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Watch the “Wander Over Yonder” Title Sequence (UPDATED)

The Disney Channel provided Cartoon Brew with this sneak peek of the main titles for Wander Over Yonder, their new series created by Craig McCracken. The main title theme song is written and performed by Two Man Gentlemen Band, and the group’s banjoist Andy Bean is the composer of the series. The Wander Over Yonder first-look telecast will premiere on Disney Channel Friday, August 16 (9:00 p.m., ET/PT), followed by the series premiere on Friday, September 13 (9:00 p.m. ET/PT).

Bonus points if you spot the tribute to Ward Kimball’s Mars and Beyond!

UPDATE: Joe Pitt has posted the rough cut of the Wander Over Yonder titles as well as credits for the sequence. He also wrote about the production of the piece on his Tumblr.

Storyboards: Craig McCracken, Dave Thomas, Vaughn Tada, Chris Houghton
Art Direction: Alex Kirwan
Animation: David Gemmill, Justin Nichols
Backgrounds: Chris Tsirigiotis, Alex Kirwan
Edit/Composite: Joe Pitt

  • Close3k

    . . . did I just drop acid?

  • Anthony D.

    I keep telling you guys; this is gonna be a hit. :)

  • Joel

    GOD, I’m excited for this show! It looks like so much fun! C8)

  • William Bradford

    Looks to be a big charmer.

  • Alex Dudley

    I like this. I like this a lot.

  • Jose Galapagos

    Finally. I have been waiting for this to premiere and it’s finally getting close. yay

  • Mohegan

    Pretty catchy! I must say that I was not in the least bit interested in this cartoon when I first heard about it. But slowly, with all the new clips showing, I’ve become interested in this show. Can’t wait to see the first episode.

  • ominousorb


  • Doug Holverson

    Is that a Ward Kimball barrel-chested, snorkle-nosed Martian from Mars and Beyond in there?

    • Jason Breslin

      Why yes. Yes, it is.

  • Jason Breslin

    I found it!! It’s at 0:14!

  • nice

  • ILDC

    Was Jim Venable too busy scoring Scary Movie 5?

  • Shazbot

    Frankly, it looks like a cross between Jimmy Two-Shoes and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, with Cheese as the star. :P

    • ILDC

      I always got more of a Bloo vibe from him.

  • Pez

    McC and his crew are brilliant

    • shawnee poptart

      what a nice thing to say :)

  • Dr. Starchy

    Cool! Disney finally got their very own Cartoon Network show!

    • ILDC

      I still haven’t forgotten about Gravity Falls.

  • Pedro

    It’s like I was smoking some McCracken.

  • Nate

    This show looks like it could be pretty great. Amid, is the red alien at the :14 mark from Mars and Beyond?

  • Crystal

    I think it took a few listens for the theme song to warm up to me. I really like it though.

    One of my hopes for this show is like Adventure Time, it’ll get a bit more complex (continuity & character development) as it goes on. I really want more of that in animation.

    • ILDC

      Is it because both shows are trippy and about a pair of freewheeling adventurers?

    • Roberto Severino

      It sort of reminded me of Flapjack, but the designs here are cuter and easier on the eyes. It will probably take a bit for the show to find its voice but I have a feeling Disney just struck gold with this and it may be Craig McCracken’s third big hit cartoon series.

    • so you want it to be like something else?

      • Crystal

        Do you mean something else “Like another show” or “something else than we see alot?

        What I mean is the majority of TV cartoons are episodic kids’ comedies. I prefer it when animated shows take more risks and flesh out the characters/plot more.

        Before this show was announced, I was sorta hoping McCracken would follow Tartakovsky’s path and do more “mature” stuff the way the latter transitioned from Dexter’s Lab to Samurai Jack (and then Clone Wars & Sym-Bionic Titan), only with McCracken’s own style instead of Tartakovsky’s (I largely forgot about that when WOY was announced). I guess I keep wanting more shows like that since the ones that do that well (i.e. Motorcity) keep flopping.

  • Roberto González

    Fantastic! Am I the only one who also finds some H. DePatie-Friz Freleng touch in this? I don’t know if its concious but the style kinda reminded me of The Aardvark and The Ant and their other cartoons.

    • Mike Rauch

      Have thought the same thing. Definitely has some of the same design language. But simultaneously very unique unto itself. Looks exciting!

    • top_cat_james

      Bingo! First thing that came to my mind was this-


  • Woah. Its like a throwback to 1960s and 70s animation (i.e.: Wizards, The Yellow Submarine) crossed with Cartoon Network programing. Also, is it me or does the villain look like Skeletor?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I got that vibe too!

    • Andrew Kieswetter

      I thought he looked like the Horned King.

  • Jorge Verdugo

    excelent hahaha

  • J. A. Britton

    Been waiting for this one since seeing the character designs on DeviantArt, looks like it could be a lot of fun. And the guys who do the theme (The Two Man Gentleman Band) are playing here in Asheville, NC with the Carolina Chocolate Drops on December 8th!

  • Roberto Severino

    I haven’t been this excited for a new cartoon in ages! McCracken is back in business and the art direction on the title sequence is beautiful. Disney Channel’s cartoons might become more like what Cartoon Network was doing in the early 2000s if this keeps up.

    • James Fox

      Disney Channel’s toons range from CN clones (Gravity Falls looks too much like Regular Show) to meh, as for Wonder over Yonder – since this IS a McCracken production .. I can have confidence in it’s quality, what i fear is how Disney Channel would treat it (hopefully this won’t be the Firefly of the animation biz)

  • Karl Hungus

    Bakshi + Rick Griffin = :)

    • Nikolas

      Seems more like Bob Clampett + Rick Griffin with a dash of Vaughn Bodē.

  • Mark Neeley

    This was way better than any of the small snippets previously released. Fully trusted that McCracken would create a great series on his talent alone, but ever since he first released the WOY sketchbook I just felt a disconnect with the character. Obviously that’s an extremely premature judgement on my part, but my interest in the designs just weren’t there. This title sequence was excellent and it’s probably my most anticipated series since Chowder.

  • John

    Seems alittle dated. And the theme song is terrible.
    Art direction is nice… But the toon boom animation is over done. Also, Disney is putting it on Friday nights??? That’s the graveyard of television.

    • Ryan

      You aren’t that familiar with Disney Channel are you? They always air new stuff on friday nights.

      • ILDC

        And they rarely air new episodes weekly.

    • oddoneout

      Actually, friday nights are when big “children’s television” stations (like Disney Channel) try to air new episodes. IMO, the deathslot for kids t.v. is on sunday mornings. When they try to air new episodes during that timeslot, those same cartoons usually disappear within a month or two.

    • What is it with people that won’t accept a new way to animate? Animation to me is storytelling…in the real world its storytelling on a budget. If ToonBoom/Flash gets it done more power to them. this is top notch A-1 Acme work…signed a Flash Guy

    • Joel

      On Friday, the kids are out of school and pleased as punch to have the weekend to themselves. I’ve always loved getting home from school to watch cartoons, and that’s still the case now that I’m in college. I’m glad I’ll be able to kick back after a week of school to watch this show too!

  • SarahJesness

    The song was incredibly annoying but I liked the visuals. Plus, Craig McCracken has some animation street cred so I’ll definitely check it out.

  • Nikolas

    Repetitive, bad theme song, but the backgrounds and character designs look fantastic. Not sure if the characters will be very interesting, but I will definitely watch the show for the great artwork.

  • Chris Powell

    There are no words…..and I mean that in the best way :)
    That was terrific.

  • crab cakes

    But wait, it’s not by a millennial… Don’t tell the Cartoon Network.

  • Joe Pitt

    Justin Nichols also animated on the final version ;)

    • AmidAmidi


    • coolzone

      Justin Nichols is super duper awesome and his eps boarded for this series will be ones to look out for. :) I believe he did the first dance (in the final) with wander’s legs kicking out all crazy.

  • Rodan Thompson

    Duuuuu Dip dip dip dip -dip dip dip dip! Wonder over— to the Kimball Channel!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Great tribute’d make the man proud!

  • Arnaud

    David Gemmill rules !

  • Michael Fox

    Quit taunting me Disney, I want to watch it NOW!

    Any theme that accurately gets you in the mood always works.

  • Joshua Marchant

    Not only does it seem like a lot of fun and have really appealing characters but I’ve never seen a shows title sequence blow up like this!

    Everywhere I go people are talking about it! I’m pretty excited myself.

  • Yellow SubmaGrump

    Groovy! Makes me wanna curl up in a beanbag chair with a big bowl of Freakies.

  • Dave Thomas

    Hey Amid, I’d also like to give credit to our animation studio, Mercury Filmworks, who really went above and beyond on this.

    • great stuff…see my other comments calling it top notch

    • Andy Coyle

      Hehehe, thanks Dave, you’re the best!

  • Skip

    Looks good, and distinctly different than anything else that Disney is doing right now.

  • jmahon

    it’s been a day now and I still have that theme song in my brain. It’s a huge ear worm. And I sorta love it.

    That rough animatic is really gold, too! I hope more stuff like that gets released, the current age makes it easy to post up these animatics for people to learn from, I hope it becomes a trend.

  • ILDC

    Ratings say otherwise.

    • otterhead

      Sure, because ratings are sadly not reflective of real-world viewing habits in 2013.

  • Austin

    Has anyone mentioned that the animation is cute? Like in an adorable way.

  • CVG

    The only thing I fear from watching
    this intro is that the main character is going to be so happy-go-lucky and
    non-threatened by any perils he faces that I will be bored that he
    “wins” so easy over and over without any conflict. I hope that’s not
    true of the series….kind of like how the modern bugs bunny never loses and
    triumphs without even lifting a finger which made him boring and hard to root
    for, so I’m getting that vibe here with wonder. Here’s hoping it turns out
    amazing though!

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I get a “Camp Lazlo” sense from watching this, with the focus on a character remaining cheerful in the face of massive adversity.

  • Fbt

    This cartoon looks great !! But sadly the disney channel we have here in the Middle East still didn’t even put gravity falls, so I’ll have to wait a really long time for this cartoon :(

  • Paul G. Christoforos

    I think that “Wander Over Yonder” is worth watching because Craig McCracken is creating it, and it has a lot of the same vitality and energy of his previous works.

  • Foster’s Home is the pinnacle of Flash-animated TV in my opinion. And with Craig at the wheel I have no doubts this show will look great. Foster’s home truly used Flash as a TOOL, not a crutch.

  • DoDoDo Ro

    ah, good ol’ McCracken…