In a world of cgi and puppeted 2D, drawn advertising projects can find ways to stand out.

Paris-based Eddy produced this elegant piece, designed as one long ‘take,’ for France’s minting institution, Monnaie de Paris. It’s one of two projects Eddy was hired to make for the mint, commissioned through the agency La chose. (The other piece hasn’t been released yet.)

Hugo Ramirez directed the spot, and Olivier Lescot supervised animation at Brunch Studio. The visual style for the piece was designed by Leïla Courtillon, who was an an Artist of the Day on Cartoon Brew last October.

Jean-Paul Gaultier x Monnaie de Paris

More on the concept from Eddy:

We conceived [the pieces] as long takes that combined impressive camera movements (animated in 2D) and a very rough style, which created a sensation of perpetual movement, speed, and lightness. Director Hugo Ramirez selected iconic monuments of La Monnaie de Paris’s cities, which enabled us to design astonishing and spectacular transitions composed of morphs and wipes. The animation was led by the talented Olivier Lescot who interpreted designs with a wonderful sense of fluidity.

Jean-Paul Gaultier x Monnaie de Paris

Client : Monnaie de Paris
Produced by Eddy
Directed by Hugo Ramirez
Designed by Leïla Courtillon
Animated at Brunch Studio
Animation supervised by Olivier Lescot
Animation: Martin Richard, Amelie Maurice, Mehdi Leffad
3D: Audrey Respaud, Mathieu Maurel, Max Granger
Compositing: Philippe Valette
Agency: La Chose Paris

Jean-Paul Gaultier x Monnaie de Paris
Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi

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