kids. In the past it was considered all ages even recently some shows that I pointed out are classified as such. I like animation with all kinds of genres not just comedy. Sci-fi, fantasy, action and more and if they have the mixture of all types of emotion not just one like fighting actual characterization it gets all types of audience. That is the mistake animation haters like you make. That is all I have to say

  • Over here in Japan, CN shows relatively little anime. What they do show includes “Classic” shows such as “Tomorrow’s Joe” or “Kimba, the White Lion” shows that were aired 20-40 years ago. There is NO Pokemon-crap on CN, there are several other Anime networks that show that stuff. I can watch Batman, but I have yet to see “Legion” or JLA over here.

  • You guys want more US based animation?

    Keep an eye out in January ’08 on Cartoon Network for a new animated series, it’s called MR. MEN….and it’s all produced in the US.

    I and a team of others are working on it, and I think it’s a pretty damn awesome show. That’s very unusual for me to say, that something I’m working on after so many months is still awesome!

    How many people can say they worked on something for a client and still say it’s awesome, funny and different?

    I rest my case. See you in january!

  • Zach

    I’m just happy that blasted Loonatics show won’t be on TV anymore.
    4Kids isn’t much of an improvement though.
    Saturday mornings with the Bugs and Tweety Show used to be so cool… I’ll miss them.

  • alan

    Mr. Men – which is based on that horrible greeting card franchise. No art direction whatsoever. A bunch of animated smiley faces. Feh.

  • joecab

    Just for the record, 4Kids no longer does the Pokemon cartoons. It’s done elsewhere for less money, which is too bad because the old voice cast and writers did enjoyable work.

    I guess this news means Cartoon Network will be taking up some of the slack unless they decide making these series will cost too much …

  • Inkan1969

    The article says, “More recently, Kids’ WB! has ranked No. 2 in the daypart, behind ABC (which now airs repeats from the Disney Channel on Saturday mornings).” ??? No kidding? The Kids’ WB lineup of original programs exclusive to the lineup was getting beaten by a bunch of Disney Channel reruns, half of them live action????

  • Steve Gattuso

    I’m ambivalent about this. I don’t think Kids’ WB has done anything worth watching since “Batman Beyond,” and after such total crap as “Loonatics,” the sooner they go, the better.

    On the whole, I wager that the 4Kids shows on CW will have a better shot than those on Fox, simply because they are less likely to be canceled on the West Coast for football games. (A decade later and I’m still PO’d at Fox for what they did to “Sam and Max.”)

  • Biff

    From yesterday’s WB press release: “Responding to the deal, Warner Bros.Television Group president Bruce Rosenblum remarks, ‘…we have confidence that Lisa Judson and her team at Warner Bros. Animation will continue to build towards future opportunities.'” Would ‘her team’ be most of the same development execs responsible for creating the mess that brought down KidsWB? What do you think?

  • Anne

    I’ve never watched either channel.

  • Keith

    “Mr. Men – which is based on that horrible greeting card franchise. No art direction whatsoever. A bunch of animated smiley faces. Feh.”
    Ah, so you’ve obviously NEVER heard of it. “Greeting card franchise”? Try children’s books. Pretty much the Dr. Seuss books of the UK.

    And I’ll defend Legion of Super Heroes, too! It’s not awful; not as great as JLU, but still tons of fun. Season 2’s changes also seem promising, I had a blast watching last week’s episode. I don’t have much investment in the comics, so I could just take it for what it was: a fun superhero show that didn’t look like crap. Hopefully it’ll shift to CN if it has to leave CW.

  • alan

    Dr. Suess could actually draw. If I designed a bunch of characters that were little more than stencilled dots and circles I could make a tv series entirely in the U.S. too.
    But who cares. What matters is that brainless executives are destroying the animation industry bit by bit.

  • I’m somewhat bewildered by some of the responses. I’m prone to questions.

    Is one turd less stinky than another at 4 frames per second?

    Must I risk enduring a seizure watching the stuff to know for sure?

    Why should anyone care when better cartoons are sold on DVD at Wal-mart for one dollar? (I can tolerate the lack of restoration.)

    Why should I care about anything tame enough to pass through network standards and practices? Cartoon content matters much more to adults than kids. The kids are too addicted to video gaming to care.

    I almost like the current Batman series and Legion of Super Heroes, but I wouldn’t cry over losing cartoons that are largely outsourced to begin with. There will always be another Batman or Superman series to come along in a few more years, provided DC doesn’t provoke its readership with more “Crisis” storylines.

  • Replace American content with more boring overdubbed hacked up anime?

    How can this be any good? :(

  • Darryl Hirschler

    “Batman Beyond” was the last great show I remember on WB. I am so glad it is finally on DVD. It’s been years since I was interested in Kids WB. That being said, am I the only one who actually likes the Pokemon series? (ducks)


  • I expect the aformentioned show “Mr Men” to be yet another smelly mound of excrement seeing as the poster promoted it hotlinked their name to the very site we are all reading.
    i don’t know anything about “Mr Men”, but i think i’m allowed to make the reasonable assumption that the source of that kind of internet antic can only be responsible for another tv turd.

  • Oh Alan…. Mr. Men has as much to do with greeting cards as you do with knowing what you’re talking about.

    As Keith so eloquently stated, Mr. Men is indeed an English children’s book series from the 70’s which featured a whole slew of geometrical characters such as Mr Messy, Mr Grumpy, Miss Whoops etc. It’s a very endearing and sweet series, with a little bite here and there.

    I take particular offense to you alleging that it has terrible art direction: I for one am very impressed with the design sensibility and overall look of the show. Renegade Animation is doing a simply amazing job of putting it all together. It is a very unusual children’s show with a lot thrown for older audiences too. And I’m not just saying that. ;)

  • Keith

    “If I designed a bunch of characters that were little more than stencilled dots and circles I could make a tv series entirely in the U.S. too.”

    That’s not what the show is at all, nor is it what the books really were to begin with. And for what it’s worth, the characters have been redesigned for the most part, unlike the older incarnations of the Mr. Men Show from previous decades which were pretty slavish to the book designs.

  • Tor

    “You know what gets me about 4Kids Entertainment? Is that Tom Kenny is the president of the damned company! The idea of an animation company that’s (practically) run by Spongebob Squarepants has always irked me.”

    Are we talking the SAME Tom Kenny? You’re sure it’s the voice actor and not some guy who happens to have the same name?

    In any event, this is bad news. Best to rip the feeding tube out of Saturday mornings now than drawing things out unnecessarily.

  • Well, according to it’s the same Tom Kenny, but it could be a big error.

  • Lucy

    Does this mean that there’s the chance I could wake up one morning to One Piece on basic cable?? Shit!!!! X-( Even if they don’t the fact that there’s a chance that all of that crap could work its way on to not one but two networks has me worried.

    It’s so sad… I’m twenty-one, but even I remember waking up at six in the morning to watch cartoons on Saturdays!! Now, unfortunately, I have to stay up at night, because that seems to be when the best cartoons are on.

    I was actually talking about the cartoon industry today in my Ethics class, too… Heh, funny how that works : \

  • Rufus Rutherford

    Imdb’s information is not always accurate or complete.

  • Tom Kenny does not own 4Kids, The owner/CEO is one Alfred J Kahn, 57- and has been the owner since 1992. (Read the PR statement)

  • I remember when Kids WB showed, uh, Warner Bros. cartoons. They had the classics and created some shows that BECAME modern classics. I never understood how they could dump “Bugs and Daffy”, “Batman”, “Pinky and the Brain”, and others in favor of garbage like Pokemon. You get what you pay for.

  • I’ll miss all the cool DC superhero shows done by the action geniuses at WB…. from the original Batman to the current Batman. Let’s make a channel of just that!

    I know they’re still making the direct to DVD films, but there’s something about waking up on Sat. moring and watching superheroes that makes me feel like a kid again!

  • The end of Kids WB! make me really sad and upset. Yet here in Quebec the saturday mornings cartoons is like in a deep end with the un-commercials laws since… the 1980’s!! But that’s not mean they stopped cartoons otherwise!

    Now, childrens can’t remember some beautiful cartoons like “Bugs & Daffy”, “Tiny Toon Adventures”, “Pinky and the Brain”, “Animaniacs”, the original DC shows as well to foreign but great qualities shows like Monster Allergy dropped by this channel during the year.

    It’s sad that 4Kids don’t investate to the original shows except for the Ninja Turtles. Now, it’s just dubbed Animes we got everytime… because it’s a cheap deal!

  • Chris L

    J.T., thanks for the effort, but the official Mr. Men show website, officially raped my childhood. It never ceases to amaze me how incompetent digital animation can suck the life and charm out of even the most pure characters. I hope it looks better in the actual show.

    Whats even more dissapointing is that digital CAN be fun and charming! Look at Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, or even Homestar Runner. From what I saw on the website, it looks like you (or more likely, your executives) saw how well Foster’s Home did, but were too uncreative to come up with a good idea yourself so you used licesensed characters to cover up the fact that you couldn’t match the quality of the competition.

    Renagade Animation has some fantastic illustrators, I’ll give you that (even though they tend to erm, borrow… styles quite a bit), but I can’t help but be bored by their lifeless flash animation. Since I know that the medium has far greater capabilities I can only assume that the animators either can’t animate well or are not allowed to for fear of breaking from the model sheet.

    Anyway, I never knew the books were from Britain. But I loved them when I came across them in my hometown’s public library. They went together nicely with my Choose Your Own Adventure and Hardy Boy books.

    P.S. Was it 4Kids or Bandai that absolutely mangled One Piece when we finally got it in the US?

  • Chris

    I think it’s safe to say that we are past our childhood. Today’s kid entertainment doesn’t appeal to us, and it shouldn’t be.

    My suggestion is that by 2010 there should be a few retro channels dedicated to airing those cartoons you grew to love in the 90s and older. You know how TV Land works, they air those classic shows from the 70s, 60s and 50s. XM Satellite has a 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s radio station/channel. So I don’t see how making a retro channel for cartoons would fail.

  • Jen

    Lucy, there’s no danger of “One Piece” on Saturday mornings any longer. 4Kids lost the license to Funimation, which is dubbing the remaining episodes (new voices, less edits) for Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. So you might run across it on Saturday *nights.*

    I’m going to miss Kids WB! It seems like only yesterday they were trumpeting the arrival of “Animaniacs” to kick off that brand new block. I can remember when all the major networks had cartoons on Saturday mornings up to the early 90s, and then how whole networks just disappeared one after the other. What happened?

  • Marci Cameron

    I liked Kids’ WB!, too. …the way it used to be. It made me mad when they canceled “Animaniacs” to make room for “Pokemon” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!”. (Not that I don’t like “Pokemon” or Yu-Gi-Oh!”, but I wished they would’ve made more episodes of “Animaniacs”.) I also liked the Supergirl episodes of “Superman: The Animated Series” as well as “What’s New, Scooby Doo?” and “Tom and Jerry Tales”, the last one is the latest of the shows on the network. I knew Kids’ WB! was going downhill, but to get rid of it completely?! Couldn’t they just revamp it into a network that showcases the original and modern classics of WB animation? That would’ve encouraged them to make new episodes and not just for the kids, either. And the slogan would’ve been “Putting Warner Bros. back into Kids’ WB!”. A shame it had to end like this, but we all gotta go sometime.

  • It was 4Kids that nearly ruined One Piece in the US. Toei took the license away from them and handed it to FUNimation, and now its one of the two marquee shows on Network’s Toonami block.

    I missed Kids’ WB since they embraced the fad that is Pokemon and turned their back on quality programming. Oh, and greenlit Coconut Fred and Loonatics. While I’m sorry to see them go, they deserve whatever they get.

    Al Kahn has pretty much set himself up as the one who will hammer one of the final nails in North American television animation. All he does is pick up cheap programming fare and mangles them badly. That’s why anime fans don’t like him. Unless he guarantees domestic production on the new block, then the animation community will have more reason to despise him.

  • Keith

    Chris L, Renegade didn’t animate the Mr. Men Show website if that’s any consolation.

    The whole 4Kids thing is disappointing. Looooooong gone are the days of at LEAST 3 networks featuring solid animation for over 5 hours each Saturday, with local stations also usually having some cartoons to run (or so I recall; may have just been Sundays for that). To be fair, most of that stuff was crap as well. Rubik the Amazing Cube? The Gary Coleman Show? But it was neat that there were so many shows to choose from! Once NBC decided to air the Today Show Weekend Edition instead, Saturday mornings became a lot less fun. The only one I stuck with into my college years was the Bugs & Tweety Show on ABC, despite the edits.

  • Keith, I miss too the times where ABC air Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show, it was the only show that i watched saturday mornings withthe Fox Kids block, with the rights of great cartoons like Space Goofs and Oggy and the Cockroaches (But dropped like Monster Allergy do on WB this year).

    Here, we air the cartoons from the early B&T years everynights at 7:30pm on Teletoon and in the nw Teletoon Retro Channel all-day long with the others Looney Tunes trademarks shows.

    But, no cable channels could relive the saturday mornings follies anyway.

  • J.T Wilson

    Yeah, I do have to say, Renegade had NOTHING to do with the website, it’s a HORRIBLE eyesore. I really hate it.

    They didn’t lipsynch anything, they didn’t make anything look nice, in fact, I’m gonna go and complain to my boss right now.

    DanO, the website is terrible. Just wait until january, it’ll look a lot a lot better.

    Foster’s is nicely animated but it does not qualify as a show that doesn’t like it was made in FLash.

  • I have always liked KWB but they made some bad decisions along the way. They put loonatics unleashed on BIG MISTAKE! They made a Coconut Fred. which remindes me of spongebob. The only horrible mistake they really made was taking of baby looney toons, batman beyond, jackie chan and the aftertoons show off the air. The only good show after school would be the kidswb aftertoons shows which included: one jackie chan episode back to back pokemon one batman beyonds then then one yu-gi-oh then another batman beyonds. I mean how could you take that off the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well Kids WB was part to me. The best time show was Pinky and the Brain and another thing is toonami when they first shown. Well this it, your going to be off the air. I have one last word before you go off the air in September next season. Kids Wb forever! 1995-2008

  • SP

    WHY would KWB sell out to 4Kids? They were beating them in the ratings! That would be like if a boxer who was clearly winning his match forfeit his win to his opponent.

    You’ve made yet another brilliant move, Time Warner (not).

  • SR

    4KidsTV removed Johnny Test and that didn’t make The Batman any better.

  • Blue Oak

    Hey, the Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, and Pokemon Chronicles were actually really good, particularly Pokemon Chronicles. Hoenn was mediocre at best. Sinnoh is garbage though, which is why pokemon seems so pointless and cliched nowadays.

  • Sagar

    I think that more seasons of Jackie chan adventures should be made or even a spinoff with the j team or something like that… Because Jackie chan adventures was extremely successful that making more seasons or a spinoff would be a great idea, because it would make it even more successful.. Jackie chan adventures was a great show, and it was sad seeing It end just Like that without all the loose ends being tied up.. So a spinoff or a spinoff or more seasons of Jackie chan adventures would be a great idea

  • I think that more seasons or a spinoff of Jackie chan adventures should be made, because that show was extremely successful that making more seasons or a spinoff with the j-team or something would make you even more successful. The Jackie chan adventures was such a great show and it was sad seeing the series end without all the loose ends being tied up. So making more seasons or better yet, a spinoff would a great idea

  • To whom ever it concerns,

     Hi, I was wondering if you would make more seasons of “the Jackie Chan adventures”, or even make a spinoff with the j-team or something. I ask this because it was a very great show and it was very  sad to see the series end the way it did. And I was wondering if you could make more seasons to tie up all the loose ends, with all the characters.

    Please reply back to me,

    Sagar Patel