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TALKBACK: “The Legend of Korra”

The second third episode of Nickelodeon’s new Avatar spin-off The Legend of Korra aired this morning. The show was creaed by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. If you’ve been watching, share your thoughts on the first few episodes.

  • HCTaylor

    I’m really impressed. It’s engaging, very well produced and quite funny in parts. It’s definitely a step up from their last series, which was already quite good to begin with. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story progresses.

    • Rjs

      Hey piss with tahno come on creators you know were’re waiting for something to blossom between Mako and Korra. Also create a new character for Bolin to fall for I already have drawn a new character you might wanna add

  • Jumpman

    I hate to be “that guy”, but it’s technically episode 3. Anyway, I’m loving the show so far; definitely more fine tuned than its predecessor.

  • It doesn’t have quite as grand a conflict as the previous series, but they’ve still managed to make it just as fun, dramatic, and grand as the last, if not more so.

    It’s currently my favorite show on television.

  • Sarah J

    Actually, it was episode 3 that aired this morning. Episodes 1 and 2 aired together.

    Totally psyched! The first two episodes were good, but they were introducing the setting and the characters, not much action. Episode 3, that aired this morning? Things kicking off! It was intense and the new villain has me absolutely TERRIFIED. I have’t been this scared of a cartoon villain since Gargoyle from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. It’s definitely going to provide some good competition for the original series.

  • I was shown the first two episodes by my big brother Peter (I haven’t had cable TV for a year, sadly), and I was much more impressed this time around! It’s just my opinion, but I thought it was even better than the original AVATAR series (which I’m not a big fan of, for several reasons, but I respect it for having some structure and actually going somewhere!), with much better characters, and a strong female lead. I just might seek out more episodes!

  • Blues

    watched the 3rd episode this morning. AMAZING fight choreography and animation. Villain looks great as well. But I can’t stand the dialogue or the facial expressions they make. Also the motorcycles definitely felt a bit out of place. They looked more advanced than anything we have today. All in all though, great production value and interested to see where it goes.

  • It’s pretty darn impressive! The animation’s even better than the first series. And the choreography . . . what else can I say that hasn’t already been said?

  • Billy Batz

    Congratulations Cartoon Brew! You finally cover some animation! For a second I thought you only recognized flat design-ey cartoons as a worthy subject. Kudos to the Korra show, not only for the animation, but the human figure drawing! Wow! real anatomy and not squishy rubber people. Drawing skill still exists! Go Korra!

    • Sarah J

      Agreed, human characters with realistic proportions can be really hard to pull off, but Korra did it!

    • Miles

      like Legend of Korra and Avatar, but they aren’t nearly as nicely designed or animated as some of those “flat cartoons”. The detail is impressive, but you’ve gotta admire substance over style/detail.

      • Dana G

        If the design isn’t to your taste, that’s fine, it doesn’t mean it’s not as good. Same goes for the animation—it’s a completely different approach to animation than purely Western styles, so I don’t see the point in saying one or the other is superior. It’s comparing apples to oranges.

      • Billy Batz

        my point was this site rarely covers this style of animation, so I loved it when they did, like the first Airbender series came and went without a peep from this site

  • The executive producers set an impossibly high mark for themselves here at the outset, so the crazier the narrative of KORRA gets, the geekier it’s going to get.

    As for the third episode in particular, I found Amon’s “revelation” a little predictable, but still feel it can/will become a compelling story element moving forward. I was also hoping that Tenzin and Korra would actually talk through the logic/possibility of Amon possessing such incredible talents, but his tepid “I believe you” was pretty anticlimactic.

    The score has always been great for this franchise, but the zither music was particularly sharp in this epiosde.

    • AJ

      It makes sense that Tenzin wouldn’t be too surprised by Korra’s revelation, though– after all, Aang used that same power to defeat Ozai. I’m going to guess that for whatever reason, Aang asked his cohorts not to reveal that fact to anyone outside of their circle. The fact that the new guy can do it does raise some interesting questions about who or what he learned it from. I’m not buying his “I got it from the spirits” thing.

      • E.Z.

        My money is on Ozai himself teaching someone this skill.

  • Otaku-sempai

    Could this be the best current animated series on TV? I’m lovin’ it so far, ‘though YOUNG JUSTICE is a close second.

    • My thoughts exactly. :)

  • I loved the first Avatar series and thought it did a wonderful job in teaching kids about eastern mythology. I enjoyed the first few episodes of The Legend of Korra as well. I have to admit, I miss a little bit of the child like wonder of the first series, but I think so far they’ve established a promising storyline, and I’m interested to see where it goes.

  • Jon

    I was surprised by how fast this series was going. Im very impressed though, the third episode was absolutely stunning.

  • Sarah (with an h)

    I’ve only seen the first two episodes, but from what I’ve seen they have seriously upped the quality of the show. I recently saw a few pictures of Avatar:LAB and Korra back to back and the animation just looks so much smoother and the detail is way better. Thought I do feel this show is slightly more serious than LAB, and I kind of miss the goofiness of the old show. But I’m still looking forward to the rest of the show. From what I’ve seen I like it.

    • Sarah J

      If it’s any consolation, they have a cute animal sidekick who will likely provide all sorts of humor and hijinks by being adorable.

      • Sarah (with an h)

        Well at least we can all count on adorable animals! But I will miss Sokka, and his ridiculousness.

  • Crazy Horse

    Its so good! The animation is beautiful and so far I’m enjoying the plot and humour more than the original Avatar.

    Makes me kind of sad though, knowing I’ll never be able to work on something like this in the UK.

  • Chuck DEEZY

    I’m definitely feelin’ it! Though I was kinda saddened by the fact that Katara was the only surviving member of Team Avatar during the first EP. I hope they at least have filler episodes chronicling their adventures afterwards. Amon and the Chi Blockers are definitely in a league of their own, but I remain skeptical his “abilities.” But I’m keeping my eyes and ears open.

    The animation is fresher and more fluid however I feel as though the backgrounds lack intensity than the previous Avatar, idk. Anyway, looking forward to the next EP

    • Jon

      Zuko is still alive according to the interactive tour in the Korra section of the Nickelodeon site. His daughter is the Fire Lord and apparently he’s traveling around the world promoting peace.

      • Matt

        Zuko is the Avatar World’s Dalai Lama? Awesome!
        Hope he’s a lot more reminiscent of Uncle Iroh in his old age. Maybe he even drinks Tee & plays Pai Sho.

  • Segundo

    Absolutely stunning! I am and always will be a huge fan of the original series. Shyamalan broke my heart when he butchered the movie. Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have moved forward without blinking an eye. I am already totally invested in the new series and can’t wait to see it all pan out. Book One: Air, huh? Do you think there may be four books this time around? I certainly hope so.

    • Christine

      I have this nagging feeling that Amon will be ‘messing with’ Korra’s bending in the next episode…I wonder if she’ll have to relearn bending after Amon takes hers away? Or maybe he just disables it for awhile? Then they’d have to do three more books so she can learn bending all over again(I know they’re working on Season 2 right now!).

  • Carson

    Engaging, and off to a great start. I have no doubt that the show will only get stronger as it continues and really finds it’s footing.

    As said above, the choreography is fantastic and the character animation is successful, especially for a weekly TV production. The integration of the CG elements into a very traditionally animated world still seems like a weak point that only seems to get more apparent. I always thought that was the greatest technical flaw in the original show, and this one, with it’s emphasis on 1920’s-esque steam technology motif seems likely to continue to lean on the CG graphics pretty heavily.

    I personally find the disconnect between the character animation and the CG to be very off-putting, but I suppose it’s fitting considering the show’s central thematic message of the “magic” and “spiritual” being antiquated and in opposition to the more utilitarian technology-driven present. Not that that’s an excuse for ugly cars.

    • Superstarseven

      The cars are actually quite nicely designed.

  • Matt

    If Michael & Bryan don’t get a life time contract to write and produce animation projects of their own design then I will personally punch all the executives from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney TV, etc in the face repeatedly until they give that to them.

    The show and its writing & deeply fleshed out concept in both Avatar series is evident as being exceptionally strong, and it’s a traditionally animated 2D series with a lot of effort evident in the production value of the series. Their Fan base and their willingness to engage the fans with out of the box marketing of the series speaks volumes. A+ cartoon, make more like this please. No flash or toomboom gag based TV shows squeezed out to weekly deadlines even gets close to Avatar, The Last Air Bender & The Legend of Korra.

    • Sarah J

      Agreed times a million! Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the better animated series around, and The Legend of Korra is shaping up to be just as good, if not better, than its predecessor. The creators put a lot of effort into the show and they respect the fans.

      I also love having a more serious animated show. People say America is getting out of the Animation Age Ghetto, and that’s true to an extent, but it’s still stuck in that most American animated shows are silly comedies. It’s nice to have Korra, an awesome action-adventure show, to fulfill my need for drama and cool storylines.

  • Dan

    This show is really good!

  • Easily as good as the first series. I’m pretty stunned (even from the beginning) that Nickelodeon was willing to put this much money into a show. They look great! And Michael and Bryan are true talents! Maybe this time they will let them make the feature film too :p

  • I’m so pleased with the new series. They managed to take the world of the existing property and change practically everything else about the old formula yet still have it work! Amazing. New setting, new technology, new culture, new plot (one city as opposed to travel), new cast, new age, etc yet still it comes together into an excellent show still in keeping with the serious-slapstick nature of the original. I can’t wait for more episodes. Saturday morning cartoons are now a thing for me again!

  • Glowworm

    While I never got into the original Avatar series–I easily got into this one through my boyfriend. So far I’m really enjoying the characters–and that fire ferret/red panda Pabu and Nagga the Polar Bear are absolutely adorable. I love that the animal designs are so creative–and it’s great that in this case, the animals don’t talk.

  • christy

    pretty amazing production values and the action/choreography is really insane! i’d love to see a behind the scenes or making of an episode-really curious how much work and what the work flow is going into one of these-it looks like a ton of work. i read in the art of air bender that they did a lot of ref to real fighting and saw fight choreographer/videographer in the credits-it really shows-the action/fighting is really really impressive-better than a lot of live action shows/movies!
    maybe a really cool animation website will do an interview or behind the scenes look???
    ***hint hint***

  • Albert

    Does anyone else think that the bad guy is somehow Aang or maybe one of his children? Only the Avatar can take bending powers away so wouldn’t it make sense that maybe the Avatar’s children could somehow inherit this power or maybe even learn how to use it? Or since Korra hasn’t hearing Aang in her head like he heard the last Avatar in his head maybe some how this person somehow has his essence or spirit? I know it sounds far fetched but it would explain how someone could use the power that only the Avatar could.

    • Al

      He may have been honest when he said he was in contact with the Spirit World. Perhaps a vengeful spirit gave him the gift? I think this anti-bending thing is a lot bigger than just Amon. The world is modernizing and the need for the spiritual side of things, including the Avatar, is decreasing, and perhaps some others want to help it along. I’m very excited to see where things will go.

    • Sarah J

      There’s no way for Amon to be Aang. If Aang hadn’t died, Korra wouldn’t exist because she is his reincarnation. I’m also willing to doubt that Amon is a child of Aang. Aang had three kids with Katara, since Aang is an airbender and Katara is a waterbender, their kids could only be an airbender, a waterbender, or a non-bender, even though Aang was the Avatar.

      The only reason Aang the Avatar was able to use that power you mention is because a creature (a Lion Turtle, in his case) gave it to him. There’s no implication that only the Avatar can be given the power.

      • Christine

        Now we know that Amon’s parents were killed by firebenders (and I love Steve Blum’s voice!). Also, I think the reason Aang could take away Sozin’s bending is that the Lion Turtle showed him how (not gave him the power), just like Avatar Roku showed Aang what he needed to know about Sozin’s Comet in the first season. Korra hasn’t been in touch with the spirit world yet I think because she hasn’t mastered airbending and the teachings that go along with it. (I’m rewatching the series, can you tell?).

      • Talks Too Much

        Since everyone is flinging around story hypothesise & speculation here I guess I’ll throw my hat into the ring.

        What if Amon, in some future episode, takes Korras bending abilaties away “permanently” ;-) *cough*. That’d make things interesting, wouldn’t it? But since Korra is the Avatar, and potential master of all elements and already master of 3 of them, then what if not all are taken but at least her Earth & Fire Bending are “gone”. I guess she might really need to retain her Water Bending abilities at the very least to continue to be part of the Fire Ferrets Pro Bending Team so they can still compete as an ensemble. Then her journey to master Air Bending & gain a connection with the spirit world, as well as assume & control the “Avatar State” might be given extra impetus as she’ll also have to recover her lost abilities. And perhaps she can only do so via her Spirit World journeys or only again wield Earth & Fire while in the Avatar State.

        Them’s my thoughts & Ideas on what might go down in future episodes.
        Seriously, people in here claiming that Amon isn’t the real deal or a major threat? I sure think & hope that he is. There might not be the major deadline of Sozin’s comet that’ll give ALL the “Bad” guys Godly Fire Bending Abilities & help their imperial oppression & domination of the world & other Bender nations, but seriously this current concept has some serious psychological weight to it. It’s got the politics between benders & non-benders, it’s got control, class & hierarchy issues, it’s got crime syndicates, it’s got “Masters” and new forms and styles of bending. It’s got a Pro Bending Tournament that needs winning. It’s got a city & population that needs purpose, faith & a renewed sense of direction since its conception by Aang & Zuko, etc. It’s got old characters & history & plotlines about them that are inbound. Jeeze, my skin tingles at the thought of all the potential right there! And you’re saying that’s not enough to base an animated series on? I can tell you that there have been Animated series & movies that have been based on far far less… like toy sales.

        One of my favourite segments in “The Last Air Bender” series was the history of Avatar Roku & the Fire Nation. This along with Iroh & his character arch both as an individual and as the supportive father figure mentor to other characters, Koh the anchient Face Stealer spirit, The Moon & Ocean Spirits as fragile Koi fish in a pond, the weird animals & dragons of the world, all these things & more are WHY the animated Avatar Element Bending World & Series are so compelling, because they have so much to draw on! History, Mythology, Fantasy, Culture, Relationships, Conflicts… Your excitement builds and it all feels natural & compelling to watch.

        This is why Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko deserve an Annie Award, or even an Oscar for their work. It’s all in the writing & the world building. Nothing’s overdone & gratuitous or overly pointless. Seriously, Brad Bird & other major feature Animation Directors couldn’t have really pulled off an original long form series any better than this conceptually. But I guess awards are generally just meaningless epaulets anyway, it’s the work, & our enjoyment of it as fans and the greater potential success of the series that really matter.

        That being said hopefully Michael & Bryan also know how to let good things die gracefully & move on to create new things, many successful people don’t. As much as I like it, I don’t want to see new animated Avatar series still on going when I’m 35 or 40 simply for the profit motive, because that’s so passé & George Lucas or DC, etc. All things must die so that new things can have the space to develop & live without being choked or exploited by those than came before them. History is great & this site is all about cartoons & Cartoon History. But history exists to help keep the memories & accomplishments of the dead visible, to teach & show us what we’re all capable of doing with our time.

    • CJ

      It can’t be Aang because Aang’s soul is technically in Korra. They are one in the same. Unless soul splitting is possible in the Avatar universe, it’s unlikely.

  • Jabberwocky

    I’m super impressed so far; I’ve already watched the first two episodes multiple times and will definitely be rewatching episode three as soon as I can. The animation is just gorgeous and I love the characters and the world and everything else. The last season of Avatar: the Last Airbender was amazing but so far Korra has just been exemplary.

  • Scarabim

    Just saw it. It was brilliant work. I have to confess, however, that I am really missing Aang and his friends. I totally understand the choices that were made regarding this new story, but I just…don’t feel the connection with this spinoff the way I did with the original. But I’m happy to say…it’s excellent nonetheless.

    And now, pardon me while I digress, but…Amid, how about doing a piece on the My Little Pony finale? It got a huge buildup, a lot of press, Tori Spelling as host..well, anyway, it was very damn good, surprisingly so. I can honestly say it approached Disney quality in terms of story, music and emotional impact. And I don’t say that lightly. Great animation too, even if it was Flash. Give the show a chance, why don’t you?

  • Chris G. Daniel

    I like the show alright, but it hasn’t grabbed me as much as the original series did when I first saw it. Its just hard to be as gripped by a story when the stacks seem so low in comparison to the first series. But the story seems to be ramping up quickly so maybe that won’t be a problem very long.

    But I am surprised that no one has mentioned how the new cast of characters seems so heavily based on the old. The avatar is still accompanied by 2 orphan companions who had their parents killed*, one acts goofy like Sokka the other acts all serious like Zuko. And Korra (who seems most like Katara from the old cast) has a “will they won’t they” vibe with the Zuko-esque brother.

    There are 2 animal sidekicks, a big lumbering, mostly white beast who’s the avatar’s best friend, and a small nimble pet. And both of Tenzin’s daughters look and act like Azula’s cronies in the first series.

    I can appreciate why they would make these decisions. With the Last Airbender they proved they can work very effectively with these character, but I would have liked to see some more imagination from the new characters.

    *technically Sokka and Katara weren’t orphans, but their mom was killed and their dad was absent so I’m counting it.

    • Raine

      I had noticed the main group, but not about Tenzin’s kids. That’s actually really funny.

      So this is kind of Avatar Without The Last Airbender, then?

    • HM

      I agree.

      I’m a little torn on the new series. I love the themes the plot is setting up, but the first episode sped by all the character-intro juicy stuff and right into the city and the social crisis.

      Bo lin and Mako each seem to fall into the ‘angst-ridden fangirl fodder’ and ‘loveable, goofy comic relief’ categories respectively. I swear the decisions behind these guys were so fans could ‘take their pick’ of who they’d match Korra to out of some sort of Twilight-esque love triangle. (please forgive the comparison of Avatar to Twilight). Korra doesn’t need a boyfriend, let alone two. And it doesn’t even matter if the show ever establishes a romance of any sort between any of them, the creators HAVE to know that the fans are doing it for them.

      I understand catering to fans, but the ‘I am damaged and have tragic past, must protect younger sibling with life!’ tropes miiiight be pushing it…

  • I like it. The animation’s awesome.

  • Ben

    Loving the series so far. The animation has been improved from the original slightly. The technological leap is a little hard to get over, but then America did it quickly too once electricity made that possible. The motorcycles were a little bit too futuristic, but I’ll give them a pass. I do admit to liking the steampunk vibe to it. Hopefully there will still be holdouts with the old ways, and not every town has upgraded technologically.

    I love the villain, but something tells me we’re in for a bait & switch. They would have to do an awful lot of stretching to make him the only villain for the entire series. I have a feeling he’s just the tip of the iceberg. Also, his power to take away bending makes me think there is something behind it. I kind of doubt it’s the real thing. After all, he did it for show…and he’s basically like a cult leader. I wonder if something is up and he’s not all he appears to be. We’re already seeing Korra confront him in the teaser for the next episode. Obviously she escapes from him somehow, otherwise there wouldn’t be much of a series.

    I like the nods to the previous series, and the similarities between old and new characters is nice, in my opinion. Since we can’t have Appa, Momo, and the rest, we at least get replacements that evoke their memories.

    The other thing I’m liking about this series is that it skews a bit older. Korra and her companions are all older than the original group when they started out. Also, this time it seems like there is more real danger everywhere. The fight with the chi-blockers was pretty intense, and it showed that even low-level enemies can do some serious damage already.

    I just ordered the original series on DVD so I can rewatch all the episodes. The new series has renewed my interest.

  • “…it does something all good sequels should do; it should seem familiar, yet different.”
    Check out my full first impression of the first two episodes here: http://moo-cartoon.blogspot.ca/2012/04/legend-of-korra-first-impressions.html

  • Albert

    But Korra hasn’t seen Aang at all since she has been the Avatar. Shouldn’t she have seen him by now? Each Avatar has been seen by the person after him/her but Korra has grown up to be a teenager and there is no sign of him.That’s kind of strange don’t you think? Anyway I realize that it can’t be Anag’s sons or that story about his father being killed by a bender would make no sense because Aang is their father. The only way it could be one of them is if that story is a lie and he is just giving an excuse to cover his face without question from any one of his followers.

    Also why would the spirits give him the power to stop bending? The only way that could be true is because one of the evil ones can give that power too. These are just shots in the dark people.No way I could guess any of these things unless I can see the future. But I would be shock to see it somehow was one Aang’s sons deciding that the world didn’t deserve the honor of being benders because they dishonored their father with the way people were behaving in the city.

    • Mike

      Something to note is that Avatars (at least Air ones) normally don’t learn/aren’t told that they’re the Avatar until they’re 16…Aang was an exception because the monks thought he needed to begin his training early so as to combat the Fire Nation. Therefore, it wouldn’t be terribly uncommon for 17-year-old Korra to not have made a spiritual connection yet if compared to the average Avatar. I also don’t buy Amon’s story about the Avatar failing the world; sure, Republic City is in disarray, but that’s a much less grievous blame on the Avatar than Aang’s, whose flight allowed the Fire Nation to ravage the world unchecked for a century.

      Yes..I’m a nerd.

  • Really loving this new series so much! It’s become a lot more serious than the previous series due to Korra being older. Also the more realistic depiction of the world means that they can’t get too goofy with it or else it’ll feel like the characters arent inhabiting a world of real danger.

    I like the nods to the previous series like having the large and small animal side-kicks as well.

    I’m one of hose people who would rather not think about where the story could go in order to be surprised when events occur or disappointed when things don’t turn out the way I thought they should.

    I do miss Appa though as the polar bear dog Korra has doesn’t seem to have much personality past “big golden retreiver”.

    One thing I really don like is having to WAIT each week for a new EP! I’m so used to watching t.v. series on DVD now that it’s frustrating to have so much time between episodes.

  • Jane

    I like the show so far.

    But does everybody really love the animation that much? I think it’s below Avatar. The transitions between poses don’t look very smooth to me. It’s somewhat distracting.
    And the backgrounds/staging isn’t as good as Avatar, I feel things can be much to messy at times.

    • Joe

      I completely agree.

  • Everything about the production is exemplary and more than we deserve. So much to take for granted; a perfectly realised 1900s/1920s China variant on the Steampunk aesthetic that is new in genre fiction, human characters in human situations, consistent full-limited animation, human anatomy and observational animation, specific animation, 720p 16:9 compositions, stereo score, fight choreography.

    A tonne of things unprecedented in western market animation. All the stuff John K bemoans the death of, all the stuff this site rarely covers.

    The animation and production design are enough to keep this viewer going. Korra’s hat in ep.3 is enough to keep me going – but I’m still only warming to the show. I’ve yet to see how in a world full of magic people, a bunch of magic-hating humans pose a threat. Unless they go full-Hitler I don’t see that the stakes are going to be high enough. But I look forward to seeing that pan out.

    • Sarah J

      I would have to agree. The Legend of Korra is giving us things we don’t see in Western animation. So many American animated shows are dopey comedies with little variation in setting or characters. The Legend of Korra has this cool, unique setting, it has interesting and well-developed characters, and it has many serious aspects.

      As for the stakes… Amon’s revelation in the third episode was enough for me. That episode left me terrified! Though I do hope they play up the threat more.

  • Quiet_Desperation

    I realized in episode 3 what I really like about this series.

    The villain has competent henchmen.

    Seriously, after years of, say, Batman sleepwalking through armies of throwaway minions, here we have henchmen who are completely owning our heroes in a number of scenes.

    The technology versus bending theme is very good. Bending versus electric rods. Earth bending versus motorcycle jump. *Using* bending to drive the power grid. It’s all outstanding worldbuilding.

    As for the stakes, gah, does *everything* have to be a save the world scenario? Personally I like the threat level that has been set- it’s just right.

    And I have to wonder… maybe the spirits *do* want to take bending away from humanity after all the abuse that has occurred. That would be an excellent punchline to the whole thing.

    • Talks Too Much

      Yay Nice comment & I agree very much with all of it. Thumbs up. Also…”Quiet Desperation” are you quoting Bill Watterson?

      • Quiet Desperation

        Henry David Thoreau.

        Or Pink Floyd.

        Depends on my mood.

  • Gray64

    Thank you, Mike and Bryan, and all the folks who make The Legend of Korra, and Avatar before it, for giving us action scenes that are kinetic, fluid, and visually interesting to watch, rather than 10 minutes of trash-talking followed by 5 seconds of stiff movement followed by another 10 minutes of trash talking (you know who you are).

    • Ryoku

      “10 minutes of trash-talking followed by 5 seconds of stiff movement followed by another 10 minutes of trash talking”

      Thats about every cartoon on the tube now.

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorite little unremarked touches are the plot recaps at the beginning of each episodes– the classic 1930s narration is a real treat.

  • Matt

    Best Episodes so far are 2 & 4. Amazing Stuff.

  • Malcom eX-lax

    So far I like the show, but I don’t really love it. I haven’t made a connection with any of the characters like I did with Avatar, not that they are repellant, just not that compelling. By the third episode of Avatar I cared about Sokka and Katara, was beginning to warm up to Aang and Appa, and looked forward to seeing more of Iroh. So far in TLoK I have yet to care about anyone – although Tenzins wife seems the most sympathetic so far.

    The design and visual spectacle can only hold my attention so long and the grit, the crime, and the social unrest while very compelling won’t hold my interest unless I care what happens to any of the characters. Today I don’t, but maybe that will change soon.

  • Dragondog

    Did anyone notice the homage paid to Iroh’s voice actor? His name was Mako, and they named a character after him.

  • Alyssa

    I really like the Legend of Korra, but a really really big part of me seriously wants Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph to just continue on! I mean, i really wanna know what happened to Zuko’s mother, but it’s never gonna happen, is it?… I like book Air, but i’m unfamiliar with all the new things in there. I mean, i’ve seen a car before but it’s unnatural for Avatar… I miss Aang, and i can’t believe all but Katara are there. I really respect Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino for all their creativity, and i would really like to meet them!!

  • Alyssa

    I like Mako and Bolin and Korra and Tenzin….. but i LOVE Katara and Aang and Sokka and Toph!!!

  • Joe

    In all honesty, I don’t really like Legend of Korra. The action I could rate low, and there is no type of adventure, as opposed to Avatar, The Last Airbender. Korra has yet to go into the Avatar state, but Aang was in the Avatar state the first episode. Its also strange that Korra knows all the other elements but Air. If she was born in the water tribe, shouldn’t fire be her hardest? In Avatar, TLAB, you could understand what Momo was trying to say through his actions, unlike Bolin’s pet. Its sad that Sokka, Suki, Zuko, Azula, & Toph are all dead. The show would be better if they were there. The creator of LoK also needs to add some type of color to the show. Its too dull and boring.