“Cab Calloway: Sketches” by Asterisk Animation “Cab Calloway: Sketches” by Asterisk Animation

“Cab Calloway: Sketches” by Asterisk Animation

Our friend Richard O’Connor at Asterisk Animation produced this sublime piece of dance animation for Cab Calloway: Sketches, which had its US premiere Monday on WLIW (PBS-21 in the New York area). The program has several encore performances this weekend. Richard writes:

The dancer is performing from the Alvin Ailey group’s “Uptown”, a piece which is a move-for-move interpretation of the Minnie the Moocher dance from the Fleischer film. We then animated Cab, in the style of illustrator Steve Brodner – he’s drawing Cab’s caricature throughout the film – doing the moves with him. We basically took poses from the film as layouts and animated from there. The film was produced for ARTE (France) in conjunction with the 25 anniversary of The Blue Brothers in October. Christina Capozzi Riley animated.