Japanese media is reporting that Hayao Miyazaki went to a cardiovascular specialty hospital last week due to a heart condition. The famed animation director announced his retirement from feature filmmaking last month.

The women’s magazine Josei Jishin reports that a source close to Miyazaki said that he “did not state it during the [retirement] press conference, but the truth is he has a heart condition. He has been complaining of discomfort in his chest for two years. I heard that occasionally during walks or other activity, his chest would tighten and he would grab his chest as though he were in pain, and then would crouch down. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, the doctor had a strong suspicion that has angina pectoris.”

Miyazaki was previously hospitalized in 2010 for what was initially reported as a heart attack but later described as “extreme exhaustion.” Studio Ghibli has refused to comment on Miyazaki’s health and has said only that it is “a private matter.”

(via Anime News Network)

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