Jillian Tamaki Jillian Tamaki
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Artist of the Day: Jillian Tamaki

Jillian TamakiJillian Tamaki is an artist originally from Calgary. She now works as an illustrator, cartoonist and teacher in New York City.

Jillian Tamaki

Jillian generously shares her working process and ideas about illustration on her Sketchblog. Her Student FAQ links to popular posts that she has written about idea generation and “thought webs.” The logical, thoughtful process she uses to create her illustrations is partly responsible for the success of her work. Equally important is her ability to draw and render expertly in a variety of fresh styles and her willingness to experiment. She even illustrates with embroidery on occasion.

Jillian Tamaki Jillian Tamaki

SuperMutant Magic Academy is one of Jillian’s personal comics projects in which magical mutants deal with high school issues such as grades, work, and constantly crumbling into cosmic dust. Drawn & Quarterly plans to eventually compile these comics into a book.

Jillian Tamaki Jillian Tamaki

Find more work on Tamaki’s portfolio website and her Tumblr.

Jillian Tamaki Jillian Tamaki Jillian Tamaki Jillian Tamaki

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