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Blum Blum

One more piece of rare animation to point out today, and this one is an incredible treat. BLUM BLUM was the student film of Duane Crowther (1928-1998), who was one of the best commercial animators of the 1950s. He made this film when he was only twenty years old at UCLA. I wrote about the film back in 2004 HERE and HERE.

The film was posted by Steve Moore, who has directed a number of films in recent years that I’ve enjoyed, including the kooky Disney short REDUX RIDING HOOD and his personal film THE INDESCRIBABLE NTH. Steve tells me that he’s going to be posting all sorts of rare films on his site, including student shorts from when he was at CalArts in the early-1980s, by the likes of Chris Sanders, Kirk Wise, Kevin Lima, Brenda Chapman, Ralph Eggleston and Tony Fucile.

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