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Terry Gilliam tribute on “Fringe”

This week’s episode of Fox’s Fringe (Episode #96 Black Blotter) contained a pretty cool homage to Terry Gilliam’s animation on Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The animation was used to represent an acid trip flashback. Here’s the clip:

The 75-second Gilliam tribute was produced by 6 Point Harness and directed by Greg Franklin. Producer Brendan Burch explained:

“The piece, which illustrates the hallucinatory visions of scientist Walter Bishop, was produced in less than two weeks. With such a compressed schedule, the characters (designed by Saharat Tantivaranyoo) and storyboards (created by Franklin and Anna Hollingsworth) needed to be locked the first week, while animators analyzed dozens and dozens of Gilliam’s cut-out cartoons from Monty Python’s Flying Circus in preparation for the final stretch of animation.

“Studio photographer Dave Vamos took production pictures of his own pudgy fingers, used to depict a giant hand plucking Dr. Bishop into a psychedelic dreamscape. The stomping foot, a direct homage to the famous Python title sequence, belongs to production coordinator Nick Butera. Butera’s foot was the perfect match to the original but required shaving and a little airbrushing work by animator John Dusenberry.

“The pictures were animated with painstaking attention to every Gilliam idiosyncracy, by the aforementioned Dusenberry and Hollingsworth, along with Frank Macchia and Kelly Turnbull. The final animation was edited and composited by Tony Christopherson, who added layers of digital paper, authentic film grain, projector gate jittering and blotches to replicate Walter’s stoned memories of watching Monty Python back in the 70’s.”

  • I laughed like crazy when that scene came up.

  • Haha, they really nailed it. The actor kinda resembles Gilliam too.

  • Toonio

    OMG that was so cool. Guess I have to start going back to watch Fringe!

  • William Stilwell

    It was so unexpected, and so spot-on to the vintage pieces, that I was nearly giddy while watching it. Thanks for digging up a bit more info on it.

  • Walter Bishop

    I am going to miss Fringe when it ends in 2013. John Noble is such an underrated actor and his character of Walter Bishop is one of the best on a series as I can ever recall. What other TV series has a character regularly dropping acid in the name of science? It’s his character that allows to have moments such as this one on the show and I was over the moon when this segment came on. I immediately thought Terry Gilliam did it. Kudos to 6 Point Harness and Greg Franklin, you have a new fan.

  • Michel Van

    so a fabulous Homage to Terry Gillian
    so much as i saw it, i belief it was made by Terry Gillian !
    had fun moment, like in good old day of Monty Python…

  • JWLane

    That got approved for network TV? I feel a little better about our society.

    • rarey4

      Fringe was a truly magnificent show.

      I do hope a movie gets made.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    And now for something completely different.

  • I forgot to mention Arthur Loftis. He did the BGs!

  • Charles Brown

    I could hardly believe my eyes when this show went into Monte Python mode There is nothing else like it on TV today (Medium used to get bizarre at times !) Loved it !

  • Mister Twister

    That man got a super psychedelic soul.

  • Cella

    This is so well done! Congrats to Greg, Brendan, Sah, Anna, Tony, Dave’s pudgy fingers as well as the other 6PH folks who created this. WOW!