Ruby and Spears on “Stu’s Show”

This week on the internet radio program Stu’s Show, a return appearance by animation writer/producers Joe Ruby and Ken Spears. Ruby and Spears essentially created Scooby Doo for Hanna Barbera, then went on to form their own studio in 1977 to create such Saturday morning “masterpieces” as Fangface, Turbo Teen and Rubik The Amazing Cube.

Joe and Ken made their first appearance on Stu’s Show last May, and they discussed their early Hanna-Barbera days. This time they’ll talk about the projects that came forth from their own studio; which includes working with Roy Thomas, Jack Kirby, Steve Gerber and Alex Toth on Thundarr the Barbarian, adapting Plastic Man, and recording sessions with Mister T.

Stu’s Show will be broadcast live at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific at It’s free to listen live today – but after that you can download the show anytime for a mere 99 cents. They’ll take questions via phone – but if you have a question I encourage you to email Stu in advance of broadcast (email address here). Listen in here.

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