The Greatest Cartoons EVER!

For the past 10 years, animator/educator Frank Gladstone has presided over a very successful big-screen Three Stooges Festival each …


Coming: SNAFU

One more plug for the forthcoming DVD collection I raved about in our recent Holiday Gift Guide. Here’s a sneak preview, below, courtesy …

Feature Film

New “Rango” trailer

Rango still intrigues me. Here’s the third trailer for the Gore Verbinski/Johnny Depp/ILM/Nickelodeon Movie slated for release next March:

Cartoon Culture

Looney Tunes Stoners – II

Rabbit Habit (1975) by Steve Peck. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Mr. Peck, please let us know – the man needs help. BTW, the Elmer …


“Bus Stop” by Fungus Studios

Samuel Landa heads a new CG company called Fungus Studios in Perth, Australia. His team, which includes Mitch Perry, Russell Grinbers, …


Mighty B/Noveltoon Mash-up

Not sure how many will get the same kick out this as I did – but my inner geek is grinning ear to ear. Here’s a fan-made opening title …


The Sunday Funnies (12/12/10)

Medium Large (12/7) by Francesco Marciuliano Mother Goose and Grimm (12/5) by Mike Peters The Flying McCoys (12/5) by Gary & …

Stop Motion

Community’s stop-mo Xmas show

In case you missed it last night, NBC’s Community ran its Christmas episode “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”, which was produced in …

Stop Motion

JibJab Christmas 2010

That’s me and Amid, John Lasseter and our late friends Walt Disney and Chuck Jones in the latest “Starring You” Sendable Christmas video …


“Meet Buck” by Team Cerf

Here’s a new film from Team Cerf, a group of animation students who recently graduated from the French animation school …

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