TONIGHT IN LA: Honoring Black Animators

Sorry for the last minute notice, but I just found out myself: This evening (December 10th) at the National Center For Democracy (369 East First Street, in downtown Los Angeles) is the opening night ceremony of the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center’s annual African-American Film Marketplace. Tonight’s program, A Great Day in Black Hollywood Part 4: Honoring Veteran Black Animators.

Honorees include an amazing group of animation artists, both young and old: Lyndon Barrois, Jamaal Bradley, Frank C. Braxton, Jr. (1929—1969, pictured above right with Ben Washam), Lennie Graves, Dan Haskett, Keith Hunter (1966—2007), Ron Husband, Floyd Norman, Ron Myrick, Bruce Smith, Leo Sullivan (pictured above left), Corey Turner, and Marlon West. Click HERE (PDF link) for a nice write-up on each honoree. The program will begin promptly at 8:00pm followed by a reception. Tickets are $25 per person.

(Thanks, Joe Romero)

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