“Live2D” by Cybernoids “Live2D” by Cybernoids

“Live2D” by Cybernoids

A new program by Japanese tech company, Cybernoids, could change the future of traditional animation…

…or could be another CG shortcut to producing crap. I have no idea what we are looking at here. A software breakthrough or a cheat… It is described as “live interactive 3D images of a 2D character”. According to the Cybernoids website:

“Live 2D is a technique that can animate full dimensional 2D characters from manga, anime, and illustrations without undergoing a 3D transfiguration. Characters unsuited for 3D movement can be animated much like hand-drawn animations while staying faithful to the original art. Live2D is the world’s first expressive technology that lets creators animate their art to their fullest desire.”

Okay, call me cautiously intrigued. I doubt this will replace hand drawn, but I can see some theme park applications. What do you think?

(Thanks, Nicholas Collins via DigInfo)