Weekend Reading: Nick Cross Interview

Waif of Persephone

Ottawa-based animator/director dynamo Nick Cross talks to Chris Robinson about his career in this article in Guerilla magazine. He explains why he chooses to work from home instead of animation studios (“Every time you go into a studio, it just feels like, ugh.”), and why he jumps back and forth between industry gigs and creating his own independent films (“I just have to do something of my own. I get more satisfaction just doing short films… Maybe it’s really arrogant, something like that, ’cause I just like doing my own things and having my control of things. I just do it to please myself, you know.”)

Nick’s latest film, Waif of Perspephone, which has the distinction of being labeled “an interminable twelve and a half minutes of pseudo-Kricfalusi ugliness” by Michael Barrier, can be purchased on dvd here.