Borrelli Borrelli

As companies refine their long-term remote working policies, one video game artist has started tracking his industry’s efforts.

Tim Borrelli, an animator as well as president of the non-profit Animation Diversity Foundation, has launched a public spreadsheet listing developers that offer the option to work from home. Access it here.

The document covers matters like how many WFH days per week each company permits, whether this is permanent or temporary, and whether international employees are allowed for remote work. Others issues, such as whether pay varies according to the worker’s geographic location, are addressed in a column for extra comments.

The resource is a work in progress — Borrelli is inviting industry people to send in more entries — but it is already pretty detailed: 126 studios are featured at the time of writing. Giants like EA and Epic Games are featured alongside much smaller outfits.

This kind of data empowers workers who want to take advantage of the flexibility promised by the post-Covid age. As Borrelli put it on Twitter, “Keep sharing and adding to help make this a great resource for folks looking for studios that fit their WFH dreams and desires.” We know of no similar initiatives for the animation and vfx industries — we hope to see them soon.

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