Bad Ideas

“Lorax” diapers

If you’re gonna crap all over The Lorax, you might need this: The Lorax became the number #1 movie in the country last weekend, …


Robert B. Sherman (1925-2012)

Robert B. Sherman, the elder half of the songwriting duo aka The Sherman Brothers passed away yesterday in London. He was 86. Robert …

Feature Film

Japanese “Brave” trailer

Forget that two minute clip you saw last week – I want to see the Japanese version: Merida and The Forest of Fear. This is how you sell …

Feature Film

“The Lorax” talkback

The Lorax, anyone? I’ll be seeing it an an ASIFA-Hollywood screening next week, so I’ll reserve judgement. I’m not trying to be negative, …


March 30th in LA: “UPA Day!”

As far as I’m concerned, there can’t be enough praise and recognition for United Productions of America (UPA). They may be long gone and …


“Frankenweenie” teaser

“Sparky” lives! Tim Burton’s animated feature version of Frankenweenie opens October 5th, 2012. Here’s our first look at the animation:


Books, Books, Books

Time for another round-up of recent reads I can highly recommend (How’s that for alliteration?). First up, a magazine: Disney Twenty …


Tinman Creative: February 2012

Morghan Fortier and Brett Jubinville are so excited about their upcoming project at their newly established Toronto studio, Tinman …

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