Daniel Chong, the creator of the Cartoon Network series We Bare Bears, released a statement on Twitter this morning that, as far as we know, is the first official reaction to the U.S. election from the creator of an animation project for a major American corporation.

Daniel Chong, creator of "We Bare Bears."
Daniel Chong, creator of “We Bare Bears.”

While Chong doesn’t explicitly reference the U.S. presidential-election result, his message of “love, understanding, tolerance, diversity, and peace,” for those who are “nervous for the future” could not be more timely.

Chong, who is the only minority creator of an original series currently airing on Cartoon Network (and one of a handful—if that—in the 24-year history of the network), explained that the often unmotivated poor treatment of the bears in the show is rooted in his own experience as an Asian-American and an “an allegory for what it feels like to be a minority in America.” He explains that that seed forms the basis of the show’s broader and more relatable thematic concept of “the need to fit in and belong.”

In the letter, he reaffirms his commitment to using his platform as a TV series creator for telling stories that “showcase the better and brighter parts of who we are as people—and the virtues and flaws that connect us, not tear us apart.”

In late-October, Cartoon Networked renewed We Bare Bears for a third season. The new season will launch in the first half of 2017. Second season episodes are currently premiering regularly on the network.

Here is Chong’s full statement:

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