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“Venture Bros.” Season 5 Sneak Peek Video

Venture Bros. is returning to Adult Swim with new regular episodes after a two-and-a-half year hiatus. The season 5 episodes will debut at midnight on May 19th.

  • Anyone know what took so long?

  • also:

    [email protected]$#% Yeah!

  • Arthur F.

    Now that’s a soundtrack, love the mood changes and on top of that, the wonderful introduction of a ringing phone. VB always had an intelligent scripted feel that expressed a heightened sensation to the elements expected and desired, of such a cartoon/comic referenced world: beautifully imagined future-past designs for machines (the sphinx-head aircraft, Monarch’s beehive, the pod-beds, the cloning lab, Billy’s hand etc.) inventive yet believable costume design able to be recreated by fans at comic con; good voice characterizations; music (JG Thirwell for score; 80s music references embedded in Clerks-like banter, that bring meaning back to the idea of referencing, and show the lazy “Family Guy” how it’s done) and of course, the scripts, with a deft hand at observational comedy, emotional sub-plot, dramatic arc, and just enough growth and progression to watch the VBs develop leading to a season finale climax.

    That said, the trailer seems to be edited to the familiar too, I guess the point to reconnect to its base of more stories with the characters in that universe. I’ve watched VB since the beginning, but really, a two and a half year gap was counter-productive, certainly long to sustain that engaged connection to the great last season. After two and a half years in a normal pace, by Season 5, I really want to be surprised too.

    • glitch2021

      I feel the same way, a few years back i considered family guy funny but for some reason as a i grew up i stopped caring for their type of comedy and it became really boring and dull. Then i saw the first episode of VB when it aired and i absolutely loved it, nothing like a show with a great script.

      • Jeff

        It might not be because you “grew up”. The Family Guy episodes that were made after it came back from cancellation weren’t as good as the earlier ones.

    • I just want Opheus’s theme in an mp3. So I can make it a killer ring tone. But ya JG Thirdwell is a great composer.

      • Arthur F.

        Definitely, and from the 80s, Mothersbaugh/DEVO moving into cartoons made sense, but never would have picked Thirlwell. (The ringing phone in this trailer soundtrack still gets me.)

  • glitch2021

    Finally! New venture bros.!

  • Awesome can’t wait to see it. Go Titmouse! Go!

  • William Joseph Dunn

    One of the best shows on T.V. period. What other show would have Klaus Nomi references in it and music by Foetus? None! That’s who! Glad to see the Venture Bros are back!

  • Mike

    Thank. God.

  • YES! Go Team Venture!!