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The Walt Disney Company still has not formally announced a decision on the fate of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios chief creative officer John Lasseter, who is now in the 7th month of his “sabbatical.”

The only thing publicly known at this point is that Disney’s corporate leadership wants to re-install Lasseter, as reported recently by the Wall Street Journal.

The absence of corporate leadership at Disney at a time when it is most needed is mind-boggling to a large percentage of the animation industry. The same company that can make a split-second decision about Roseanne based on a single tweet has been completely impotent for months in the face of overwhelming evidence and believable claims that one of its key animation execs spent years engaging in the physical and verbal harassment of women and helped to create a sexually hostile work environment.

Industry frustration spilled over this afternoon in the #LoseLasseter hashtag, which has started growing on Twitter. What’s notable about the growth of the hashtag is not just the number of tweets about Lasseter, but also who’s participating. The hashtag is being propelled largely by artists who work in the industry, some of whom are even employed by the Walt Disney Company.

This is a key example of the animation industry speaking loudly, clearly, and collectively: the people who have made it difficult for women to succeed in this business are no longer welcome. The only question at this point is, Why isn’t the Walt Disney Company listening to the community?

Here’s a few tweets that are representative of what’s being said in #LoseLasseter:

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