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Artist of the Day: LeSean Thomas

LeSean Thomas

LeSean Thomas’s path as an artist has taken him from the South Bronx, to Los Angeles, to Seoul, and back to Los Angeles again. Starting out self-taught in the late ’90s, he worked on the first regular Flash animated series on the web, WhirlGirl, as designer, storyboard and layout artist. Since then, he’s worked on shows such as The Boondocks, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Legend of Korra, and Black Dynamite, the latter for which he is supervising director.

LeSean Thomas

His thirst for understanding the production process from start to finish drove him to take the drastic step of moving to Korea to work directly in a studio there that services the U.S. animation industry. He describes more about this in a documentary series, The Seoul Sessions, and his TEDxSinchon talk here:

LeSean Thomas

He has a blog and website where you can find more production drawings, sketches and his self-published sketchbook collections.

LeSean Thomas LeSean Thomas LeSean Thomas LeSean Thomas

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