The words ‘powerful’ and ‘impactful’ are thrown around so frequently in the world of advertising that they’ve been rendered meaningless, but here is an ad that may be worthy of such boastful terms. Notably, too, the spot derives its impact almost entirely from the use of a cg animated character.

The spot — English version below — was commissioned by FLAC (Federation of Leagues Against Corridas), an anti-bullfighting organization in France:

To date, photorealistic cgi has been used largely for entertainment purposes, but this spot points to its possibilities as a tool for advocacy on social and political issues. It is also a good example of how a debate can be reframed creatively through the use of animation, and how an emotional appeal on a real-world issue can be made through the use of an animated character.

Jean Michel Drechsler directed the spot at Paris cg/vfx shop Unit Image. The agency behind the concept was BETC.

The goal of the campaign is to stop bullfighting across France, which is already banned across much of the country, but remains a government-funded sport in certain regions of France.

Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi is Cartoon Brew's Publisher and Editor-at-large.