Francesca Fedele, Charlie Nagelhout Francesca Fedele, Charlie Nagelhout

Twitter informed us that Tuesday was Portfolio Day, a social media event that rolls around every three months and prods artists to share their finest work online.

Of course, artists should feel free to promote themselves at any time — but the advantage of this event is that it builds buzz, focusing attention around the hashtag #PortfolioDay while emboldening young or shy artists to show their skills off. Each time, we discover cool work by animators, illustrators, designers, and others, many of them at the start of their career.

Below, we’ve rounded up the Instagram profiles of five artists we found through this Portfolio Day. None have more than a few years’ professional experience, but all show buckets of promise…

Francesca Fedele is an Italian illustrator and character designer whose art has been featured in the Netflix show Baby; she also lists Dreamworks among her past clients. And she hasn’t even graduated from high school yet!

Charlie Nagelhout is a 2d artist working chiefly in illustration, storyboarding, and character design. Nagelhout has worked as a prop designer at Titmouse on the series Q-Force and as a character designer on the pilot for Broken Arrow’s Battle of the Bands. Outside animation, they draw the fantasy webtoon The Dragon’s Knight.

Pablo Rivera is a visual development artist current working at Paramount Animation, where he’s contributing to the forthcoming feature The Tiger’s Apprentice. Past credits include background painting on Star Trek: Lower Decks at Titmouse.

Dinah Kalaha is a visual development artist who recently graduated with a Computer Animation major from Ringling College of Art & Design, where she co-directed the short film Tides Are Changing. She has gone on to intern at Hasbro, where she worked on pitches for projects based on Power Rangers and Dungeons & Dragons.

Carolina Ohara is an illustrator, visual development artist, and animator from Brazil. She has animated on the series Les P’tits Diables and Uau Animal, and was an art assistant on the pilot for A Vida Secreta das Galinhas.

Image at top, left: Francesca Fedele; right: Charlie Nagelhout

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