From left to right: Natalia Chernysheva, Alex Grigg, Anna Budanova.
From left to right: Natalia Chernysheva, Alex Grigg, Anna Budanova.

Japan’s Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo has announced the three animation filmmakers selected for its 2015 residency program: Alex Grigg from Australia, and Anna Budanova and Natalia Chernysheva, both from Russia.

The three filmmakers will spend 70 days living in Tokyo, between January 7 and March 17, during which time they’ll produce a new film project, and also participate in various programs including training sessions, screenings, and studio/school visits.

The program, which is organized by the Japan Image Council through the country’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, is designed to give young animators from other countries an opportunity to create films in Japan, while promoting a cross-cultural exchange between international and Japanese filmmakers. Two hundred and fifty artists from sixty-one countries submitted residency applications this year.

Previous artists who have participated in the program include Chen Xi, Michael Frei, Elli Vuorinen, Mikey Please, and Emma De Swaef. One of the participants, Caleb Wood, wrote this Cartoon Brew piece about his positive experience at the residency.

Below you can see an example of each filmmaker’s work as well as their project proposal for the JAPIC residency. For more information on the program, visit the JAPIC website.

Friends trailer by Natalia Chernysheva

Residency project: Lace Maker—A film depicting the life of a spider, who his values had been flipped over by the wondrous laced world created by an old lady, after living a trivial life consisted only of capturing flies. The film would be made in hand drawn 2D animation, with the incorporation of various traditional Japanese art forms.

Phantom Limb by Alex Grigg

Residency project: In My Bones—A film that follows a relationship between a skeleton and his flesh. The two lead a normal life during the day living as one human, but by night the skeleton leaves his flesh to roam the streets searching for a way to replace the partner he was born to. The film would be created with a combination of digital hand drawn and traditional hand drawn elements.

The Wound by Anna Budanova

Residency project: Untitled project—
A film based on an ancient legend taking place at an Scandinavian shore, where the souls of people who have drowned changes its shape into a monster. The film would be created by hand drawn 2D animation.

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