Weekend Brew Review

For some unknown reason, people are always asking me for advice on pitching a series or getting a job in animation. If I knew how to do …


Toy Grit

A clever mash-up of Toy Story 3 visuals and dialogue from the upcoming Coen Brothers’ True Grit. (Thanks, Gary Meyer)


Mickey Mash Up

Is this what Pluto or Minnie might see if they dropped some acid at Disneyland? Nope. It’s just some more Disney merchandising …


Cafe 615… Home of “Da Wabbit!”

We usually don’t do resturant reviews… but when a roadhouse eatery has a sign like this we can’t help but check it out. Way down yonder …


Eggleston’s other Telluride Poster

Back in June we reported on Pixar’s Ralph Eggleston’s terrific poster for this year’s Telluride Film Festival. That poster is available …


Warren Spector on Oswald Rabbit

Below, another viral trailer for Epic Mickey. I actually hate giving them so much free publicity, but this is a slick talking-head …


“Cute Attack” by Matt Danner

The cartoon/hybrid movie I want to see. Written by Eric Kaplan (Futurama) and directed by Matt Danner (Out of Jimmy’s Head, Coconut …

Feature Film

Mike Myers as Pepe LePew

It’s one thing to destroy Yogi Bear. It’s quite another to violate Pepe LePew. New York Magazine is reporting that Warner Bros. is …


“Tatooine” by Eric Power

Minneapolis musician Jeremy Messersmith’s latest song inspired Austin-based animator Eric Power (Waking Life) to recreate the Star Wars …

Feature Film

Dragons and Princesses

It’s always good news when Michel Ocelot (Azur et Asmar, Kirikou) has a new project in the works. Dragons And Princesses is being …


Winky Dink

The early television kids show, Winky Dink (CBS, 1953-57), was less an animated cartoon and more a two-dimensional puppet show (Mae …


Weekend Brew Reviews

While waiting for the ultimate video presentation of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to come out this week on Blu-Ray, I’ve just caught up …


The Sunday Funnies (10/3/10)

This week we have an editorial cartoon from the Chattanooga Times Free Press (9/26) by Clay Bennett; Frank and Ernest (9/28) by Thaves; …

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