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Sneak Peek: Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” by Rebecca Sugar

Cartoon Network has released a seven-and-a-half-minute preview episode of their upcoming series Steven Universe. The show was created by Adventure Time artist (and Singles director) Rebecca Sugar. Notably, she is Cartoon Network’s first-ever solo woman series creator.

  • Geo-Block Hater

    US only? Hopefully someone will upload it to youtube…

  • Mike

    I like it! The designs are appealing and fun to see in motion, and it seems like a premise with a lot of potential. I’ll be waiting for this!

  • Holy cow, this is wonderful. How many times did Rebecca Sugar have to come back from the future to make this come out so perfectly?

  • FakeNina

    That was really fun. The thing I like most about Adventure Time is its good and sincere heart, and this feels like it could share the same spirit.

  • Austin H.

    After reading Rebecca sugars comic, and seeing her work she has definitely impressed me. But after seeing this preview to her upcoming new series I have become even more impressed. It seems like a very comical and well thought out show, I can’t wait to see more.

  • sasha

    I really had no idea what to expect but now, I am really excited! love the magical girl-ness of our heros, great animation, color, designs and I’m looking forward to hearing more of Ms. Sugar’s music, can’t wait for more.

  • Fan-fucking-tastic.

  • thesnazziness

    Put me down for “hopelessly excited.” That short was great! Sugar’s (appealing, as usual) visual style shined throughout, but I had no idea the writing was going to be that good. It establishes character so subtly and efficiently, it’s scary. Not to mention setting up a very distinct tone and mythology… I’m not sure if there’s enough nice things I can say about this.

    I’m really looking forward to this show’s future.

  • That was great! You should also check out Ian Jones-Quartey’s Lakewood Plaza Turbo.

  • Roberto Severino

    This cartoon is so refreshing in terms of individuality and style and it’s quite funny too! I can tell a lot of talent and skill made it to the screen. It feels just like Rebecca’s student film “Singles.”

    I was growing tired of seeing the fake flat style everywhere to those tiny Regular Show style pupils drawn on many new television cartoons. Besides, I love how the cartoon didn’t rely on bizarre, gross gags or cutaway jokes to be funny. These are the kinds of cartoons that I want to see done more often. It’s the kind of show I would have loved as a kid.

    If anyone thinks Rebecca was trying to rip off Spumco, John K. or any other cartoonist who has tried doing funny creator driven content in the last 20 years just because this looks fun and cartoony, they have been seriously been misinformed and are quite ignorant about all the talented artists out there doing like David Gemmill, Katie Rice, Gabe Swarr, Nick Cross, Charles Brubaker, and countless others out there who have their own voice and personality with their cartoon drawings.

    Glad Cartoon Network is giving Ms. Sugar a shot! She deserves it and I’m very happy for her. This is the kind of show I’d love to work on someday. Fun and not mean spirited and even cartoony.

    Some people believe that animation right now is in the Dark Ages, which I can certainly understand why they would think so with all the layoffs that have been going on, but animation like this and the ability for animators to get their work out there through YouTube, Kickstarter, Vimeo and many other sites and using programs like Toon Boom to make their stuff quickly and cheaply gives me a lot of hope for animation’s future.

    Much of the best classic animation from the Golden Age is available through DVD and plenty of it can be found on DailyMotion and YouTube too and a lot of rare gems too! I hope Rebecca sees my comment and knows that I’m very happy for her and her success. She’s come a very long way.

  • JakeR

    Anyone know where someone outside of the US can watch the preview?
    Would love to check it out, but Cartoon Network says the video won’t play in Australia

    • Tavoman

      the video was available at Rob Sugar’s youtube channel in the morning but has been made private, I hope it will surface again soon

    • here’s a place to watch outside of US, might not be up for long though

  • The animation is fab and the story setup is looking really great! I didn’t expect Steven to be younger than the Gems (I thought his design was just short/chubby but same age), so this adds a really great layer of character growth for him, and appeal for me.

    Really loved how these characters interacted with him. Pearl really could have just chastised him the whole time, but there is love there, and it was sweet. Amethyst’s take when she snuck Steven the “thing” was SO CUTE. Garnet is just a ball of command and loyalty rolled into a ball of badass, especially love her design too!

    Great work! Can’t wait to see more :)

  • I don’t see this show lasting long it just doesn’t capture anything

    • Omar Wiseman

      Don’t lose hope too quick! Give it a little time, I think the show will definitely get better as writing progress.

  • They’ve all been yanked down apparently. What gives Live Action Network?

  • christy

    i can’t see it i’m getting this -anyone else having the same problem?
    i wanna see it! : (

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    • Georgerson

      It’s happening to me too, pretty frustrating…

  • This is so great, made my day :D

  • Omar Wiseman

    Wow with all these new shows coming out, (mainly from Cal Arts Alumni), a new sensibility in cartoons is becoming more evident. The next generation of cartoons is on it’s way!

  • rah rah

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  • Jen Hurler

    Loving the continuation of this ‘new wave’ of cartoons. Pave the way, Rebecca!!

  • Chum

    Just to clarify, this isn’t a preview episode at all, but the pilot pitched to the network.

    On her Tumblr, Rebecca commented:
    “I can not believe how much the show has grown and changed since this pilot; the show will look amazing, the people I am working with are amazing, wait up for the series you guys it’s gonna be something else!!!”

    The character designs will be those of the poster.

  • Shmorky

    there’s so much beauty and pathos in those seven minutes and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The actual series is going to be even more fantastic.

  • Waffles

    Where did you see that Mars Safari is going to series? Last I heard it was only going to be a pilot.

  • Mike

    Congratulations Rebecca!

    Loved the beautiful gestural style.

    Hope for continued success in the future.

  • Animator606432

    Has anyone notice the large amount of female show creators on television these days? Maybe it’s just me noticing it more, but it’s really nice, as a female animator in training myself, that women are finally getting to be show creators. Just a thought.

  • Ann Murphy

    Great. Yet another tv show where little white boys are the center of the universe.

    • Ant G

      He is pink, and you come off racist and bitter.

    • Dave

      So that would affect the show in any negative way. The title character doesn’t really look all that white anyway.

  • Jazzy

    I’m really excited about this in regards to the character designs, animation style, and the fact that female cartoonists are getting some more attention. That being said, I feel like Cartoon Network shows are geared toward children less and less. Shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show seem to appeal more toward teenagers and have more “teenager-like” main characters. This show looks AMAZING, but the characters are all clearly older. Grade school kids are the group that could use cartoons the most, in terms of helping their imaginations and such. If they loose Cartoon Network to nostalgic young adults, what will they watch? Nick has obviously lost its edge, Disney doesn’t have that many (good) cartoons, and the Hub is unfortunately under appreciated and not mainstream. There should be something between these new CN shows and PBS kids. More stuff like Gravity Falls would be perfect.

    But that’s not particularly related to Steven Universe (it’s just a rant that I need to get out). I CANNOT express my joy at seeing a woman creator on Cartoon Network, and the show looks great! Furthermore, it incorporates a lovely cast with varying body types and skin tones. I can’t wait for more!

  • rachelinthecity

    Have you guys seen the updated animation that was just released on amazon? I fell in love with the pilot, but I’m sad to say I don’t really like the changes they’ve made since then … it feels less genuine and special, the updates to the character designs are, in my opinion, for the worse, and the characters in general seem to be more annoying. I’m hoping once the season actually starts I’ll be proven wrong, but I’m sad to see a lot of what was so magical sucked out of it.

  • copy cat

    this series is a knock off of the amphoman INDY comic series by Mike Kaye. Go to and see for yourself.

    • Dave

      The similarities couldn’t be any more vague.