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‘Samurai Jack’ New Episodes Debut on March 11

Genndy Tartakovsky’s eagerly-anticipated dark revival of Samurai Jack finally has a release date—and the wait won’t be much longer: March 11, 2017.

The premiere was announced via an Adult Swim bumper that a fan posted on their Twitter account (watch it below). This date was also confirmed to Entertainment Weekly by an Adult Swim spokesperson.

The ten new episodes, officially considered season 5, will conclude the adventure of the time-displaced samurai and his quest to defeat the demon Aku. More artwork from the upcoming series here.

  • John Friedrich

    Looking forward to this a great deal. Samurai Jack was one of the few cartoons that got better as it went along instead of growing stale. The stories were usually small but very well told.

  • Memorian

    God I’m so excited for this. Can they play all of it on AS leading up to the premiere?? Also…. can I get this released on Blu-ray already??


    Jack was a fine idea, maybe THIS time he’ll cut something other than robots

    • Metlow Rovenstein

      Given the concept art and the fact that this will be airing on [adult swim], I think it’s safe to say that he will cut organic beings.

    • Memorian

      I mean….the image looks like he’s covered in blood so, I’m guessing it’s not a robot….unless robot oil has changed to red lol

    • Mr_Nabby

      You men, like, Androids?

    • Paul M

      I hope not. SJ was a kids show with a Y7 rating, it should stay a family show. If you want to see blood go watch Afro Samurai.

      • Mark

        All the kids who were into this show have either grown up, or at the very least are in their late teens, since this series aired in 01-04. I was a big fan of this show when I was kid, 9 years old, and I’m now an adult, 24. I am super excited to hear that they are concluding this series because I was immensely pissed they way they abruptly end it back then, and I am looking forward for the series to mature as much as I have.

        • Paul M

          A new generation of kids are being introduced to SJ by their parents, it wouldn’t be right to have the final season go adults only.

      • styl7ty

        You have to make a distinction between “kids show” and “family show”. A kids show is made specifically for kids, while a family show could be for people of all ages. Samurai Jack has always been more of a show for animation fans in general, from what I can tell.

        • Paul M

          Fair point. I just hope they don’t go overboard, but I have learned to trust Genndy. Looking forward to it.

  • white vader

    “So excited! Such a big fan!”

  • Oscar

    I’ve been waiting for this. You’re Welcome! You’re Welcome! Samurai Jack is coming. oh yeah. I’ve been waiting for this. You’re Welcome! You’re Welcome!

  • Can’t wait!

  • Mike

    I’ve watched some interviews with Genndy and I have complete faith he’s doing it right. He’s very passionate and well-spoken about it–this is very much his baby, and it sounded like if anything they’re just using being on adult swim as license to do the story exactly the way they believe it should be. The principal creative drivers of the original show are working on it too, so at any rate it ought to be a showcase of amazing artistry!

  • Joe Michael

    Well, now we knew why fans were waiting. But I hope it’s good.

  • Mister Twister

    I need to buy the DVDs quick. I NEED TO REWATCH ALL OF IT.

    • Doug

      I’ve never seen the show. Should the older seasons be watched before the new one? I assume so….